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1 Ben-Hadad king of Aram mustered his whole army -- thirty-two kings were with him, and horses and chariots -- and marched on Samaria, to besiege it and take it by assault.
1Kgs 15:18  1Kgs 15:20  1Kgs 22:31  1Kgs 16:24  1Kgs 20:16  1Kgs 20:24  1Sam 13:5 

2 He sent messengers into the city to Ahab king of Israel to tell him, 'Ben-Hadad says this,
2Kgs 19:9  Isa 36:2-22  Isa 37:9-10 

3 "Your silver and gold are mine. Your wives and children remain yours." '
Exod 15:9  Isa 10:13-14 

4 The king of Israel replied, 'As you command, my lord king. Myself and all I have are yours.'
1Sam 13:6-7  2Kgs 18:14-16  Deut 28:48  Judg 15:11-13  Lev 26:36 

5 The messengers came again, this time they said, 'Ben-Hadad says this, "I have already sent you an order to hand over your silver and your gold, your wives and your children;

6 but I swear, this time tomorrow, I shall send my servants to ransack your house and your servants' houses and lay hands on everything that they value and take it away." '
1Sam 13:19-21  2Kgs 18:31-32  2Sam 24:14  Ezra 8:27  Gen 27:15  Hos 13:15  Isa 44:9 

7 The king of Israel summoned all the elders of the country and said, 'You can see clearly how this man intends to ruin us. He has already demanded my wives and my children, although I have not refused him my silver and gold.'
2Kgs 5:7  1Chr 13:1  1Chr 28:1  1Kgs 8:1  Dan 11:27  Job 15:35  Ps 7:14 

8 All the elders and all the people said, 'Take no notice. Do not consent.'

9 So he gave this answer to Ben-Hadad's messengers, 'Say to my lord the king, "All you first required of your servant I will do, but this I cannot do." ' And the messengers went back with the answer.

10 Ben-Hadad then sent him the following message, 'May the gods bring unnameable ills on me and worse ills too, if there is enough dust in Samaria for each of my followers to have a handful!'
1Kgs 19:2  Exod 11:8  2Kgs 19:23-24  2Sam 17:12-13  Acts 23:12  Isa 10:13-14  Isa 37:24-25 

11 But the king of Israel returned this answer, 'Say: the man who puts on his armour is not the one to boast, but the man who takes it off.'
Prov 27:1  1Sam 14:6  1Sam 14:12-13  1Sam 17:44-47  Eccl 9:11  Isa 10:15-16  Matt 26:33-35 

12 When Ben-Hadad heard this message -- he was under the awnings drinking with the kings -- he gave orders to his servants, 'Take up position!' And they took up their positions against the city.
1Kgs 16:9  1Kgs 20:16  Prov 31:4-5  1Sam 25:36  2Sam 13:28  Dan 5:2  Dan 5:30 

13 A prophet then arrived, looking for Ahab king of Israel. 'Yahweh says this,' he said. ' "You have seen this huge army? This very day I shall deliver it into your hands, and you will know that I am Yahweh." '
1Kgs 20:28  Exod 14:18  Ezek 20:14  Ezek 20:22  Isa 7:1-9  Isa 37:20  Joel 3:17 

14 'By whose means?' Ahab asked. The prophet replied, 'Yahweh says this, "By means of the guards of the district governors." ' 'Who will co-ordinate the attack?' Ahab asked. 'You will,' the prophet replied.
1Cor 1:27-29  1Kgs 18:44  1Sam 17:50  Gen 14:14-16  Judg 7:16-20 

15 So Ahab inspected the guards of the district governors: there were two hundred and thirty-two. After these he reviewed the army, all the Israelites: there were seven thousand.
1Kgs 19:18  1Sam 14:2  1Sam 14:6  2Chr 14:11  2Kgs 13:7  Judg 7:7  Judg 7:16 

