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1 Solomon then summoned the elders of Israel to Jerusalem to bring the ark of the covenant of Yahweh up from the City of David, that is, Zion.
2Chr 5:2-10  1Chr 15:25  2Sam 6:12-17  1Chr 11:7  Ezra 3:1  Isa 28:16  Isa 46:13 

2 All the men of Israel assembled round King Solomon in the month of Ethanim, at the time of the feast (that is, the seventh month).
Lev 23:34  2Chr 7:8-10  1Kgs 8:65  Num 29:12-40  Neh 8:14-18  John 7:37  John 7:2 

3 When all the elders of Israel had arrived, the priests took up the ark
Josh 3:6  Deut 31:9  Num 4:15  Josh 3:3  Josh 6:6  Josh 4:9  Josh 3:14-15 

4 and the Tent of Meeting and all the sacred utensils which were in the Tent.
1Kgs 3:4  2Chr 1:3  Exod 40:2-33 

5 King Solomon and all Israel, present with him before the ark, sacrificed countless, innumerable sheep and oxen.
2Sam 6:13  1Chr 16:1  1Kgs 8:62-63 

6 The priests brought the ark of the covenant of Yahweh to its place, in the Debir of the Temple, that is, in the Holy of Holies, under the wings of the winged creatures
1Kgs 6:19  1Kgs 6:27  2Sam 6:17  Exod 26:33-34  Ps 80:1  Isa 37:16  Ezek 10:5 

7 for the winged creatures spread their wings over the place where the ark stood, forming a canopy over the ark and its shafts.

8 These were so long, however, that the ends of the shafts could be seen from the Holy Place in front of the Debir, though they could not be seen from outside. They are still there today.
Exod 25:13-15  Exod 37:4-5  2Chr 5:9  Exod 40:20  Josh 4:9  Matt 28:15 

9 There was nothing in the ark except the two stone tablets which Moses had placed in it at Horeb, the tablets of the covenant which Yahweh made with the Israelites when they came out of Egypt.
Exod 25:21  Exod 40:20  Heb 9:4  Deut 4:13  Deut 10:2-5  Exod 34:27-28  Lev 16:2 

10 Now when the priests came out of the Holy Place, the cloud filled the Temple of Yahweh,
2Chr 7:1-2  Exod 40:34-35 

11 and because of the cloud the priests could not stay and perform their duties. For the glory of Yahweh filled the Temple of Yahweh.
Ezek 44:4  2Cor 4:6  Lev 9:23  Ezek 43:4-5  Rev 21:11  Lev 9:6  John 1:14 

12 Then Solomon said: Yahweh has chosen to dwell in thick cloud.
Ps 97:2  Lev 16:2  2Chr 6:1-11  Isa 45:15  Deut 4:11  Deut 5:22  Exod 20:21 

13 I have built you a princely dwelling, a residence for you for ever.
2Sam 7:13  Ps 132:13-14  Exod 15:17  Ps 78:68-69  John 4:21-23  Heb 9:24  Heb 9:11-12 

14 The king then turned round and blessed the whole assembly of Israel, while the whole assembly of Israel stood.
2Sam 6:18  1Chr 16:2  Neh 9:2  Neh 8:7  Matt 13:2  Luke 24:50-51  Josh 22:6 

15 He said, 'Blessed be Yahweh, God of Israel, who has carried out by his hand what he promised with his mouth to my father David, when he said,
Luke 1:68  1Chr 29:10  1Chr 29:20  Neh 9:5  1Chr 17:12  Luke 1:70  Luke 1:72 

16 "From the day I brought my people Israel out of Egypt I chose no city, in any of the tribes of Israel, to have a temple built where my name should be; but I did choose David to rule my people Israel."
1Sam 16:1  Deut 12:11  1Chr 17:5-6  2Sam 7:4-8  1Chr 28:4  1Kgs 8:29  Ps 89:19-20 

17 My father David had set his heart on building a temple for the name of Yahweh, God of Israel,
2Sam 7:2-3  1Chr 17:1-15  1Chr 22:7  1Chr 28:2 

18 but Yahweh said to my father David, "You have set your heart on building a temple for my name, and in this you have done well;
2Chr 6:7-9  2Cor 8:12 

19 and yet, you are not the man to build the temple; but your son, yet to be born to you, will be the one to build the temple for my name."
2Sam 7:5  2Sam 7:12-13  1Chr 17:11-12  1Chr 22:8-10  1Chr 17:4  1Chr 28:6  1Kgs 5:3-5 

