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1 The wife of a member of the prophetic brotherhood appealed to Elisha. 'Your servant my husband is dead,' she said, 'and you know how your servant revered Yahweh. A creditor has now come to take my two children and make them his slaves.'
2Kgs 2:3  Lev 25:39-41  Matt 18:25  Neh 5:2-5  1Kgs 18:3  1Kgs 20:35  1Sam 22:2 

2 Elisha said, 'What can I do for you? Tell me, what have you got in the house?' 'Your servant has nothing in the house,' she replied, 'except a flask of oil.'
1Kgs 17:12  2Cor 6:10  2Kgs 2:9  2Kgs 6:26-27  Acts 3:6  Jas 2:5  John 6:5-7 

3 Then he said, 'Go outside and borrow jars from all your neighbours, empty jars and not too few.
2Kgs 3:16  2Kgs 13:18-19  John 2:7  John 16:24  Ps 81:10 

4 When you come back, shut the door on yourself and your sons, and pour the oil into all these jars, putting each aside when it is full.'
Mark 8:5-9  1Kgs 17:19-20  2Kgs 4:32-33  Acts 9:40  Eph 3:20  Isa 26:20  John 2:7-9 

5 So she left him; and she shut the door on herself and her sons; they passed her the jars and she went on pouring.
1Kgs 17:15-16  2Kgs 5:11  Heb 11:7-8  Luke 1:45 

6 When the jars were full, she said to her son, 'Pass me another jar.' 'There are no more,' he replied. Then the oil stopped flowing.
Matt 14:20  1Kgs 17:14  2Chr 6:12-13  2Kgs 4:43-44  2Kgs 13:19  John 6:12  Josh 5:12 

7 She went and told the man of God, who said, 'Go and sell the oil and redeem your pledge; you and your children can live on the remainder.'
2Thess 3:7-12  1Kgs 12:22  1Thess 2:9-10  1Thess 4:12  Phil 4:8  Ps 37:21  Rom 12:17 

8 One day as Elisha was on his way to Shunem, a woman of rank who lived there pressed him to stay and eat there. After this he always broke his journey for a meal when he passed that way.
Josh 19:18  2Sam 19:32  1Kgs 1:3  1Sam 28:4  2Kgs 4:11-12  2Kgs 4:18  Gen 19:3 

9 She said to her husband, 'Look, I am sure the man who is constantly passing our way must be a holy man of God.
1Kgs 17:18  1Kgs 17:24  1Thess 2:10  2Kgs 4:7  Prov 31:10-11  Deut 33:1  Matt 5:16 

10 Let us build him a small walled room, and put him a bed in it, and a table and chair and lamp; whenever he comes to us he can rest there.'
Rom 12:13  Matt 10:41-42  Matt 25:40  1Kgs 17:19  1Pet 4:9-10  Heb 10:24  Heb 13:2 

11 One day when he came, he retired to the upper room and lay down.

12 He said to his servant Gehazi, 'Call our Shunammite.' He called her and when she appeared, Elisha said,
2Kgs 8:4-5  2Kgs 4:29-31  2Kgs 5:20-27  1Kgs 18:43  1Kgs 19:3  2Kgs 3:11  Acts 13:5 

13 'Tell her this: "Look, you have gone to all this trouble for us, what can we do for you? Is there anything you would like said for you to the king or to the commander of the army?" ' But she replied, 'I live with my own people about me.'
1Thess 5:12-13  1Tim 6:6-8  2Sam 19:13  2Tim 1:16-18  Heb 6:10  Matt 10:40-42  Phil 4:18-19 

14 'What can I do for you then?' he asked. Gehazi replied, 'Well, she has no son and her husband is old.'
1Sam 1:2  1Sam 1:8  Gen 15:2-3  Gen 17:17  Gen 18:10-14  Gen 25:21  Gen 30:1 

15 Elisha said, 'Call her.' The servant called her and she stood at the door.

16 'This time next year', he said, 'you will hold a son in your arms.' But she said, 'No, my lord, do not deceive your servant.'
2Kgs 4:28  Gen 18:10  Gen 17:16-17  Gen 17:21  Luke 1:13  1Kgs 17:18  1Kgs 18:9 

17 But the woman did conceive, and she gave birth to a son at the time that Elisha had said she would.
1Sam 1:19-20  Gen 21:1  Heb 11:11  Luke 1:24-25  Luke 1:36  Ps 113:9 

18 The child grew up; one day he went to his father who was with the reapers,
Ruth 2:4 

19 and exclaimed to his father, 'Oh, my head! My head!' The father told a servant to carry him to his mother.
Jer 4:19  Job 14:1-2 

20 He lifted him up and took him to his mother, and the boy lay on her lap until midday, when he died.
John 11:3  John 11:5  John 11:14  Luke 7:12  1Kgs 17:17  Ezek 24:16-18  Gen 22:2 

21 She went upstairs, laid him on the bed of the man of God, shut the door on him and went out.
2Kgs 4:32  1Kgs 17:19  2Kgs 4:7  2Kgs 4:10 

22 She called her husband and said, 'Send me one of the servants with a donkey. I must hurry to the man of God and back.'
2Kgs 4:24  2Kgs 4:26  Acts 9:38  John 11:3 

23 'Why go to him today?' he asked. 'It is not New Moon or Sabbath.' But she replied, 'Never mind.'
1Chr 23:31  Num 10:10  Num 28:11  Isa 1:13-15 

