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1 There were seventy of Ahab's sons in Samaria. Jehu sent to Samaria, to the authorities of the city, to the elders and to the guardians of Ahab's children. He said,
1Kgs 13:32  1Kgs 16:28  Judg 8:30  1Kgs 16:24  1Kgs 21:8-14  2Chr 22:9  2Kgs 5:3 

2 'Now, when this letter reaches you, you have your master's sons with you; you also have chariots and horses, a fortified city and weapons.
2Kgs 5:6 

3 See which of your master's sons is the best and worthiest, put him on his father's throne and fight for your master's dynasty!'
1Kgs 1:24-25  1Kgs 12:20-21  1Sam 10:24  1Sam 11:15  2Sam 2:8-9  2Sam 2:12-17  Deut 17:14-15 

4 They were utterly terrified. 'We have seen how the two kings could not stand up to him,' they said, 'so how could we?'
2Kgs 9:24  2Kgs 9:27  Isa 27:4  Jer 49:19  Luke 14:31  Nah 1:6 

5 Consequently the master of the palace, the governor of the city, the elders and the guardians sent word to Jehu, 'We are your servants. We shall do whatever you order us. We shall not proclaim a king; act as you think best.'
1Kgs 20:4  1Kgs 20:32  Josh 9:11  2Kgs 18:14  Josh 9:8  Jer 27:7-8  Jer 27:17 

6 Jehu then wrote them a second letter. He said, 'If you are for me and if you are prepared to accept orders from me, take the heads of the men of your master's family and come to me at Jezreel by this time tomorrow.' (There were seventy of Ahab's sons being educated there by the leading men of the city.)
1Kgs 21:8-11  2Kgs 9:32  Deut 5:9  Isa 14:21-22  Job 21:19  Josh 7:24-25  Luke 9:50 

7 When this letter reached them, they took the king's sons and butchered all seventy of them, put their heads in baskets and sent them to him at Jezreel.
1Kgs 21:21  2Kgs 11:1  2Chr 21:4  2Kgs 10:9  Judg 9:5-57  Matt 14:8-11 

8 The messenger came and told Jehu, 'They have brought the heads of the king's sons.' 'Leave them in two heaps at the entrance to the gate until morning,' he replied.
1Kgs 21:14  2Sam 11:18-21  Deut 21:23  Mark 6:28 

9 When morning came, he went out and, standing, said to all the people, 'No guilt attaches to you! I did indeed plot against my master and have killed him; but what about all these? Who struck them?
2Kgs 9:14-24  1Sam 12:3  Hos 1:4  Isa 5:3 

10 Know, then, that nothing will fail to be fulfilled of the prophecy uttered by Yahweh against the House of Ahab; Yahweh has done what he said through his servant Elijah.'
1Kgs 21:29  1Kgs 21:19  2Kgs 9:7-10  1Kgs 21:21-24  1Sam 3:19  1Sam 15:29  2Kgs 9:36 

11 Jehu then killed every member of the House of Ahab surviving in Jezreel, all his leading men, his close friends, his priests; he did not leave a single one alive.
Job 18:19  1Kgs 14:10  1Kgs 15:29  1Kgs 16:11  1Kgs 18:19  1Kgs 18:40  1Kgs 21:22 

12 Jehu then set out for Samaria. As he was on his way, at Beth-Eked of the Shepherds,

13 he met the brothers of Ahaziah king of Judah. 'Who are you?' he asked. 'We are Ahaziah's brothers,' they replied, 'and we are on our way to pay our respects to the king's sons and the queen mother's sons.'
2Kgs 8:29  2Kgs 8:24  2Chr 21:17  2Chr 22:1-10  2Kgs 9:21-27 

14 'Take them alive,' he said. They took them alive, and he slaughtered them at the storage-well of Beth-Eked, forty-two of them; he did not spare a single one.
1Kgs 20:18  2Chr 22:8  2Chr 22:10  2Kgs 8:18  2Kgs 10:6  2Kgs 10:10-11  2Kgs 11:1 

15 Leaving there, he came on Jehonadab son of Rechab who was on his way to meet him. He greeted him and said, 'Is your heart true to mine, as my heart is to yours?' Jehonadab replied, 'Yes.' 'If so,' Jehu said, 'give me your hand.' Jehonadab gave him his hand, and Jehu took him up beside him in his chariot.
1Chr 2:55  Ezek 17:18  Ezra 10:19  Jer 35:14-19  1Chr 12:17-18  2Kgs 9:21  2Kgs 10:13 

16 'Come with me,' he said, 'and witness my zeal for Yahweh,' and took him along in his chariot.
1Kgs 19:10  2Kgs 10:31  1Kgs 19:14  1Kgs 19:17  2Kgs 9:7-9  Ezek 33:31  Matt 6:2 

17 When he entered Samaria, he killed all the survivors of Ahab's family there; he destroyed it, as Yahweh had told Elijah it would happen.
2Kgs 9:8  2Chr 22:8  1Kgs 21:21  2Kgs 9:25-26  2Kgs 10:10-11  Mal 4:1  Ps 109:8-9 