20 Yahweh has kept the promise which he made: I have succeeded my father David and am seated on the throne of Israel, as Yahweh promised; I have built the temple for the name of Yahweh, God of Israel,
1Chr 28:5-6  Phil 1:6  Neh 9:8  Mic 7:20  Jer 29:10-11  Isa 9:7  Ezek 37:14 

21 and in it I have made a place for the ark containing the covenant of Yahweh which he made with our ancestors when he brought them out of Egypt.'
1Kgs 8:9  Deut 31:26  1Kgs 8:5-6  Deut 9:9  Deut 9:11  Exod 34:28 

22 Then, in the presence of the whole assembly of Israel, Solomon stood facing the altar of Yahweh and, stretching out his hands towards heaven,
Ezra 9:5  1Kgs 8:54  Exod 9:33  Exod 9:29  Isa 1:15  2Kgs 11:14  2Kgs 23:3 

23 said, 'Yahweh, God of Israel, there is no god like you in heaven above or on earth beneath, as loyal to the covenant and faithful in love to your servants as long as they walk wholeheartedly in your way.
Deut 7:9  2Sam 7:22  Neh 1:5  Dan 9:4  1Sam 2:2  Neh 9:32  Jer 10:16 

24 You have kept the promise you made to your servant, my father David, as you promised him you would. Today you have carried it out by your power.
1Kgs 8:15  2Chr 6:14-15  2Sam 7:12  2Sam 7:16 

25 And now, Yahweh, God of Israel, keep the promise which you made to your servant David when you said, "You will never lack for a man to sit before me on the throne of Israel, provided that your sons are careful how they behave, walking before me as you yourself have done."
1Kgs 2:4  2Chr 6:16-17  1Chr 28:9  1Kgs 9:4-6  Jer 33:17-26  1Chr 17:23-27  2Sam 7:27-29 

26 So now, God of Israel, let the words come true which you spoke to your servant, my father David.
1Kgs 8:23  Ps 41:13  Jer 11:5  Isa 45:3  Isa 41:17  Ezek 36:36-37  Exod 24:10 

27 Yet will God really live with human beings on earth? Why, the heavens, the highest of the heavens, cannot contain you. How much less this temple built by me!
2Chr 2:6  Jer 23:24  Isa 66:1  Acts 7:48-49  Ps 139:7-16  Ps 113:4  John 1:14 

28 Even so, listen favourably to the prayer and entreaty of your servant, Yahweh my God; listen to the cry and to the prayer which your servant makes to you today:
2Chr 6:19  Ps 88:1-2  Ps 86:6-7  Ps 86:3  Ps 5:1  Ps 4:1  Luke 18:7 

29 day and night may your eyes watch over this temple, over this place of which you have said, "My name will be there." Listen to the prayer which your servant offers in this place.
Deut 12:11  Neh 1:6  2Chr 6:20  1Kgs 8:16  Dan 6:10  2Chr 7:15-16  1Kgs 8:52 

30 'Listen to the entreaty of your servant and of your people Israel; whenever they pray in this place, listen from the place where you reside in heaven; and when you hear, forgive.
1Kgs 8:34  1Kgs 8:36  1Kgs 8:39  Eccl 5:2  Dan 9:19  Ps 130:3-4  Ps 123:1 

31 'If someone has wronged his neighbour and a curse is laid on him to make him swear an oath here before your altar in this Temple,
Exod 22:8-11  2Chr 6:22-23  Lev 5:1  Num 5:16-22  Prov 30:9 

32 then listen from the place where you reside in heaven and do justice between your servants: condemning the guilty one by making him suffer for his conduct, and acquitting the upright by rewarding him as his uprightness deserves.
Deut 25:1  Prov 1:31  Rom 7:9  Rom 2:13  Rom 2:6-10  Num 5:27  Isa 3:10-11 

33 'When your people Israel are defeated by the enemy because they have sinned against you, but then return to you and acknowledge your name, and pray and seek your favours in this Temple,
Lev 26:17  Deut 28:25  Lev 26:39-42  Lev 26:25  Deut 28:48  Judg 6:1-2  2Chr 6:24-25 

34 then listen from the place where you reside in heaven; forgive the sin of your people Israel, and bring them back to the country which you gave to their ancestors.
1Kgs 8:30  Josh 21:43  Jer 33:10-13  Jer 32:37  Jer 31:27  Jer 31:4-9  Gen 13:15 

