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1 Am I not free? Am I not an apostle? Have I not seen Jesus our Lord? Are you not my work in the Lord?
1Cor 3:6  Acts 9:3  Acts 9:17  1Cor 9:19  Acts 23:11  Titus 1:1-3  2Cor 6:1 

2 Even if to others I am not an apostle, to you at any rate I am, for you are the seal of my apostolate in the Lord.
2Cor 12:12  2Cor 3:1-3  John 6:27 

3 To those who want to interrogate me, this is my answer.
1Cor 14:37  2Cor 10:7-8  2Cor 12:16-19  2Cor 13:3  2Cor 13:5  2Cor 13:10  2Tim 4:16 

4 Have we not every right to eat and drink?
1Thess 2:6  2Thess 3:8-9  1Cor 9:7-14  1Thess 2:9  1Tim 5:17-18  Gal 6:6  Luke 10:7 

5 And every right to be accompanied by a Christian wife, like the other apostles, like the brothers of the Lord, and like Cephas?
John 1:42  Matt 8:14  1Cor 7:7  Acts 1:14  Gal 1:19  Heb 13:4  1Cor 1:12 

6 Are Barnabas and I the only ones who have no right to stop working?
2Thess 3:7-9  Acts 13:1-2  1Thess 2:9  Acts 4:36  Acts 18:3  1Cor 4:11-12  Acts 11:22 

7 What soldier would ever serve in the army at his own expense? And who is there who would plant a vineyard and never eat the fruit from it; or would keep a flock and not feed on the milk from his flock?
Prov 27:18  Deut 20:6  2Tim 2:3-4  1Cor 3:6-8  1Tim 1:18  Acts 20:28  Isa 7:22 

8 Do not think that this is merely worldly wisdom. Does not the Law say exactly the same? It is written in the Law of Moses:
1Cor 7:40  1Cor 14:34  1Thess 2:13  1Thess 4:8  Isa 8:20  Rom 3:31  Rom 6:19 

9 You must not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the corn. Is it about oxen that God is concerned here,
Deut 25:4  1Tim 5:18  Ps 104:27  Ps 145:15-16  Deut 5:14  Deut 22:1-4  Jonah 4:11 

10 or is it not said entirely for our sake? Clearly it was written for our sake, because it is right that whoever ploughs should plough with the expectation of having his share, and whoever threshes should thresh with the expectation of having his share.
2Tim 2:6  Rom 4:23-24  1Cor 3:9  2Cor 4:15  John 4:35-38  Luke 17:7-8  Matt 24:22 

11 If we have sown the seed of spiritual things in you, is it too much to ask that we should receive from you a crop of material things?
Rom 15:27  Gal 6:6  2Cor 11:15  2Kgs 5:13  Mal 3:8-9  Matt 10:10 

12 Others have been given such rights over you and do we not deserve more? In fact, we have never exercised this right; on the contrary, we have put up with anything rather than obstruct the gospel of Christ in any way.
1Cor 9:18  2Cor 11:12  1Cor 9:15  2Cor 11:7-10  1Cor 4:11-12  1Cor 4:14-15  1Cor 6:7 

13 Do you not realise that the ministers in the Temple get their food from the Temple, and those who serve at the altar can claim their share from the altar?
Lev 6:26  Num 18:8-20  Num 5:9-10  1Cor 10:18  1Sam 2:28  Deut 10:9  Deut 18:1-5 

14 In the same way, the Lord gave the instruction that those who preach the gospel should get their living from the gospel.
1Cor 9:4  1Tim 5:17-18  Matt 10:10  Gal 6:6  Luke 10:7 

15 However, I have never availed myself of any rights of this kind; and I have not written this to secure such treatment for myself; I would rather die than that . . . No one shall take from me this ground of boasting.
1Cor 9:12  1Thess 2:9  2Cor 11:9-12  2Thess 3:8  Acts 18:3  Acts 20:34  1Cor 4:12 

16 In fact, preaching the gospel gives me nothing to boast of, for I am under compulsion and I should be in trouble if I failed to do it.
Acts 4:20  Rom 1:14  Acts 9:6  Col 4:17  Acts 26:16-20  Luke 9:62  Acts 9:15 

17 If I did it on my own initiative I would deserve a reward; but if I do it under compulsion I am simply accepting a task entrusted to me.
Gal 2:7  1Cor 3:8  1Cor 4:1  Col 1:25  Matt 10:41  1Chr 28:9  1Chr 29:5 

18 What reward do I have, then? That in my preaching I offer the gospel free of charge to avoid using the rights which the gospel allows me.
1Cor 7:31  1Cor 8:9  1Cor 9:6-7  1Cor 10:33  1Thess 2:6  2Cor 4:5  2Cor 11:7-9 

19 So though I was not a slave to any human being, I put myself in slavery to all people, to win as many as I could.
Gal 5:13  Matt 18:15  1Cor 9:1  1Cor 9:20-22  1Cor 10:33  1Pet 3:1  2Tim 2:10 

20 To the Jews I made myself as a Jew, to win the Jews; to those under the Law as one under the Law (though I am not), in order to win those under the Law;
Acts 16:3  Gal 5:18  Acts 21:20-26  Acts 17:2-3  Acts 18:18  Gal 4:5  Gal 4:21 

21 to those outside the Law as one outside the Law, though I am not outside the Law but under Christ's law, to win those outside the Law.
Rom 2:12  Rom 2:14  Gal 3:2  Matt 5:17-20  1Cor 7:19-22  1Thess 4:1-2  Acts 15:28 

22 To the weak, I made myself weak, to win the weak. I accommodated myself to people in all kinds of different situations, so that by all possible means I might bring some to salvation.
1Cor 10:33  Rom 15:1  Rom 11:14  1Cor 9:19  1Cor 7:16  2Cor 11:29  Gal 6:1 

23 All this I do for the sake of the gospel, that I may share its benefits with others.
2Tim 2:10  Mark 8:35  1Cor 9:25-27  Heb 3:14  1Cor 9:12  1John 1:3  1Pet 5:1 

24 Do you not realise that, though all the runners in the stadium take part in the race, only one of them gets the prize? Run like that -- to win.
Heb 12:1  Phil 3:14  1Cor 9:26  Rev 3:11  2Tim 4:7-8  Phil 2:16  Gal 2:2 

25 Every athlete concentrates completely on training, and this is to win a wreath that will wither, whereas ours will never wither.
1Tim 6:12  Rev 2:10  2Tim 2:5  2Tim 4:7-8  Jas 1:12  1Pet 5:4  2Pet 1:6 

26 So that is how I run, not without a clear goal; and how I box, not wasting blows on air.
2Pet 1:10  2Tim 1:12  Col 1:29  Phil 1:21  1Cor 14:9  1Pet 5:1  2Cor 5:1 

27 I punish my body and bring it under control, to avoid any risk that, having acted as herald for others, I myself may be disqualified.
Rom 8:13  2Cor 13:5-6  1Cor 8:13  1Cor 9:25  1Cor 6:12-13  Col 3:5  1Pet 2:11