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1 Yahweh sent the prophet Nathan to David. He came to him and said: In the same town were two men, one rich, the other poor.
1Kgs 20:35-41  1Kgs 13:1  1Kgs 18:1  2Kgs 1:3  2Sam 7:1-5  2Sam 7:17  2Sam 11:10-17 

2 The rich man had flocks and herds in great abundance;
2Sam 3:2-5  2Sam 5:13-16  2Sam 12:8  2Sam 15:16  Job 1:3 

3 the poor man had nothing but a ewe lamb, only a single little one which he had bought. He fostered it and it grew up with him and his children, eating his bread, drinking from his cup, sleeping in his arms; it was like a daughter to him.
2Sam 11:3  Deut 13:6  Mic 7:5  Prov 5:18-19 

4 When a traveller came to stay, the rich man would not take anything from his own flock or herd to provide for the wayfarer who had come to him. Instead, he stole the poor man's lamb and prepared that for his guest.
2Sam 11:3-4  Gen 18:2-7  Jas 1:14 

5 David flew into a great rage with the man. 'As Yahweh lives,' he said to Nathan 'the man who did this deserves to die.
1Sam 26:16  Gen 38:24  Luke 6:41-42  1Sam 14:39  1Sam 20:31  1Sam 25:21-22  Luke 9:55 

6 For doing such a thing and for having shown no pity, he shall make fourfold restitution for the lamb.'
Exod 22:1  Luke 19:8  Prov 6:31  Jas 2:13 

7 Nathan then said to David, 'You are the man! Yahweh, God of Israel, says this, "I anointed you king of Israel, I saved you from Saul's clutches,
1Sam 16:13  Matt 14:14  1Kgs 18:18  1Kgs 20:42  1Sam 13:13  1Sam 15:17  1Sam 18:11 

8 I gave you your master's household and your master's wives into your arms, I gave you the House of Israel and the House of Judah; and, if this is still too little, I shall give you other things as well.
1Kgs 2:22  1Sam 15:19  2Sam 2:4  2Sam 5:5  2Sam 7:19  2Sam 9:7  2Sam 12:11 

9 Why did you show contempt for Yahweh, by doing what displeases him? You put Uriah the Hittite to the sword, you took his wife to be your wife, causing his death by the sword of the Ammonites.
1Sam 15:19  1Sam 15:23  Heb 10:28-29  2Chr 33:6  2Sam 11:4  2Sam 11:14-27  2Sam 12:10 

10 For this, your household will never be free of the sword, since you showed contempt for me and took the wife of Uriah the Hittite, to make her your wife."
2Sam 18:14-15  1Kgs 2:23-25  1Thess 4:8  2Sam 13:28-29  2Sam 18:33  Amos 7:9  Gen 20:3 

11 'Yahweh says this, "Out of your own household I shall raise misfortune for you. Before your very eyes I shall take your wives and give them to your neighbour, who will lie with your wives in broad daylight.
2Sam 16:21-22  Deut 28:30  2Sam 13:1-14  2Sam 13:28-29  2Sam 15:6  2Sam 15:10  Ezek 14:9 

12 You have worked in secret, but I shall work this for all Israel to see, in broad daylight." '
2Sam 16:22  1Cor 4:5  2Sam 11:4-15  Eccl 12:14  Luke 12:1-2 

13 David said to Nathan, 'I have sinned against Yahweh.' Nathan then said to David, 'Yahweh, for his part, forgives your sin; you are not to die.
2Sam 24:10  Lev 20:10  Prov 28:13  Zech 3:4  1Sam 15:30  Luke 15:21  Mic 7:18-19 

14 But, since you have outraged Yahweh by doing this, the child born to you will die.'
Isa 52:5  Rom 2:24  1Cor 11:32  Amos 3:2  Ezek 36:20-23  Heb 12:6  Matt 18:7 

15 And Nathan went home. Yahweh struck the child which Uriah's wife had borne to David and it fell gravely ill.
1Sam 25:38  1Sam 26:10  2Chr 13:20  2Kgs 15:5  Acts 12:23  Deut 32:39  Ps 104:29 

16 David pleaded with Yahweh for the child; he kept a strict fast and went home and spent the night lying on the ground, covered with sacking.
2Sam 13:31  Acts 9:9  1Kgs 21:27  2Sam 12:22  Esth 4:16  Isa 22:12  Isa 26:16 

17 The officials of his household stood round him, intending to get him off the ground, but he refused, nor would he take food with them.
2Sam 3:35  1Sam 28:23 

18 On the seventh day the child died. David's retinue were afraid to tell him that the child was dead. 'Even when the child was alive', they thought, 'we reasoned with him and he would not listen to us. How can we tell him that the child is dead? He will do something desperate.'
Num 20:15 

19 David, however, noticed that his retinue were whispering among themselves, and realised that the child was dead. 'Is the child dead?' he asked the officers. They replied, 'He is dead.'

20 David got off the ground, bathed and anointed himself and put on fresh clothes. Then he went into Yahweh's sanctuary and prostrated himself. On returning to his house, he asked to be served with food and ate it.
Job 1:20  Ruth 3:3  2Sam 6:17  2Sam 7:18  Eccl 9:8  Job 2:10  Lam 3:39-41 

21 His retinue said, 'Why are you acting like this? When the child was alive, you fasted and wept; now that the child is dead, you get up and take food!'
1Cor 2:15 

22 'When the child was alive', he replied, 'I fasted and wept because I kept thinking, "Who knows? Perhaps Yahweh will take pity on me and the child will live."
Isa 38:1-3  Isa 38:5  Amos 5:15  Jas 4:9-10  Joel 1:14  Joel 2:14  Jonah 1:6 

23 But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him but he cannot come back to me.'
Gen 37:35  Job 7:8-10  Job 30:23  Luke 23:43 

24 David consoled his wife Bathsheba. He went to her and slept with her. She conceived and gave birth to a son, whom she called Solomon. Yahweh loved him
Matt 1:6  1Chr 3:5  1Chr 22:9-10  1Chr 28:5-6  1Chr 29:1  2Sam 7:12 

25 and made this known by means of the prophet Nathan, who named him Jedidiah, as Yahweh had instructed.
Neh 13:26  1Kgs 1:11  1Kgs 1:23  2Sam 7:4  2Sam 12:1-14  Matt 3:17  Matt 17:5 

26 Joab assaulted Rabbah-of-the-Ammonites and captured the royal town.
1Chr 20:1-3  Deut 3:11  2Sam 11:25 

27 He then sent messengers to tell David, 'I have assaulted Rabbah and captured the water supply.
2Sam 11:1  Deut 3:11  Ezek 21:20 

28 So now muster the rest of the army, lay siege to the town and take it, or I will take it and the town will be called after me!'
John 7:18 

29 So David mustered the whole army and marched on Rabbah; he assaulted the town and captured it.

30 He took the crown off Milcom's head; it weighed one talent of gold, and in it was set a precious stone which went on David's head instead. He carried off great quantities of booty from the town.'
1Chr 20:2 

31 And he expelled its inhabitants, setting them to work with saws, iron picks and iron axes, employing them at brickmaking. He treated all the Ammonite towns in the same way. David and the whole army returned to Jerusalem.
1Chr 20:3  2Sam 8:2  Amos 1:3  Ps 21:8-9