35 'When the heavens are shut and there is no rain because they have sinned against you, if they pray in this place and praise your name and, having been humbled by you, desist from their sin,
Deut 11:17  1Kgs 8:33  Lev 26:19  Rev 11:6  2Sam 24:13  Luke 4:25  Jer 14:1-7 

36 then listen from the place where you reside in heaven and forgive the sin of your servant and your people Israel -- for you are constantly showing them the good way which they must follow -- and send rain on your country, which you have given to your people as their heritage.
Ps 27:11  1Sam 12:23  Jer 6:16  1Kgs 18:1  Jer 14:22  Ps 25:4-5  Ps 94:12 

37 'Should there be famine in the country, or pestilence, wind-blast or mildew, locust or caterpillar; should their enemy lay siege to one of their gates; should there be any plague or any disease:
Lev 26:16  Deut 28:21-22  2Chr 20:9  Deut 28:38-42  1Chr 21:12  Lev 26:25-46  Joel 2:25-26 

38 whatever be the prayer or entreaty of any individual aware of a particular affliction: when that person stretches out the hands towards this Temple,
1Kgs 8:22  Ps 42:6  Ps 42:9  Ps 42:11  Ps 50:15  Ps 73:21-22  Ps 91:15 

39 then listen from heaven where you reside; forgive and, since you know what is in the heart, deal with each as their conduct deserves -- for you alone know what is in every human heart-
1Chr 28:9  Jer 17:10  Acts 1:24  1Sam 16:7  2Chr 6:30  Rev 2:23  Ps 28:4 

40 so that they may reverence you throughout their lives in the country which you gave to our ancestors.
Ps 130:4  1Sam 12:24  Rev 15:4  Ps 115:13  Jer 32:39-40  Hos 3:5  Heb 12:28 

41 'Even the foreigner, not belonging to your people Israel but coming from a distant country, attracted by your name-
1Kgs 10:1-2  Isa 56:3-7  Acts 8:27-40  Matt 2:1  Matt 8:5  Matt 8:10-11  Matt 12:42 

42 for they too will hear of your name, of your mighty hand and outstretched arm -- if a foreigner comes and prays in this Temple,
Deut 3:24  2Chr 32:31  Isa 51:9  Isa 63:12  Isa 66:19-20  Jer 3:19  Jer 31:11 

43 listen from heaven where you reside, and grant all that the foreigner asks of you, so that all the peoples of the earth may acknowledge your name and, like your people Israel, revere you and know that this Temple, which I have built, bears your name.
1Sam 17:46  Ps 102:15  Ps 67:2  2Kgs 19:19  Isa 11:9  Josh 4:24  Ps 22:27 

44 'If your people go out to war against the enemy, on whatever missions you send them, and they pray to Yahweh, turning towards the city which you have chosen and towards the Temple which I have built for your name,
1Kgs 8:16  Deut 31:3-6  Josh 1:2-5  Josh 6:2-5  Josh 8:1-2  Judg 1:1-2  Judg 4:6 

45 then listen from heaven to their prayer and their entreaty, and uphold their cause.
Gen 18:25  Ps 9:4  Jer 5:28 

46 'When they sin against you -- for there is no one who does not sin -- and you are angry with them and abandon them to the enemy, and their captors carry them off to a hostile country, be it far away or near,
Eccl 7:20  Prov 20:9  Lev 26:34-39  1John 1:8-10  Jas 3:2  2Kgs 17:6  2Kgs 17:18 

47 if they come to their senses in the country to which they have been taken as captives and repent and entreat you in the country of their captors, saying, "We have sinned, we have acted perversely and wickedly,"
Ps 106:6  Ezra 9:6-7  2Chr 6:37  Jer 31:18-20  Job 33:27-28  Lev 26:40-45  Luke 15:17-18 

48 and turn back to you with all their heart and soul in the country of the enemies who have taken them captive, and pray to you, turning towards the country which you gave to their ancestors, towards the city which you have chosen and towards the Temple which I have built for your name,
Dan 6:10  Jer 29:12-14  Deut 4:29  1Sam 7:3-4  Jonah 2:4  Neh 1:9  Judg 10:15-16 

49 listen to their prayer and their entreaty from the place where you reside in heaven, uphold their case,
1Kgs 8:45  2Kgs 19:19  Zech 1:15-16 

50 forgive your people for having sinned against you and for all the crimes against you of which they have been guilty, and allow them to arouse the pity of their captors so that these may have pity on them:
Ps 106:46  2Chr 30:9  Acts 7:10  Dan 1:9-10  Ezra 7:6  Ezra 7:27-28  Neh 1:11 