18 Then Jehu assembled all the people. 'Ahab did Baal some small service,' he said, 'but Jehu will do him a great one.
1Kgs 16:31-32  1Kgs 18:19  1Kgs 18:22  1Kgs 18:40  2Kgs 3:2  Job 13:7  Phil 4:8 

19 Now call me all the prophets of Baal and all his priests. Not one is to be absent: I have a great sacrifice to offer to Baal. If anyone is absent, he will forfeit his life.' This was a trick on Jehu's part to destroy the devotees of Baal.
1Kgs 22:6  1Kgs 18:19  1Thess 2:3  2Cor 4:2  2Cor 11:3  2Cor 11:13-15  2Cor 12:16-18 

20 'Summon a sacred assembly for Baal,' he commanded; and they summoned it.
Joel 1:14  Exod 32:5  1Kgs 18:19-20  1Kgs 21:12 

21 Jehu sent messengers throughout Israel, and all the devotees of Baal arrived, not a man was left who did not attend. They crowded into the temple of Baal until it was full from wall to wall.
1Kgs 16:32  2Kgs 11:18  Joel 3:2  Joel 3:11-14  Judg 16:27  Rev 16:16 

22 Jehu then said to the keeper of the wardrobe, 'Bring out vestments for all the devotees of Baal'; he brought out the vestments for them.
Exod 28:2  Matt 22:11-12 

23 Jehu then went into the temple of Baal with Jehonadab son of Rechab and said to Baal's devotees, 'Make quite sure that there are no devotees of Yahweh in here with you, but only devotees of Baal.'
Matt 13:30  Matt 13:41  Matt 25:32-33 

24 He then proceeded to present sacrifices and burnt offerings. Now Jehu had stationed eighty of his men outside, having said, 'Whoever lets one of the people go whom I am now putting within your clutches, will pay for it with his life.'
1Kgs 20:30-42 

25 When he had finished making the burnt offering, he gave the order to the guards and equerries, 'Go in, strike them down! Let no one out!' The guards and equerries went in, putting everyone to the sword all the way to the sanctuary of Baal's temple.
1Kgs 18:40  Ezek 22:21-22  Rev 16:6-7  Deut 13:6-11  Exod 32:27  Ezek 9:5-7 

26 They took the sacred pole out of Baal's temple and burned it.
1Kgs 14:23  2Kgs 3:2  2Kgs 19:18  2Sam 5:21 

27 They demolished Baal's image and demolished Baal's temple too, making it into a latrine, which it still is today.
Dan 2:5  Dan 3:29  Ezra 6:11  1Kgs 16:32  2Chr 34:3-7  2Kgs 18:4  2Kgs 23:7-14 

28 Thus Jehu rid Israel of Baal.

29 Even so, Jehu did not give up the sins into which Jeroboam son of Nebat had led Israel, the golden calves of Bethel and Dan.
1Kgs 12:28-30  1Kgs 13:33-34  1Kgs 14:16  1Cor 8:9-13  1Sam 2:24  2Kgs 13:2  2Kgs 13:11 

30 Yahweh said to Jehu, 'Since you have done well in carrying out what pleases me, and have done everything I required to be done to the House of Ahab, your sons will occupy the throne of Israel down to the fourth generation.'
2Kgs 10:35  2Kgs 13:1  2Kgs 13:10  2Kgs 14:23  1Kgs 20:42  1Kgs 21:22  1Kgs 21:29 

31 Jehu, however, did not faithfully and wholeheartedly follow the law of Yahweh, God of Israel; he did not give up the sins into which Jeroboam son of Nebat had led Israel.
2Kgs 10:29  Prov 4:23  Heb 2:1  1Kgs 2:4  1Kgs 14:16  2Chr 6:16  2Kgs 3:3 

32 At that time Yahweh began to whittle Israel down, and Hazael defeated the Israelites throughout the territory east of the Jordan:
1Kgs 19:17  2Kgs 8:12  2Kgs 13:22  2Kgs 13:25  2Kgs 14:25 

33 the whole territory of Gilead -- of the Gadites, the Reubenites and the Manassehites -- from Aroer on the River Arnon: Gilead and Bashan.
Amos 1:3-4  Deut 2:36  Deut 3:12-17  Josh 13:9-12  Num 32:33-42 

34 The rest of the history of Jehu, his entire career, all his prowess, is this not recorded in the Book of the Annals of the Kings of Israel?
1Kgs 11:41  1Kgs 14:19  1Kgs 14:29  2Kgs 12:19  2Kgs 13:8 

35 Then he fell asleep with his ancestors and was buried in Samaria; his son Jehoahaz succeeded him.
1Kgs 1:21  1Kgs 2:10  1Kgs 14:20  1Kgs 14:31  2Kgs 13:1  2Kgs 13:7-8  2Sam 7:12 

36 Jehu's reign over Israel in Samaria lasted twenty-eight years.