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1 David again mustered all the picked troops of Israel, thirty thousand men.
1Chr 13:1-4  1Chr 13:6-14  1Kgs 8:1  2Sam 5:1  Ps 132:1-6 

2 Setting off with the whole force then with him, David went to Baalah of Judah, from there to bring up the ark of God, who bears the title 'Yahweh Sabaoth, enthroned on the winged creatures'.
1Sam 4:4  1Chr 13:5-6  1Sam 7:1  Exod 25:18-22  Ps 80:1  1Pet 1:12  Josh 15:9-10 

3 They transported the ark of God on a new cart and brought it out of Abinadab's house which is on the hill. Uzzah and Ahio, the sons of Abinadab, drove the cart,
1Sam 6:7  Num 7:4-9  Num 4:5-12 

4 Uzzah walked alongside the ark of God and Ahio went in front.
1Chr 13:7  1Sam 7:1-2 

5 David and the whole House of Israel danced before Yahweh with all their might, singing to the accompaniment of harps, lyres, tambourines, sistrums and cymbals.
1Chr 13:8  Ps 150:3-5  1Sam 18:6-7  1Chr 15:10-24  1Sam 10:5  1Sam 16:16  2Kgs 3:15 

6 When they came to Nacon's threshing-floor, Uzzah reached his hand out to the ark of God and steadied it, as the oxen were making it tilt.
1Chr 13:9  Num 4:15  Num 4:19-20 

7 This roused Yahweh's anger against Uzzah, and for this crime God struck him down on the spot, and there he died beside the ark of God.
1Sam 6:19  1Chr 15:13  1Chr 13:10  1Chr 15:2  1Cor 11:30-32  Lev 10:1-3 

8 David resented Yahweh's having broken out against Uzzah, and the place was given the name Perez-Uzzah, which it still has today.
1Chr 13:11-12  Jonah 4:1  Jonah 4:9 

9 That day David felt afraid of Yahweh. 'How can the ark of Yahweh come to be with me?' he said.
Ps 119:120  1Chr 13:11-12  1Kgs 8:27  1Pet 3:6  1Sam 5:10-11  1Sam 6:20  Isa 6:5 

10 So David decided not to take the ark of Yahweh with him into the city of David but diverted it to the house of Obed-Edom of Gath.
1Chr 26:4-8  1Chr 13:13-14  1Chr 15:18  1Chr 16:5  2Sam 4:3  2Sam 15:19  2Sam 18:2 

11 The ark of Yahweh remained in the house of Obed-Edom of Gath for three months, and Yahweh blessed Obed-Edom and his whole family.
Gen 30:27  Gen 39:5  Gen 39:23  Mal 3:10  Prov 3:9-10 

12 King David was informed that Yahweh had blessed Obed-Edom's family and everything belonging to him on account of the ark of God. David accordingly went and, amid great rejoicing, brought the ark of God up from Obed-Edom's house to the City of David.
Matt 10:42  1Chr 15:25-3  1Kgs 8:1  1Chr 15:1-3  Ps 24:7-10  Ps 68:24-27  Ps 132:6-8 

13 When the bearers of the ark of Yahweh had gone six paces, he sacrificed an ox and a fat sheep.
1Kgs 8:5  Num 4:15  1Chr 15:2  1Chr 15:15  Josh 3:3  Num 7:9  1Chr 15:25-26 

14 And David danced whirling round before Yahweh with all his might, wearing a linen loincloth.
1Sam 2:18  Ps 150:4  Exod 15:20  1Sam 2:28  Judg 11:34  Ps 30:11  Ps 149:3 

15 Thus with war cries and blasts on the horn, David and the entire House of Israel brought up the ark of Yahweh.
1Chr 15:16  1Chr 15:25  1Chr 15:28  Ezra 3:10-11  Josh 6:4-5  Num 10:1-10  Ps 47:1 

16 Now as the ark of Yahweh entered the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul was watching from the window and when she saw King David leaping and whirling round before Yahweh, the sight of him filled her with contempt.
1Chr 15:29  1Cor 2:14  2Sam 3:14  Acts 2:13  Isa 53:3  Ps 69:7 

17 They brought the ark of Yahweh in and put it in position, inside the tent which David had erected for it; and David presented burnt offerings and communion sacrifices in Yahweh's presence.
1Chr 15:1  2Chr 1:4  1Kgs 8:5  1Kgs 8:62-65  Ps 132:8  1Chr 16:1  2Chr 5:6 

18 And when David had finished presenting burnt offerings, he blessed the people in the name of Yahweh Sabaoth.
1Kgs 8:55  1Chr 16:2  1Kgs 8:14  2Chr 6:3  2Chr 30:18-19  2Chr 30:27  Acts 3:26 

19 To all the people, to the whole multitude of Israelites, men and women, he then distributed to each a loaf of bread, a portion of dates and a raisin cake. Then the people all went back to their homes.
Neh 8:10  1Chr 16:3  1Kgs 8:66  2Chr 7:10  2Chr 30:24  2Chr 35:7-8  2Chr 35:12-13 

20 As David was coming back to bless his household, Michal daughter of Saul came out to meet him. 'Much honour the king of Israel has won today,' she said, 'making an exhibition of himself under the eyes of his servant-maids, making an exhibition of himself like a buffoon!'
2Sam 6:16  2Sam 6:14  Judg 9:4  1Chr 16:43  1Cor 4:10-13  1Sam 19:23-24  2Sam 6:18 

21 David replied to Michal, 'I was dancing for Yahweh, not for them. As Yahweh lives, who chose me in preference to your father and his whole family to make me leader of Israel, Yahweh's people, I shall dance before Yahweh and
1Sam 13:14  1Sam 15:28  1Chr 15:29  1Cor 10:31  1Sam 16:1  1Sam 16:12  2Sam 6:5 

22 lower myself even further than that. In your eyes I may be base, but by the maids you speak of, by them, I shall be held in honour!'
1Pet 4:14  1Sam 2:30  1Tim 1:15  Acts 5:41-42  Gen 32:10  Heb 12:2  Isa 50:6 

23 And to the day of her death, Michal, daughter of Saul, had no children.
Matt 1:25  1Sam 1:6-8  1Sam 15:35  Hos 9:11  Isa 4:1  Isa 22:14  Luke 1:25