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1 Once the king had settled into his palace and Yahweh had granted him rest from all the enemies surrounding him,
2Chr 14:6  Prov 16:7  1Kgs 5:4  Dan 4:29-30  Luke 1:74-75  Ps 18:1  1Chr 17:1-27 

2 the king said to the prophet Nathan, 'Look, I am living in a cedar-wood palace, while the ark of God is under awnings.'
2Sam 5:11  2Sam 12:1  1Chr 16:1  1Chr 29:29  Acts 7:46  Exod 26:1-14  Hag 1:4 

3 Nathan said to the king, 'Go and do whatever you have in mind, for Yahweh is with you.'
1Chr 22:7  1Kgs 8:17-18  1Chr 28:2  1Sam 16:7  2Kgs 4:27  1John 2:27  1Sam 10:7 

4 But that very night, the word of Yahweh came to Nathan:
1Chr 17:3  Amos 3:7  Num 12:6 

5 'Go and tell my servant David, "Yahweh says this: Are you to build me a temple for me to live in?
1Chr 17:4  1Chr 22:7-8  1Chr 23:3-32  1Kgs 5:3-4  1Kgs 8:16-19 

6 I have never lived in a house from the day when I brought the Israelites out of Egypt until today, but have kept travelling with a tent for shelter.
1Kgs 8:16  Exod 40:18-19  Josh 18:1  1Chr 17:5-6  2Cor 6:16  Acts 7:44  Deut 23:14 

7 In all my travels with all the Israelites, did I say to any of the judges of Israel, whom I had commanded to shepherd my people Israel: Why do you not build me a cedar-wood temple?"
2Sam 5:2  Lev 26:11-12  1Chr 17:6  1Pet 5:1  Acts 20:28  Acts 21:28  Deut 23:14 

8 This is what you must say to my servant David, "Yahweh Sabaoth says this: I took you from the pasture, from following the sheep, to be leader of my people Israel;
1Sam 16:11-12  2Sam 6:21  2Sam 12:7  1Chr 17:7  1Sam 9:16  1Sam 10:1  Ps 78:70-71 

9 I have been with you wherever you went; I have got rid of all your enemies for you. I am going to make your fame as great as the fame of the greatest on earth.
2Sam 5:10  1Chr 17:8  Ps 18:37-42  1Sam 2:8  1Sam 18:14  2Sam 8:6  2Sam 8:14 

10 I am going to provide a place for my people Israel; I shall plant them there, and there they will live and never be disturbed again; nor will they be oppressed by the wicked any more, as they were in former times
1Chr 17:9  Amos 9:15  Jer 24:6  Exod 15:17  Ezek 37:25-27  Ps 80:8  Ezek 28:24 

11 ever since the time when I instituted judges to govern my people Israel; and I shall grant you rest from all your enemies. Yahweh furthermore tells you that he will make you a dynasty.
1Sam 12:9-11  2Sam 7:1  2Sam 7:27  Judg 2:14-16  1Chr 17:10  1Kgs 11:38  Exod 1:21 

12 And when your days are over and you fall asleep with your ancestors, I shall appoint your heir, your own son to succeed you (and I shall make his sovereignty secure.
1Kgs 2:1  1Kgs 8:20  1Chr 17:11  Acts 13:36  Deut 31:16  1Kgs 1:21  Isa 9:7 

13 He will build a temple for my name) and I shall make his royal throne secure for ever.
1Kgs 8:19  1Kgs 5:5  1Kgs 6:12  1Chr 22:9-10  2Sam 7:16  Isa 9:7  Ps 89:4 

14 I shall be a father to him and he a son to me; if he does wrong, I shall punish him with a rod such as men use, with blows such as mankind gives.
Heb 1:5  1Chr 28:6  Rev 3:19  1Chr 17:13  1Cor 11:32  Deut 8:5  Jer 30:11 

15 But my faithful love will never be withdrawn from him as I withdrew it from Saul, whom I removed from before you.
1Sam 15:23  1Sam 15:28  1Kgs 11:13  1Sam 16:14  2Sam 7:14  1Kgs 11:34-36  1Sam 19:24 

16 Your dynasty and your sovereignty will ever stand firm before me and your throne be for ever secure." '
Ps 89:36-37  2Sam 7:13  Dan 2:44  Isa 9:7  Luke 1:32-33  Ps 45:6  1Chr 17:13-14 

17 Nathan related all these words and this whole revelation to David.
1Chr 17:15  1Cor 15:3  Acts 20:20  Acts 20:27 

18 King David then went in, sat down in Yahweh's presence and said: 'Who am I, Lord Yahweh, and what is my lineage, for you to have led me as far as this?
Ps 8:4  1Chr 17:16  1Sam 18:18  Gen 32:10  Eph 3:8  Exod 3:11  1Sam 15:17 

19 Yet, to you, Lord Yahweh, this seemed too little, and now you extend your promises for your servant's family into the distant future. Such is human destiny, Lord Yahweh.
1Chr 17:17  Isa 55:8-9  2Sam 7:11-16  Ps 36:7  2Sam 12:8  Eph 2:7  Eph 3:19-20 

20 What more can David say to you, since you, Lord Yahweh, know all about your servant?
1Sam 16:7  John 21:17  Ps 139:1  Gen 18:19  Heb 4:13  John 2:25  Rev 2:23 

21 Because of your promise and since you were so inclined, you have had the generosity to reveal this to your servant.
1Cor 1:1  Deut 9:5  Eph 1:9  Eph 3:11  Josh 23:14-15  Luke 1:54-55  Luke 1:72 

22 That is why you are great, Lord Yahweh; there is no one like you, no God but you alone, as everything that we have heard confirms.
Exod 15:11  Ps 86:8  Ps 86:10  1Chr 16:25  Deut 3:24  1Sam 2:2  Mic 7:18 

23 Is there another people on earth like your people, like Israel, whom a god proceeded to redeem, to make them his people and to make a name for himself by performing great and terrible things on their behalf, by driving out nations and their gods before his people?-
Deut 9:26  Deut 10:21  Deut 15:15  Deut 33:29  Neh 1:10  Ps 111:9  Ps 147:20 

24 for you constituted your people Israel your own people for ever and you, Yahweh, became their God.
Deut 26:18  Gen 17:7  Ps 48:14  1Chr 17:22  1Pet 2:10  2Sam 7:23  Deut 27:9 

25 'Now, Yahweh God, may the promise which you have made for your servant and for his family stand firm forever as you have said,
Ezek 36:37  Gen 32:12  Jer 11:4-5  Ps 119:49 

26 so that your name will be exalted for ever and people will say, "Israel's God is Yahweh Sabaoth." Your servant David's dynasty will be secure before you,
1Chr 17:23-24  Matt 6:9  Ps 72:18-19  1Chr 29:10-13  Gen 17:18  John 12:28  Ps 89:36 

27 since you, Yahweh Sabaoth, the God of Israel, have disclosed to your servant, "I am going to build you a dynasty." Hence, your servant has ventured to offer this prayer to you.
1Chr 17:25-26  1Sam 9:15  Ps 10:17  Ps 40:6  Ruth 4:4 

28 Yes, Lord Yahweh, you are God indeed, your words are true and you have made this generous promise to your servant.
John 17:17  Exod 34:6  Num 23:19  Titus 1:2 

29 What is more, you have deigned to bless your servant's dynasty, so that it may remain for ever before you; for you, Lord Yahweh, have spoken; and may your servant's dynasty be blessed with your blessing for ever.'
Num 6:24-26  1Chr 17:27  2Sam 22:51  Ps 115:12-15