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1 As regards his palace, Solomon spent thirteen years on it before the building was completed.
1Kgs 9:10  2Chr 8:1  1Kgs 3:1  Eccl 2:4-5  Matt 6:33 

2 He built the House of the Forest of Lebanon, a hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, and thirty cubits high, on four rows of cedar-wood pillars,
1Kgs 10:17  2Chr 9:16  1Kgs 9:19  1Kgs 10:21  Song 7:4 

3 with lengths of cedar wood laid horizontally on the pillars. The upper part was panelled with cedar right down to the tie-beams on forty-five pillars, fifteen in each row.
1Kgs 6:5 

4 There were three rows of window-frames, with the windows corresponding to one another at three levels.
1Kgs 6:4  1Kgs 7:5  Ezek 40:16  Ezek 40:22  Ezek 40:25  Ezek 40:29  Ezek 40:33 

5 All the doorways and windows were rectangular, with the windows corresponding to one another at three levels.

6 He also made the Colonnade, fifty cubits long and thirty cubits broad, with a cornice in front.
1Kgs 7:12  Ezek 41:25-26 

7 He also made the Hall of the Throne where he used to dispense justice, that is, the Hall of Justice; it was panelled in cedar from floor to beams.
Ps 122:5  Prov 20:8  1Kgs 3:9  1Kgs 3:28  1Kgs 6:3  1Kgs 6:15-16  1Kgs 10:18-20 

8 His own living quarters, in the other court and inwards from the Hall, were of the same construction. And there was a house similar to this Hall for Pharaoh's daughter whom he had taken in marriage.
1Kgs 3:1  2Chr 8:11  1Kgs 9:24  2Kgs 20:4 

9 All these buildings were of special stones cut to measure, trimmed on the inner and outer sides with the saw, from the foundations to the coping-
1Kgs 5:17  1Kgs 7:10-11 

10 the foundations were of special stones, huge stones, of ten and eight cubits,
1Cor 3:10-11  Isa 28:16  Isa 54:11  Rev 21:19-20 

11 and, above these, special stones, cut to measure, and cedar wood-
1Pet 2:5  Eph 2:20-22 

12 and, on the outside, the great court had three courses of dressed stone round it and one course of cedar beams; so also had the inner court of the Temple of Yahweh and the vestibule of the Temple.
1Kgs 6:36  1Kgs 7:6  Acts 3:11  Acts 5:12  John 10:23 

13 King Solomon sent for Hiram of Tyre;
2Chr 4:11  1Kgs 7:40  2Chr 2:13-14 

14 he was the son of a widow of the tribe of Naphtali, but his father had been a Tyrian, a bronzeworker. He was a highly intelligent craftsman, skilled in all types of bronzework. He came to King Solomon and did all this work for him.
2Chr 2:14  2Chr 4:16  2Chr 4:11  Exod 31:2-6  Exod 35:30-2  Exod 36:8  Isa 28:26 

15 He cast the two bronze pillars; the height of one pillar was eighteen cubits, and a cord twelve cubits long gave the measurement of its girth; so also was the second pillar.
Jer 52:21  1Kgs 7:21  2Chr 3:15-17  1Kgs 7:41  2Chr 4:12-22  2Kgs 25:16-17  Jer 52:13 

16 He made two capitals of cast bronze for the tops of the pillars; the height of one capital was five cubits, and the height of the other five cubits.
2Chr 4:12-13  Exod 36:38  Exod 38:17  Exod 38:19  Exod 38:28 

17 He made two sets of filigree to cover the moulding of the two capitals surmounting the pillars, one filigree for one capital and one filigree for the other.
2Kgs 25:17  Exod 28:14  Exod 28:22  Exod 28:24-25  Exod 39:15-18 

18 He also made pomegranates: two rows of them round each filigree,four hundred in all,
2Kgs 25:17  Exod 28:14  Exod 28:22  Exod 28:24-25  Exod 39:15-18 

19 The capitals surrounding the pillars were lily-shaped.
1Kgs 6:18  1Kgs 6:32-35  1Kgs 7:22 

20 applied on the raised moulding behind the filigree; there were two hundred pomegranates round one capital and the same round the other capital.
2Chr 3:16  2Chr 4:13  1Kgs 7:42  2Kgs 25:17  Jer 52:22-23 

21 He erected the pillars in front of the portico of the Temple, he erected the right-hand pillar and named it Jachin; he erected the left-hand pillar and named it Boaz.
2Chr 3:17  1Kgs 6:3  1Kgs 7:12  2Sam 7:12  Ezek 40:48-49  Gal 2:9  Isa 9:7 

22 Thus, the work on the pillars was completed.

23 He made the Sea of cast metal, ten cubits from rim to rim, circular in shape and five cubits high; a cord thirty cubits long gave the measurement of its girth.
2Kgs 25:13  2Chr 4:2  Jer 52:17  1Chr 18:8  Exod 30:18-21  Exod 38:8  Jer 52:20 

24 Under its rim and completely encircling it were gourds surrounding the Sea; over a length of thirty cubits the gourds were in two rows, of one and the same casting with the rest.
1Kgs 6:18  2Chr 4:3  Exod 25:31-36  Exod 37:17-22 

25 It rested on twelve oxen, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, three facing east; on these, their hindquarters all turned inwards, stood the Sea.
Jer 52:20  2Chr 4:4-5  1Cor 9:9  Ezek 1:10  Luke 24:47  Mark 16:15-16  Matt 28:19 

