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1 Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is a child of God, and whoever loves the father loves the son.
John 8:42  John 1:12-13  1John 2:22-23  Rom 10:9-10  1John 2:29  1John 4:2  1John 5:4 

2 In this way we know that we love God's children, when we love God and keep his commandments.
1John 2:5  John 13:34-35  1John 3:22-24  1John 4:21  John 15:17 

3 This is what the love of God is: keeping his commandments. Nor are his commandments burdensome,
John 14:15  2John 1:6  1John 2:3  John 14:21-24  John 15:10  Deut 7:9  Heb 8:10 

4 because every child of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world -- our faith.
1Cor 15:57  1John 4:4  John 16:33  1John 3:9  1John 5:5  Rom 8:35-37  Rev 12:11 

5 Who can overcome the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?
1John 4:15  1John 5:1 

6 He it is who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ, not with water alone but with water and blood, and it is the Spirit that bears witness, for the Spirit is Truth.
John 16:13  John 15:26  Rev 7:14  Heb 9:14  Heb 12:24  John 14:17  John 4:10 

7 So there are three witnesses,
Matt 28:19  2Cor 13:14  Acts 5:32  Isa 48:16-17  John 1:1  1John 5:10-11  Acts 2:33 

8 the Spirit, water and blood; and the three of them coincide.
1Pet 3:21  John 15:26  1John 5:6-7  2Cor 1:22  Acts 2:2-4  Acts 15:15  Heb 6:4 

9 If we accept the testimony of human witnesses, God's testimony is greater, for this is God's testimony which he gave about his Son.
Matt 3:16-17  Acts 17:31  John 10:38  1John 5:10  Acts 5:32  Heb 2:4  Heb 6:18 

10 Whoever believes in the Son of God has this testimony within him, and whoever does not believe is making God a liar, because he has not believed the testimony God has given about his Son.
Rom 8:16  Gal 4:6  John 3:33  1John 1:10  John 5:38  1John 5:1  Col 3:3 

11 This is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
1John 2:25  1John 4:9  John 3:36  John 1:4  Rom 6:23  1John 5:20  1John 1:1-3 

12 Whoever has the Son has life, and whoever has not the Son of God has not life.
John 3:36  John 3:15  1Cor 1:30  John 1:12  John 5:24  1John 2:23-24  2John 1:9 

13 I have written this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.
John 20:31  John 1:12  1John 3:23  Gal 4:6  1Tim 1:15-16  2Pet 1:10-11  John 2:23 

14 Our fearlessness towards him consists in this, that if we ask anything in accordance with his will he hears us.
1John 3:21-22  John 14:13  John 15:7  Jer 33:3  Jer 29:12-13  Matt 7:7-11  Jas 4:3 

15 And if we know that he listens to whatever we ask him, we know that we already possess whatever we have asked of him.
Luke 11:9-10  Mark 11:24  Prov 15:29  1John 5:18-20  Jer 15:12-13 

16 If anyone sees his brother commit a sin that is not a deadly sin, he has only to pray, and God will give life to this brother -- provided that it is not a deadly sin. There is sin that leads to death and I am not saying you must pray about that.
Heb 6:4-6  1Sam 2:25  Jer 7:16  Jer 11:14  Num 15:30  Heb 10:26-31  Jas 5:14-15 

17 Every kind of wickedness is sin, but not all sin leads to death.
1John 3:4  1John 5:16  Jas 1:15  Ezek 18:26-32  1John 2:1  Deut 12:32  Isa 1:18 

18 We are well aware that no one who is a child of God sins, because he who was born from God protects him, and the Evil One has no hold over him.
1John 3:9  Jude 1:21  Jas 1:27  1John 5:1  1John 5:4  1John 2:13-14  1John 2:29 

19 We are well aware that we are from God, and the whole world is in the power of the Evil One.
2Cor 4:4  Gal 1:4  1John 4:4-6  John 12:31  Rev 12:9  John 16:11  1John 3:24 

20 We are well aware also that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know the One who is true. We are in the One who is true as we are in his Son, Jesus Christ. He is the true God and this is eternal life. Children, be on your guard against false gods.
John 17:3  Luke 24:45  John 14:9  Rev 3:7  Rom 9:5  1Tim 3:16  John 20:28