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1 From there David went up and installed himself in the strongholds of En-Gedi.
1Sam 23:28-29  1Sam 23:19  Ezek 22:9  Hos 7:3  Prov 25:5  Prov 29:12 

2 Once Saul was back from pursuing the Philistines, he was told, 'David is now in the desert of En-Gedi.'
1Sam 26:2  1Sam 13:2  Ps 37:32  Ps 38:12  Ps 104:18  Ps 141:6 

3 Saul thereupon took three thousand men selected from all Israel and went in search of David and his men east of the Rocks of the Mountain Goats.
Judg 3:24  Ps 57:1-11  Ps 142:1-7  Ps 141:6 

4 He came to the sheepfolds along the route, where there was a cave, and went in to cover his feet. Now David and his men were sitting in the recesses of the cave;
1Sam 26:8-11  1Sam 26:23  1Sam 23:7  1Sam 23:17  1Sam 24:10  1Sam 24:18  1Sam 25:28-30 

5 David's men said to him, 'Today is the day of which Yahweh said to you, "I shall deliver your enemy into your power; do what you like with him." ' David got up and, unobserved, cut off the border of Saul's cloak.
2Sam 24:10  1John 3:20-21  2Kgs 22:19  2Sam 12:9 

6 Afterwards David reproached himself for having cut off the border of Saul's cloak.
1Kgs 21:3  1Sam 26:9-11  1Thess 5:15  2Sam 1:14  Job 31:29-30  Matt 5:44  Rom 12:14-2 

7 He said to his men, 'Yahweh preserve me from doing such a thing to my lord as to raise my hand against him, since he is Yahweh's anointed.'
Matt 5:44  Ps 7:4  1Sam 25:33  Rom 12:17-21 

8 By these words David restrained his men and would not let them attack Saul.
1Sam 25:23-24  1Pet 2:17  1Sam 20:41  1Sam 26:17  Exod 20:12  Gen 17:3  Rom 13:7 

9 Saul then left the cave and went on his way. After this, David too left the cave and called after Saul, 'My lord king!' Saul looked behind him and David, bowing to the ground, prostrated himself.
1Sam 26:19  Prov 26:28  Prov 26:20-22  Prov 25:23  Prov 18:8  Prov 17:4  Prov 16:28 

10 David then said to Saul, 'Why do you listen to people who say, "David intends your ruin"?
1Sam 24:4  1Sam 26:8-9  Ps 105:15 

11 This very day you have seen for yourself how Yahweh put you in my power in the cave and how, refusing to kill you, I spared you saying, "I will not raise my hand against my lord, since he is Yahweh's anointed."
1Sam 26:20  1Sam 23:14  1Sam 23:23  2Kgs 5:13  1Sam 26:18  John 15:25  Ps 35:7 

12 Look, father, look at the border of your cloak in my hand. Since, although I cut the border off your cloak, I did not kill you, surely you realise that I intend neither mischief nor crime. I have not wronged you, and yet you hunt me down to take my life.
Judg 11:27  Ps 43:1  Gen 16:5  Job 5:8  Ps 94:1  Ps 35:1  1Pet 2:23 

13 May Yahweh be judge between me and you, and may Yahweh avenge me on you; but I shall never lay a hand on you!
Matt 7:16-18  Matt 7:20  Matt 12:33-34  Matt 15:19 

14 (As the old proverb says: Wickedness comes out of wicked people, but I shall never lay a hand on you!)
1Sam 26:20  1Sam 17:43  2Sam 9:8  1Kgs 21:7  2Sam 3:8  2Sam 6:20  2Sam 16:9 

15 On whose trail is the king of Israel campaigning? Whom are you pursuing? On the trail of a dead dog, of a flea!
1Sam 24:12  Ps 35:1  Ps 43:1  Ps 119:154  Mic 7:9  1Sam 26:4  2Chr 24:22 

16 May Yahweh be the judge and decide between me and you; may he examine and defend my cause and give judgement for me by rescuing me from your clutches!'
1Sam 26:17  Acts 6:10  Gen 33:4  Job 6:25  Luke 21:15  Prov 15:1  Prov 25:11 

17 When David had finished saying this to Saul, Saul said, 'Is that your voice, my son David?' And Saul began to weep aloud.
1Sam 26:21  Matt 5:44  Gen 38:26  Exod 9:27  Matt 27:4  Ps 37:6  Rom 12:20-21 

18 'You are upright and I am not,' he said to David, 'since you have behaved well to me, whereas I have behaved badly to you.
1Sam 26:23  1Sam 23:7  1Sam 23:12  1Sam 24:10  1Sam 26:8  Ps 31:8 

19 And today you have shown how well you have behaved to me, since Yahweh had put me in your power but you did not kill me.
1Sam 23:21  1Sam 26:25  Judg 17:2  Ps 18:20  Prov 25:21-22 

20 When a man comes on his enemy, does he let him go unmolested? May Yahweh reward you for the good you have done me today!
1Sam 23:17  Matt 2:3-6  1Sam 13:14  1Sam 20:30-31  2Sam 3:17-18  Job 15:25  Matt 2:13 

21 Now I know that you will indeed reign and that the sovereignty in Israel will pass into your hands.
Gen 21:23  2Sam 21:6-8  1Sam 20:14-17  Gen 31:48  Gen 31:53  Heb 6:16 

22 Now swear to me by Yahweh that you will not suppress my descendants once I am gone, or blot my name out of my family.'
1Sam 23:29  John 2:24  Matt 10:16-17  Prov 26:24-25 

23 This David swore to Saul, and Saul went home while David and his men went back to the stronghold.