16 They made a sortie at midday, when Ben-Hadad was drinking himself senseless under the awnings, he and the thirty-two kings who were allies.
1Kgs 16:7  1Kgs 16:9  1Kgs 20:11-12  Eccl 10:16-17  Hos 4:11  Isa 54:15  Prov 23:29-32 

17 The guards of the district governors led the sortie. A report was made to Ben-Hadad: 'Some men have come out of Samaria.'
1Kgs 20:14-15  1Kgs 20:19 

18 He said, 'If they have come out for peace, take them alive; if they have come out for war, take them alive too.'
2Kgs 14:8-12  1Sam 2:3-4  1Sam 14:11-12  1Sam 17:44  Prov 18:12 

19 So they made a sortie from the city, the district governors' guards and behind them the army,

20 and each struck down his man. Aram took to flight and Israel pursued; Ben-Hadad king of Aram escaped on horseback.
1Sam 14:13-15  1Sam 30:16-17  2Kgs 7:6-7  2Kgs 19:36  2Sam 2:16  Eccl 9:11  Judg 7:20-22 

21 The king of Israel then advanced, capturing horses and chariots and inflicting a great defeat on Aram.
1Sam 14:20-22  1Sam 17:52  2Kgs 3:18  2Kgs 3:24  Judg 3:28  Judg 7:23-25 

22 The prophet then went to the king of Israel and said, 'Now is the time to be resolute and think carefully about what you should do, for at the turn of the year the king of Aram will march against you.'
1Kgs 20:13  2Sam 11:1  1Kgs 20:26  1Chr 20:1  1Kgs 19:10  1Kgs 20:38  1Kgs 22:8 

23 The servants of the king of Aram said to him, 'Their gods are gods of the mountains; that is why they have proved stronger than we are. But if we fight them on level ground, we shall certainly beat them.
1Kgs 14:23  1Kgs 20:28  1Sam 4:8  2Chr 32:13-19  2Kgs 19:12  Isa 42:8  Ps 50:21-22 

24 This is what you must do: remove all these kings from their commands and appoint professional soldiers in their place.
1Kgs 20:1  1Kgs 20:16  1Kgs 22:31  Prov 21:30 

25 You, for your part, must recruit an army as large as the one which deserted you, with as many horses and as many chariots; then if we fight them on level ground, we shall certainly beat them.' He listened to their advice and acted accordingly.
Ps 10:3 

26 At the turn of the year, Ben-Hadad mustered the Aramaeans and marched on Aphek to fight Israel.
2Kgs 13:17  1Kgs 20:22  1Kgs 20:30  1Sam 4:1  1Sam 29:1  Josh 13:4  Josh 19:30 

27 The Israelites were already mobilised and provisioned, and marched out to meet them. Encamped opposite them, the Israelites looked like two herds of goats, whereas the Aramaeans filled the countryside.
1Sam 13:5-8  Judg 6:5  1Sam 14:2  2Chr 32:7-8  Deut 32:30  Eccl 9:11  Josh 1:11 

28 The man of God then went to the king of Israel and said, 'Yahweh says this, "Since Aram has said that Yahweh is a god of the mountains and not a god of the plains, I shall put the whole of this huge army into your power, and you will know that I am Yahweh."'
1Kgs 20:13  1Kgs 17:18  1Kgs 13:1  1Kgs 20:22-23  2Chr 20:14-20  Deut 29:6  Deut 32:27 

29 For seven days they were encamped opposite each other. On the seventh day battle was joined and the Israelites slaughtered the Aramaeans, a hundred thousand foot soldiers in one day.
1Sam 17:16  2Chr 13:17  2Chr 20:23-25  2Chr 28:6  2Sam 10:18  Isa 37:36  Josh 6:15 

30 The rest fled to Aphek, into the citadel, but the city walls collapsed on twenty-seven thousand of the survivors. Now Ben-Hadad had fled and taken refuge in an inner room inside the citadel.
1Kgs 22:25  2Chr 18:24  1Kgs 20:26  1Kgs 20:10  1Kgs 20:20  Amos 2:14-15  Amos 5:19 

