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1 Ahaz was twenty years old when he came to the throne and he reigned for sixteen years in Jerusalem. He did not do what Yahweh regards as right, as his ancestor David had done.
1Chr 3:13  Isa 1:1  2Chr 17:3  2Kgs 16:1-20  Hos 1:1  Isa 7:1-12  Matt 1:9 

2 He followed the example of the kings of Israel, even having images cast for the Baals;
Exod 34:17  Judg 2:11  1Kgs 16:31-33  2Chr 21:6  2Chr 22:3-4  2Kgs 10:26-28  Hos 2:13 

3 he burned incense in the Valley of Ben-Hinnom, caused his sons to pass through the fire of sacrifice, copying the disgusting practices of the nations whom Yahweh had dispossessed for the Israelites.
2Chr 33:2  2Chr 33:6  Lev 18:21  2Kgs 23:10  Josh 15:8  2Kgs 16:3  Deut 12:31 

4 He offered sacrifices and incense on the high places, on the hills and under every green tree.
2Kgs 16:4  Deut 12:2-3  Lev 26:30 

5 So Yahweh his God put him at the mercy of the king of Aram, who defeated him and took large numbers of captives, carrying them off to Damascus. He also put him at the mercy of the king of Israel, who inflicted heavy casualties on him.
Isa 7:1  2Chr 24:24  2Kgs 16:5-6  2Chr 33:11  2Chr 36:5  2Chr 36:17  Exod 20:2-3 

6 In a single day, Pekah son of Remaliah killed a hundred and twenty thousand in Judah, all of them prominent men, because they had abandoned Yahweh, God of their ancestors.
2Kgs 15:27  Isa 9:21  2Chr 13:17  2Chr 15:2  2Kgs 15:37  2Kgs 16:5  Deut 6:14-15 

7 Zichri, an Ephraimite champion, killed Maaseiah the king's son, Azrikam the controller of the household and Elkanah the king's second-in-command.
Esth 10:3  Gen 41:43  Gen 43:12  Gen 43:15 

8 Of their brothers, the Israelites took two hundred thousand captive including wives, sons, daughters; they also took quantities of booty, carrying everything off to Samaria.
2Chr 11:4  Deut 28:25  Deut 28:41  Acts 7:26  Acts 13:26 

9 Now there was a prophet of Yahweh there by the name of Oded, who went out to meet the troops returning to Samaria and said, 'Look, because Yahweh, God of your ancestors, was angry with Judah, he put them at your mercy, but you have slaughtered them with such fury as reached to heaven,
Ezra 9:6  Isa 47:6  Rev 18:5  Zech 1:15  1Kgs 20:13  1Kgs 20:22  1Kgs 20:42 

10 and now you propose to reduce the children of Judah and Jerusalem to being your male and female slaves! Have you not yourselves committed sins against Yahweh your God?
Lev 25:39-46  1Pet 4:17-18  Jer 25:29  Matt 7:2-4  Rom 12:20-21 

11 Now listen to me: release the captives you have taken from your brothers, for the fierce anger of Yahweh hangs over you.'
Jas 2:13  2Chr 28:8  Ezra 10:14  Heb 13:1-3  Isa 58:6  Jer 34:14-15  Matt 5:7 

12 Some of the Ephraimite chieftains -- Azariah son of Jehohanan, Berechaiah son of Meshillemoth, Jehizkiah son of Shallum and Amasa son of Hadlai -- then protested to those returning from the war
1Chr 28:1  Jer 26:6 

13 and said to them, 'You must not bring the captives here, for we have already sinned against Yahweh and you propose to add to our sin and guilt, although our guilt is already great, and fierce anger is hanging over Israel.'
Josh 22:17-18  Matt 23:32  Matt 23:35  Num 32:14  Rom 2:5 

14 So in the presence of the officials and whole assembly, the soldiers gave up the captives and the booty.

15 Men nominated for the purpose then took charge of the captives. From the booty they clothed all those of them who were naked; they gave them clothing and sandals, provided them with food and drink, mounted on donkeys all those who were infirm and took them back to Jericho, the city of palm trees, tho their brothers. Then they returned to Samaria.
2Kgs 6:22  Deut 34:3  Prov 25:21-22  Judg 1:16  1John 3:17-18  1Tim 5:10  2Chr 28:12 

16 This was when King Ahaz sent asking the king of Assyria to come to his assistance.
2Kgs 16:5-7  Isa 7:1-9  Isa 7:17 

17 The Edomites again invaded, defeated Judah, and carried off captives,
Obad 1:10  2Chr 25:11-12  Lev 26:18  Obad 1:13-14 

18 while the Philistines raided the towns in the lowlands and in the Negeb of Judah, capturing Beth-Shemesh, Aijalon, Gederoth, Soco and its dependencies, Timnah and its dependencies and Gimzo and its dependencies, and settled there.
Ezek 16:57  Ezek 16:27  1Sam 6:9  2Chr 11:10  Josh 15:10  Josh 15:41  Josh 15:48 

19 For Yahweh brought Judah low because of Ahaz king of Israel, since he behaved without restraint in Judah and had been unfaithful to Yahweh.
2Chr 21:2  1Sam 2:7  Deut 28:43  Exod 32:25  Gen 3:7  Gen 3:11  Hos 5:11 

20 Tiglath-Pileser king of Assyria attacked and besieged him; but he could not overpower him.
2Kgs 15:29  1Chr 5:26  Isa 30:16  2Kgs 16:7-10  2Kgs 17:5  Hos 5:13  Isa 7:20 

21 Although Ahaz robbed the Temple of Yahweh and the palaces of the king and princes and gave the proceeds to the king of Assyria, he received no help from him.
2Chr 12:9  2Kgs 16:8-9  2Kgs 18:15-16  Prov 20:25 

22 During the time when he was under siege he disobeyed Yahweh even more grossly, this King Ahaz.
Isa 1:5  2Chr 33:12  Esth 7:6  Ezek 21:13  Hos 5:15  Jer 5:3  Ps 50:15 

23 For he offered sacrifices to the gods of Damascus who had defeated him. 'Since the gods of the kings of Aram', he thought, 'have supported them, I shall sacrifice to them, and perhaps they will help me.' But they proved to be his and all Israel's downfall.
2Chr 25:14  2Kgs 16:12-13  Hab 1:11  Hos 13:9  Isa 1:28  Jer 10:5  Jer 44:15-18 

24 Ahaz then collected the equipment of the Temple of God, broke up the equipment of the Temple of God, sealed the doors of the Temple of Yahweh and put his own altars in every corner of Jerusalem;
2Chr 29:7  2Chr 30:14  2Chr 33:3-5  2Kgs 16:17-18  2Chr 29:3  2Kgs 25:13-17  Acts 17:16 

25 he set up high places in every town of Judah to burn incense to other gods, thus provoking the anger of Yahweh, God of his ancestors.
2Chr 28:3 

26 The rest of his history, his whole policy, from first to last, is recorded in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel.
2Kgs 16:19-20  2Chr 20:34  2Chr 27:7-9 

27 Then Ahaz fell asleep with his ancestors and was buried in the City, in Jerusalem, though he was not taken to the tombs of the kings of Israel. His son Hezekiah succeeded him.
2Chr 21:20  2Chr 24:25  1Sam 2:30  2Chr 26:23  2Chr 33:20  Prov 10:7  Isa 14:28