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1 David then said, 'This is to be the house of Yahweh God and this the altar of burnt offering for Israel.'
2Chr 3:1  1Chr 21:18-28  Gen 28:17  2Chr 6:5-6  2Chr 32:12  2Kgs 18:22  2Sam 24:18 

2 David then gave orders for all foreigners in Israel to be rounded up, and appointed quarrymen to cut dressed stone for building the house of God.
1Kgs 5:17-18  1Kgs 9:20-21  2Chr 2:17  1Chr 14:1  1Kgs 6:7  1Kgs 7:9-12  2Chr 8:7-8 

3 David also prepared great quantities of iron to make nails for the leaves of the doors and for the clamps, and more bronze than could be weighed,
1Chr 22:14  1Chr 29:2  1Kgs 7:47  1Chr 29:7  2Chr 4:18  Jer 52:20 

4 as well as innumerable cedar-wood logs, as the Sidonians and Tyrians had brought cedar logs to David in great quantities.
1Kgs 5:6-10  2Chr 2:3  2Sam 5:11  Ezra 3:7 

5 David then said, 'My son Solomon is young and immature, and the house to be built for Yahweh must be superlatively fine, the most famous and splendid in any country. I shall now make the preparations for it.' And so, before he died, David made ample preparations.
1Chr 29:1  1Kgs 3:7  1Kgs 9:8  2Chr 2:5  2Chr 7:21  2Chr 13:7  2Pet 1:13-15 

6 He then summoned his son Solomon and commanded him to build a house for Yahweh, God of Israel.
1Tim 5:21  1Tim 6:13-17  2Tim 4:1  Acts 1:2  Acts 20:25-31  Deut 31:14  Deut 31:23 

7 'My son,' David said to Solomon, 'my heart was set on building a house for the name of Yahweh my God.
Deut 12:5  Deut 12:11  Ps 132:5  1Chr 17:1-15  1Chr 28:2-21  1Chr 29:3  1Kgs 8:16-20 

8 But the word of Yahweh came to me, "You have shed much blood and fought great wars; it is not for you to build a house for my name, since you have shed much blood in my sight on earth.
1Chr 28:3  1Kgs 5:3  2Sam 7:5-11  1Chr 17:4-10  Num 31:20  Num 31:24 

9 Look, a son will be born to you. He will be a man of peace, and I shall give him peace from his enemies on all sides; for Solomon is to be his name, and in his days I shall give Israel peace and tranquillity.
1Kgs 4:20  1Kgs 4:25  1Kgs 5:4  2Sam 12:24-25  1Chr 17:11  1Chr 28:5-7  2Sam 7:12-13 

10 He must build a house for my name; he will be my son and I shall be his father, and I shall make the throne of his kingdom secure over Israel for ever."
2Sam 7:13-14  Heb 1:5  Isa 9:7  Zech 6:12-13  1Chr 17:12-14  1Chr 28:6-7  1Kgs 5:5 

11 Now, my son, may Yahweh be with you and give you success in building a house for Yahweh your God, as he has promised about you.
1Chr 22:16  1Chr 28:20  2Tim 4:22  Isa 26:12  Matt 1:23  Matt 28:20  Rom 15:33 

12 And especially, may Yahweh give you discretion and discernment, may he give you his orders for Israel, so that you may observe the Law of Yahweh your God.
1Kgs 3:9-12  2Chr 1:10  Ps 72:1  1John 2:3  1Kgs 11:1-10  Deut 4:6  Jas 1:5 

13 Success will be yours, only if you observe the statutes and ordinances which Yahweh gave Moses as regulations for Israel. Be strong and stand fast, be fearless, be dauntless.
1Chr 28:7  1Chr 28:20  Josh 1:6-9  1Kgs 2:3  Eph 6:10  Gal 6:2  Jas 2:8 

14 Now, poor as I am, I have set aside for the house of Yahweh a hundred thousand talents of gold, a million talents of silver and more bronze and iron than can be weighed, there being so much. I have also provided timber and stone, to which you may add more.
1Chr 22:3  1Chr 29:4-7  1Kgs 10:14  2Cor 8:2  2Kgs 25:16  Jer 52:20 

15 Furthermore, you have a large number of workmen, quarrymen, masons, carpenters and all sorts of craftsmen for every kind of work,
1Kgs 7:14  Exod 28:6  Exod 31:3-5  Exod 35:32  Exod 35:35 

16 while your gold and silver, bronze and iron will be beyond reckoning. Set to work, then, and may Yahweh be with you!'
1Chr 22:11  Eph 5:14  1Chr 22:3  1Chr 22:14  1Cor 15:58  1Sam 17:37  1Sam 20:13 

17 David then commanded all the leaders of Israel to help his son Solomon.
1Chr 28:1-6  1Chr 28:21  1Chr 29:6  3John 1:8  Phil 4:3  Rom 16:2-3 

18 'Has not Yahweh your God been with you and given you peace on all sides, having put the inhabitants of the country into my power and the country now having been subdued for Yahweh and his people?
1Chr 22:9  1Chr 23:25  2Sam 7:1  Josh 23:1  1Sam 25:28  2Sam 5:19-20  Acts 9:31 

19 So now devote heart and soul to searching for Yahweh your God. Set to and build the sanctuary of Yahweh God, so that you can bring the ark of the covenant of Yahweh and the holy vessels of God into the house built for the name of Yahweh.'
1Chr 28:9  1Chr 22:7  1Kgs 8:6  2Chr 5:7  Deut 4:29  1Chr 16:11  1Kgs 8:21