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1 Then Jehoshaphat fell asleep with his ancestors and was buried with them in the city of David; his son Jehoram succeeded him.
1Kgs 22:50  2Chr 9:31  2Chr 12:16  2Chr 21:20  2Kgs 8:16-17 

2 Jehoram's brothers, sons of Jehoshaphat, were Azariah, Jehiel, Zechariah, Azariahu, Michael and Shephatiah -- all of them sons of Jehoshaphat king of Israel.
2Chr 12:6  2Chr 23:2  2Chr 24:5  2Chr 21:4  2Chr 24:16  2Chr 28:19  2Chr 28:23 

3 Their father had lavishly given them presents of silver, gold and other valuables as well as fortified towns in Judah; but the throne he bequeathed to Jehoram since he was the first-born.
2Chr 11:23  2Chr 11:5  Deut 21:15-17  Gen 25:6 

4 Jehoram, having taken control of his father's kingdom and secured his own position, put all his brothers to the sword and some officials of Israel too.
Judg 9:5  2Chr 21:17  2Chr 22:10  Gen 4:8  1John 3:12  2Chr 22:8  Judg 9:56-57 

5 Jehoram was thirty-two years old when he came to the throne, and he reigned for eight years in Jerusalem.
2Kgs 8:17-22 

6 He followed the example of the kings of Israel as the House of Ahab were doing, he having married one of Ahab's daughters; and he did what is displeasing to Yahweh.
2Chr 18:1  1Kgs 12:28-30  2Kgs 8:18  1Kgs 16:25-33  2Chr 22:2  Neh 13:25-26 

7 But Yahweh would not destroy the House of David, because of the covenant which he had made with David, promising to provide him and his sons with a lamp for ever.
1Kgs 11:36  2Sam 7:12-17  1Kgs 11:13  Luke 1:69  Luke 1:79  2Chr 22:11  2Kgs 8:19 

8 In his time Edom threw off the domination of Judah and set up a king for itself.
1Kgs 22:47  2Chr 20:22-23  2Chr 21:10  2Kgs 3:9  2Kgs 8:20-22  Gen 27:40 

9 Jehoram crossed the frontier, and with him his commanders and all his chariots. Under cover of dark, he and his chariot commanders broke through the Edomites surrounding him.

10 Thus Edom threw off the domination of Judah and has remained free to the present day. Libnah revolted against him at the same time, because he had abandoned Yahweh, God of his ancestors.
1Kgs 11:31  1Kgs 11:33  2Chr 13:10  2Chr 15:2  2Kgs 19:8  Deut 32:21  Jer 2:13 

11 What is more, he set up high places in the highlands of Judah, leading the citizens of Jerusalem and the people of Judah into apostasy.
Lev 20:5  1Kgs 11:7  Lev 17:7  1Kgs 14:9  1Kgs 14:16  2Chr 21:13  2Chr 33:9 

12 Something written by the prophet Elijah then came into his hands. It said, 'Yahweh, God of your ancestor David, says this, "Since you have not followed the example of your father Jehoshaphat or of Asa king of Judah,
2Chr 14:2-5  2Chr 17:3-4  1Kgs 15:11  1Kgs 22:43  2Kgs 2:1  2Kgs 2:11  Dan 5:5 

13 but have followed the example of the kings of Israel and have led Judah and the citizens of Jerusalem into apostasy, just as the House of Ahab has led Israel into apostasy, and have even murdered your brothers, your own family, who were better men than you,
2Chr 21:4  2Chr 21:11  1Kgs 16:30-33  2Chr 21:6  1John 3:12  1Kgs 2:31-33  1Kgs 16:25 

14 Yahweh is going to afflict your people, your sons, your wives and all your property with a great calamity,
Exod 20:5  Hos 5:11  Lev 26:21  Mic 6:16 

15 and you yourself with a severe disease affecting your bowels, as a result of which disease, continuing day after day, you will suffer protrusion of your bowels." '
2Chr 21:18-19  Acts 1:18  Acts 12:23  Deut 28:27  Deut 28:37  Deut 28:59  Deut 28:61 

16 Yahweh then roused the hostility of the Philistines and of the Arabs living near the Cushites against Jehoram.
2Chr 17:11  1Kgs 11:14  1Kgs 11:23  2Chr 22:1  2Chr 33:11  1Kgs 11:11  1Sam 26:19 

17 They invaded Judah, forcing their way into it and carrying off all the property to be found in the king's palace, as well as his sons and his wives, so that he was left no sons at all except his youngest son Jehoahaz.
2Chr 22:1  2Chr 22:6  2Chr 25:23  2Chr 24:7  Job 5:3-4 

18 And after all this, Yahweh afflicted him with an incurable disease of the bowels;
2Chr 21:15  Acts 12:23  2Kgs 9:29 

19 in due time, after about two years, his bowels protruded as a result of his disease and he died in acute pain. His people did not make a funeral pyre for him, as they had for his ancestors.
2Chr 16:14  Jer 34:5 

20 He was thirty-two years old when he came to the throne and he reigned for eight years in Jerusalem. He passed away unlamented and was buried in the City of David, though not in the tombs of the kings.
Jer 22:18  Jer 22:28  2Chr 24:25  2Chr 28:27  2Chr 23:21  Prov 10:7