31 'Look,' his servants said to him, 'we have heard that the kings of Israel are faithful and kind kings. Let us put sackcloth round our waists and cords round our heads and go out to the king of Israel; perhaps he will spare your life.'
2Sam 3:31  Gen 37:34  1Kgs 20:23  1Kgs 21:27-29  2Kgs 5:13  2Kgs 7:4  2Kgs 19:1-2 

32 So they wrapped sackcloth round their waists and put cords round their heads and went to the king of Israel, and said, 'Your servant Ben-Hadad says, "Spare my life." '
1Kgs 20:3-6  1Kgs 20:31  1Kgs 20:42  1Sam 15:8-20  Dan 5:20-23  Isa 2:11-12  Isa 10:12 

33 'So he is still alive?' he replied. 'He is my brother.' The men took this for a good omen and quickly seized on his words. 'Yes,' they said, 'Ben-Hadad is your brother.' Ahab said, 'Go and fetch him.' Then Ben-Hadad came out to him and Ahab made him get up into his chariot.
2Kgs 10:15  Acts 8:31  Luke 16:8  Prov 25:13 

34 Ben-Hadad said, 'I shall restore the towns which my father took from your father and you may set up a trading quarter for yourself in Damascus as my father did in Samaria.' 'With a treaty,' Ahab said, 'I shall set you free.' Granting him a treaty, Ahab let him go.
1Kgs 15:20  1Kgs 20:42  1Kgs 22:31  2Chr 16:4  2Chr 18:30  Isa 8:12  Isa 26:10 

35 At Yahweh's command a member of the brotherhood of prophets said to a companion of his, 'Strike me,' but the man refused to strike him.
1Kgs 13:17-18  2Kgs 2:15  Jer 27:2-3  1Kgs 13:1-2  1Kgs 20:37-38  1Sam 10:12  2Kgs 2:3-7 

36 So he said to him, 'Since you have disobeyed Yahweh's order, the very moment you leave me a lion will kill you.' And no sooner had he left him than he met a lion, which killed him.
1Kgs 13:21-24  1Kgs 13:26  1Sam 15:22-23 

37 The prophet then went to find another man and said, 'Strike me,' and the man struck him and wounded him.
1Kgs 20:35  Exod 21:12 

38 The prophet then went and stood waiting for the king on the road, disguising himself with a bandage over his eyes.
1Kgs 14:2  1Kgs 22:30  2Sam 14:2  Matt 6:16 

39 As the king passed, he called out to him, 'Your servant was making his way to where the fight was thickest when someone left the fighting to bring a man to me, and said, "Guard this man; if he is found missing, your life will pay for his, or else you will have to pay one talent of silver."
2Kgs 10:24  1Kgs 20:42  1Pet 1:18-19  2Sam 12:1-7  2Sam 14:5-7  Exod 21:30  Job 36:18 

40 But your servant was busy with one thing and another, the man disappeared.' The king of Israel said, 'That is your sentence then. You have pronounced it yourself.'
2Sam 12:5-7  Job 15:6  Luke 19:22  Matt 21:41-43  Matt 25:24-27 

41 At this the man quickly pulled off the bandage over his eyes, and the king of Israel recognised him as one of the prophets.
1Kgs 20:38  2Sam 13:19  Jer 6:26  Job 2:8 

42 He said to the king, 'Yahweh says this, "Since you have let the man escape who was under my curse of destruction, your life will pay for his, your people for his people." '
1Kgs 22:31-37  1Kgs 20:39  1Kgs 20:34  1Sam 15:9-11  2Chr 18:33-34  2Kgs 6:24  2Kgs 8:12 

43 And the king of Israel went home, gloomy and out of temper, back to Samaria.
1Kgs 21:4  1Kgs 22:8  Esth 5:13  Esth 6:12-13  Job 5:2  Prov 19:3