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1 Now by the time David and his men reached Ziklag three days later, the Amalekites had raided the Negeb and Ziklag; they had sacked Ziklag and burnt it down.
1Sam 15:7  1Sam 29:11  1Sam 27:8-10  1Sam 29:4  2Sam 1:2  Gen 24:62  Josh 11:6 

2 They had taken the women prisoner, and everyone who was there, both small and great. They had not killed anyone, but had carried them off and gone away.
1Sam 27:11  1Sam 30:19  Isa 27:8-9  Job 38:11  Ps 76:10 

3 When David and his men arrived, they found the town burnt down and their wives and sons and daughters taken captive.
Ps 34:19  1Pet 1:6-7  Heb 12:6  Rev 3:9 

4 Then David and the people with him wept aloud till they were too weak to weep any more.
Gen 37:33-35  Num 14:1  Num 14:39  1Sam 4:13  1Sam 11:4  Ezra 10:1  Judg 2:4 

5 David's two wives had been captured: Ahinoam of Jezreel and Abigail widow of Nabal of Carmel.
1Sam 25:42-43  2Sam 2:2  1Sam 1:2  1Sam 27:3  2Sam 3:2-3 

6 David was in great trouble, since the people were talking of stoning him; the people all felt very bitter, each man for his own sons and daughters. But David took courage from Yahweh his God.
Ps 56:3-4  Ps 25:17  Ps 56:11  2Cor 1:8-10  Ps 18:6  Ps 27:1-3  Ps 116:3-4 

7 To the priest Abiathar son of Ahimelech, David said, 'Bring me the ephod.' Abiathar brought the ephod to David.
1Sam 22:20-21  1Kgs 2:26  1Sam 23:2-9  Mark 2:26 

8 David then consulted Yahweh, 'Shall I go in pursuit of these raiders? Will I overtake them?' The answer was, 'Go in pursuit; you will certainly overtake them and rescue the captives.'
1Sam 30:18  1Sam 23:2  Prov 3:5-6  2Sam 5:19  2Sam 5:23  1Sam 23:4  1Sam 23:10-12 

9 David accordingly set off with the six hundred men who were with him and reached the torrent of Besor.
1Sam 27:2 

10 David then continued the pursuit with four hundred men, two hundred staying behind who were too exhausted to cross the torrent of Besor.
1Sam 30:21  1Sam 14:20  1Sam 14:31  1Sam 30:9  Judg 8:4-5 

11 Out in the country they found an Egyptian and brought him to David. They gave him some bread to eat and some water to drink;
Deut 15:7-11  Deut 23:7  Luke 10:36-37  Matt 25:35  Rom 12:20-21  Prov 25:21 

12 they also gave him a piece of fig cake and two bunches of raisins; he ate these and his spirits revived -- he had had nothing to eat or drink for three days and three nights.
Judg 15:19  1Sam 14:27  1Sam 30:13  Esth 4:16  Isa 40:29-31  Jonah 1:17  Matt 27:63 

13 David then said to him, 'Whose man are you and where do you come from?' He replied, 'I am a young Egyptian, the slave of an Amalekite; my master abandoned me because I fell sick three days ago.
Jas 2:13  Job 31:13-15  Prov 12:10 

14 We raided the Negeb of the Cherethites, and the Negeb of Judah, and the Negeb of Caleb too, and we burnt Ziklag down.'
1Kgs 1:38  1Kgs 1:44  2Sam 8:18  Ezek 25:16  Zeph 2:5  1Sam 30:1  1Sam 30:16 

15 David said, 'Will you guide me to these raiders?' He replied, 'Swear to me by God not to kill me or hand me over to my master, and I will guide you to these raiders.'
1Sam 29:6  Deut 23:15-16  Ezek 17:13  Ezek 17:16  Ezek 17:19  Josh 2:12  Josh 9:15 

16 He guided him to them, and there they were, scattered over the whole countryside, eating, drinking and celebrating, on account of the enormous booty which they had brought back from the territory of the Philistines and the territory of Judah.
1Sam 25:36-38  1Sam 30:14  1Thess 5:3  2Sam 13:28  Dan 5:1-4  Exod 32:6  Exod 32:17-19 

17 David slaughtered them from dawn until the evening of the following day. No one escaped, except four hundred young men who mounted camels and fled.
1Sam 11:11  1Kgs 20:29-30  1Sam 15:3  Judg 4:16  Ps 18:42 

18 He rescued everything that the Amalekites had taken -- David also rescued his two wives.
Gen 14:16 

19 Nothing of theirs was lost, whether small or great, from the booty or sons and daughters -- everything that had been taken from them; David recovered everything.
1Sam 30:8  Gen 14:14-16  Ps 34:9-10  Ps 91:9-10  Job 1:10  Matt 6:33  Num 31:49 

20 They captured the flocks and herds as well and drove them in front of him. 'This is David's booty,' they shouted.
1Sam 30:26  2Chr 20:25  Isa 53:12  Num 31:9-12  Rom 8:37 

21 When David reached the two hundred men who had been too exhausted to follow him and whom he had left at the torrent of Besor, they came out to meet David and the party accompanying him; David approached with his party and greeted them.
1Sam 30:10  Heb 13:1  Judg 8:15  1Pet 3:8 

22 But all the rogues and scoundrels among the men who had gone with David began saying, 'Since they did not go with us, we shall not give them any of the booty which we have rescued, except that each of them can have his wife and children. Let them take them away and be off.'
Deut 13:13  Matt 7:12  1Kgs 21:10  1Kgs 21:13  1Sam 22:2  1Sam 25:17  1Sam 25:25 

23 But David said, 'Do not behave like this, brothers, with what Yahweh has given us; he has protected us and has handed over to us the raiders who attacked us.
1Chr 29:12-14  1Sam 2:7  1Sam 30:8  Acts 7:2  Acts 22:1  Deut 8:10  Deut 8:18 

24 Who would agree with you on this? No: As the share of the man who goes into battle, so is the share of the man who stays with the baggage. They will share alike.'
Josh 22:8  Num 31:27  1Sam 25:13  Ps 68:12 

25 And from that day on, he made that a rule and custom for Israel, which obtains to the present day.
1Sam 16:13 

26 When David reached Ziklag, he sent parts of the booty to the elders of Judah, town by town, with this message, 'Here is a present for you, taken from the booty of Yahweh's enemies':
1Sam 25:27  1Chr 12:1-15  2Cor 9:5  2Kgs 5:15  Gen 33:11  Isa 32:8  Ps 35:27 

27 to those in Bethel, to those in Ramoth of the Negeb,
Josh 15:48  Josh 19:8  Gen 28:19  Josh 21:14  Judg 1:22-23  1Kgs 12:29  Josh 7:2 

28 to those in Jattir, to those in Aroer, to those in Siphmoth, to those in Eshtemoa,
Josh 13:16  Josh 15:50  Josh 21:14 

29 to those in Carmel, to those in the towns of Jerahmeel, to those in the towns of the Kenites,
1Sam 27:10  Judg 1:16  1Sam 15:6  1Sam 23:19 

30 to those in Hormah, to those in Borashan, to those in Athach,
Judg 1:17  Josh 19:4  Josh 15:42  Num 14:45 

31 to those in Hebron and to all the places which David and his men had frequented.
2Sam 2:1  2Sam 2:4  2Sam 4:1  2Sam 15:10  Josh 14:13-15