51 for they are your people and your heritage whom you brought out of Egypt, that iron foundry!
Deut 4:20  Jer 11:4  Neh 1:10  Num 14:13-19  Deut 9:26-29  Exod 32:11-12  Jer 51:19 

52 'May your eyes be open to the entreaty of your servant and the entreaty of your people Israel, to listen to them, whatever they ask of you.
1Kgs 8:29  2Chr 6:40  Ps 86:5  Ps 145:18 

53 For you it was who set them apart from all the peoples of the earth to be your heritage, as you declared through your servant Moses when you brought our ancestors out of Egypt, Lord Yahweh.'
Exod 19:5-6  Deut 32:9  Deut 14:2  1Pet 2:9  Num 23:9  Jer 10:16  Exod 33:16 

54 When Solomon had finished offering to Yahweh this whole prayer and entreaty, he rose from where he was kneeling with hands stretched out towards heaven before the altar of Yahweh,
Luke 22:45  1Kgs 8:22  2Chr 6:12-13  2Chr 7:1  Acts 20:36  Acts 21:5  Luke 11:1 

55 and stood upright. And in a loud voice he blessed the whole assembly of Israel.
1Kgs 8:14  2Sam 6:18  Num 6:23-26  1Chr 16:2 

56 'Blessed be Yahweh,' he said, 'who has granted rest to his people Israel, keeping all his promises. Of all the promises of good that he made through his servant Moses, not one has failed.
Josh 23:14-15  Josh 21:44-45  1Sam 3:19  Luke 1:72-73  Luke 21:33  Deut 12:10  Deut 12:12 

57 May Yahweh our God be with us, as he was with our ancestors; may he never desert us or cast us off.
Josh 1:5  Deut 31:6  Heb 13:5  Josh 1:9  Ps 46:7  Isa 8:10  Rom 8:31 

58 May he turn our hearts towards him so that we may follow all his ways and keep the commandments and laws and ordinances which he gave to our ancestors.
Ps 119:36  Jer 31:33  Ezek 36:26-27  Phil 2:13  Song 1:4  Heb 13:21  Deut 6:1 

59 May these words of mine, of my entreaty before Yahweh, be present with Yahweh our God day and night, that he may uphold the cause of his servant and the cause of Israel his people, as each day requires,
1John 2:2  Deut 33:25  John 17:9  John 17:20-24  Luke 11:3  Ps 102:1-2  Ps 141:2 

60 so that all the peoples of the earth may come to know that Yahweh is God indeed and that there is no other.
Deut 4:35  Josh 4:24  1Kgs 18:39  Jer 10:10-12  1Kgs 8:43  2Kgs 19:19  1Sam 17:46 

61 May your hearts be wholly with Yahweh our God, following his laws and keeping his commandments as at this present day.'
1Kgs 11:4  2Kgs 20:3  1Kgs 15:3  1Kgs 15:14  Deut 18:13  Phil 3:12-16  Job 1:8 

62 The king and all Israel with him offered sacrifice before Yahweh.
2Sam 6:17-19  2Chr 7:4-10  Ezra 6:16-17 

63 Solomon offered a communion sacrifice of twenty-two thousand oxen and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep to Yahweh; and thus the king and all the Israelites dedicated the Temple of Yahweh.
Ezra 6:16-17  Neh 12:27  1Chr 29:21  Num 7:10-11  Mic 6:7  Lev 3:1-17  John 10:22 

64 On the same day the king consecrated the middle part of the court in front of the Temple of Yahweh; for that was where he presented the burnt offerings, oblations and fatty parts of the communion sacrifices, since the bronze altar which stood before Yahweh was too small to hold the burnt offering, oblation and the fatty parts of the communion sacrifice.
2Chr 4:1  2Chr 7:7 

65 And then Solomon and with him all Israel from the Pass of Hamath to the Torrent of Egypt -- a great assembly -- celebrated the feast before Yahweh our God for seven days.
Num 34:5  Num 34:8  1Kgs 8:2  2Chr 7:8-9  Gen 15:18  2Kgs 14:25  Judg 3:3 

66 On the eighth day he dismissed the people, who bade farewell to the king and went home joyful and happy of heart over all the goodness which Yahweh had shown to his servant and his people Israel.
1Kgs 8:1  Jer 31:12-14  Neh 8:10  Phil 4:4  Ps 95:1-2  Ps 100:1-2  Ps 106:4-5