24 She had the donkey saddled and said to her servant, 'Lead on, go! Do not draw rein until I give the order.'
1Kgs 13:23  1Kgs 13:13  1Sam 25:19-20  Exod 4:20 

25 She set off and made her way to the man of God at Mount Carmel. When the man of God saw her in the distance, he said to his servant Gehazi, 'Look, here comes our Shunammite!
2Kgs 2:25  1Kgs 18:19  1Kgs 18:42  Isa 35:2 

26 Now run and meet her and ask her, "Are you well? Is your husband well? Your child well?" ' 'Yes,' she replied.
Acts 15:36  1Sam 3:18  1Sam 17:18  2Kgs 4:23  Gen 29:6  Gen 37:14  Job 1:21-22 

27 When she came to the man of God there on the mountain, she took hold of his feet. Gehazi stepped forward to push her away, but the man of God said, 'Leave her; there is bitterness in her soul and Yahweh has hidden it from me, he has not told me.'
1Sam 1:10  2Kgs 4:25  2Kgs 6:12  2Sam 7:3  Amos 3:7  Gen 18:17  Job 10:1 

28 She said, 'Did I ask my lord for a son? Did I not say: Don't deceive me?'
2Kgs 4:16  Gen 30:1 

29 Elisha said to Gehazi, 'Hitch up your clothes, take my staff in your hand and go. If you meet anyone, do not greet him; if anyone greets you, do not answer him. You are to stretch out my staff over the child.'
2Kgs 2:14  1Kgs 18:46  Exod 14:16  2Kgs 9:1  Luke 10:4  2Kgs 2:8  Acts 3:16 

30 But the child's mother said, 'As Yahweh lives and as you yourself live, I will not leave you.' Then he stood up and followed her.
2Kgs 2:2  2Kgs 2:4  Exod 33:12-16  Ruth 1:16-18 

31 Gehazi had gone ahead of them and had stretched out the staff over the child, but there was no sound or response. He went back to meet Elisha and told him. 'The child has not woken up,' he said.
John 11:11  1Kgs 18:26  1Kgs 18:29  1Sam 14:37  1Sam 28:6  Acts 19:13-17  Dan 12:2 

32 Elisha then went to the house, and there on his bed lay the child, dead.
1Kgs 17:17  John 11:17  Luke 8:52-53 

33 He went in and shut the door on the two of them and prayed to Yahweh.
Matt 6:6  2Kgs 4:4  Acts 9:40  Jas 5:13-18  1Kgs 17:20-21  1Kgs 18:26-27  2Kgs 5:11 

34 Then he climbed on to the bed and stretched himself on top of the child, putting his mouth on his mouth, his eyes to his eyes, and his hands on his hands, and as he lowered himself on to him, the child's flesh grew warm.
1Kgs 17:21  Acts 20:10 

35 Then he got up and walked to and fro inside the house, and then climbed on to the bed again and lowered himself on to the child seven times in all; then the child sneezed and opened his eyes.
2Kgs 8:5  1Kgs 17:22  2Kgs 8:1  2Kgs 13:21  Acts 9:40  John 11:43-44  Luke 7:14-15 

36 He then summoned Gehazi. 'Call our Shunammite,' he said. He called her. When she came to him, he said, 'Pick up your son.'
Heb 11:35  1Kgs 17:23  Luke 7:15 

37 She went in and, falling at his feet, prostrated herself on the floor and then picked up her son and went out.
Heb 11:35  1Kgs 17:24  2Kgs 2:15  2Kgs 4:27 

38 Elisha went back to Gilgal while there was famine in the country. As the brotherhood of prophets were sitting with him, he said to his servant, 'Put the large pot on the fire and cook some soup for the brotherhood.'
2Kgs 2:1  2Kgs 2:3  2Kgs 8:1  Acts 22:3  Luke 10:39  Lev 26:26  1Sam 7:16-17 

39 One of them went into the fields to gather herbs and came on some wild vine, off which he gathered enough gourds to fill his lap. On his return, he cut them up into the pot of soup; they did not know what they were.
Heb 12:15  Isa 5:4  Jer 2:21  Matt 15:13 

40 They then poured the soup out for the men to eat, but they had no sooner tasted the soup than they cried, 'Man of God, there is death in the pot!' And they could not eat it.
Exod 10:17  1Kgs 17:18  2Kgs 1:9  2Kgs 1:11  2Kgs 1:13  2Kgs 4:9  Deut 33:1 

41 'Bring some meal then,' Elisha said. This he threw into the pot, and said, 'Pour out, for the company to eat!' And there was nothing harmful in the pot.
2Kgs 2:21  Exod 15:25  1Cor 1:25  2Kgs 5:10  2Kgs 6:6  Acts 28:5  John 9:6 

42 A man came from Baal-Shalishah, bringing the man of God bread from the first-fruits, twenty barley loaves and fresh grain still in the husk. 'Give it to the company to eat,' Elisha said.
1Sam 9:7  1Sam 9:4  John 6:9  John 6:13  1Cor 9:11  2Chr 11:13-14  2Kgs 4:38 

43 But his servant replied, 'How can I serve this to a hundred men?' 'Give it to the company to eat,' he insisted, 'for Yahweh says this, "They will eat and have some left over." '
Luke 9:13  John 6:9  Matt 14:20  John 6:11-13  Luke 9:17  Mark 6:37-39  Mark 6:42-43 

44 He served them; they ate and had some left over, as Yahweh had said.