26 It was a hand's breadth in thickness, and its rim was shaped like the rim of a cup, lily-shaped. It could hold two thousand measures.
2Chr 4:5  1Kgs 6:18  1Kgs 6:32  1Kgs 6:35  1Kgs 7:19  1Kgs 7:38  Ezek 45:14 

27 He made the ten bronze stands; each stand was four cubits long, four cubits wide, and three high.
2Chr 4:14  2Kgs 25:13  Jer 52:17  1Kgs 7:38  2Kgs 25:16  Jer 52:20 

28 They were designed as follows; they had an undercarriage and crosspieces to the undercarriage.

29 On the crosspieces of the undercarriage were lions and bulls and winged creatures, and on top of the undercarriage was a support; under the lions and oxen there were scrolls in the style of. . .
1Kgs 6:27  1Kgs 7:25  1Pet 2:5  Exod 25:18  Exod 37:7  Ezek 1:10  Ezek 10:14 

30 Each stand had four bronze wheels with bronze axles; its four feet had shoulderings under the basin, and the shoulderings were cast. . .
Ezek 1:15-21  Ezek 3:13  Ezek 10:10-13 

31 Its mouth measured one and a half cubits from where the shoulderings met to the top; its mouth was round like a stand for a vessel, and on the mouth there were engravings too; the crosspieces, however, were rectangular and not round.

32 The four wheels were under the crosspieces. The axles of the wheels were inside the stands; the height of the wheels was one and a half cubits.

33 The wheels were designed like chariot wheels: their axles, felloes, spokes and naves had all been cast.
Ezek 1:16  Ezek 1:18 

34 There were four shoulderings at the four corners of each stand: the stand and the shoulderings were all of a piece.

35 At the top of the stand there was a support, circular in shape and half a cubit high; and on top of the stand there were lugs. The crosspieces were of a piece with the stand.

36 On the bands he engraved winged creatures and lions and palm leaves. . . and scrolls right round.
1Kgs 7:29  1Kgs 6:29  1Kgs 6:32  1Kgs 6:35  Ezek 40:31  Ezek 40:37  Ezek 41:18-20 

37 He made the ten stands like this: the same casting and the same measurements for all.

38 He made ten bronze basins; each basin held forty measures and each basin measured four cubits, one basin to each of the ten stands.
1John 1:7  2Chr 4:6-22  Exod 30:17-21  Exod 30:28  Exod 38:8  Exod 40:11-12  Heb 9:10 

39 He arranged the stands, five on the right-hand side of the Temple, five on the left-hand side of the Temple; the Sea he placed on the right-hand side of the Temple, to the south east.
2Chr 4:6  2Chr 4:10 

40 Hiram made the ash containers, the scoops and the sprinkling bowls. He finished all the work that he did for King Solomon on the Temple of Yahweh:
2Chr 4:11-16  1Kgs 7:28  2Chr 4:8  2Kgs 25:14-15  Exod 24:6  Exod 39:32-43  Jer 52:18-19 

41 Two pillars; the two mouldings of the capitals surrounding the pillars; the two sets of filigree to cover the two mouldings of the capitals surmounting the pillars;
1Kgs 7:15-22  2Chr 4:12 

42 the four hundred pomegranates for the two sets of filigree -- two rows of pomegranates for each set of filigree;
1Kgs 7:20 

43 the ten stands and the ten basins on the stands;

44 the one Sea and the twelve oxen beneath the Sea;
1Kgs 7:23  1Kgs 7:25 

45 the ash containers, the scoops, and sprinkling bowls. All these objects made by Hiram for King Solomon for the Temple of Yahweh were of burnished bronze.
Exod 27:3  2Chr 4:16  Exod 38:3  1Sam 2:13-14  Ezek 46:20-24  Lev 8:31  Zech 14:21 

46 He made them by the process of sand casting, in the plain of the Jordan between Succoth and Zarethan.
Josh 3:16  2Chr 4:17  Gen 33:17  Josh 13:27  1Kgs 4:12 

47 There were so many of them, that the weight of the bronze was never calculated.
1Chr 22:14  1Chr 22:3  1Chr 22:16  2Chr 4:18 

48 Solomon made all the objects designed for the Temple of Yahweh: the golden altar and the gold table for the loaves of permanent offering;
2Chr 4:8  Exod 37:10-16  1Cor 10:21  2Chr 4:19  Exod 25:23-30  Exod 30:1-5  Exod 37:25-29 

49 the lamp-stands, five on the right and five on the left in front of the Debir, of pure gold; the floral work, the lamps, the tongs, of gold;
2Chr 4:7  2Chr 4:20  Exod 25:31-40  Exod 37:17-24  Exod 39:37  Exod 40:24-25  Matt 5:14-16 

50 the basins, the snuffers, the sprinkling bowls, the incense ladles and the pans, of real gold; the door panels -- for the inner shrine -- that is, the Holy of Holies -- and for the Hekal, of gold.
2Chr 4:21-22  Exod 25:29  Exod 27:3  Lev 16:12  Num 7:86 

51 Thus all the work done by King Solomon for the Temple of Yahweh was completed, and Solomon brought in the gifts which his father David had consecrated; and he had the silver, the gold and the utensils put into the treasuries of the Temple of Yahweh.
2Chr 5:1  1Chr 18:7-8  1Chr 18:10-11  1Chr 26:26-28  1Chr 28:11-18  1Chr 29:2-8  2Sam 8:7-11