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1 Now, Joab son of Zeruiah observed that the king was favourably inclined to Absalom.
2Sam 13:39  2Sam 2:18  1Chr 2:16  2Sam 18:33  2Sam 19:2  2Sam 19:4  Prov 29:26 

2 Joab therefore sent to Tekoa for a wise woman. 'Pretend to be in mourning,' he said. 'Dress yourself in mourning, do not perfume yourself; act like a woman who has long been mourning for the dead.
2Chr 11:6  Amos 1:1  Ruth 3:3  2Chr 20:20  2Sam 12:20  Jer 6:1  Neh 3:5 

3 Then go to the king and say this to him.' And Joab put the words into her mouth which she was to say.
2Sam 14:19  Exod 4:15  Deut 18:18  Isa 51:16  Isa 59:21  Jer 1:9  Num 23:5 

4 So the woman of Tekoa went to the king and, falling on her face to the ground, prostrated herself. 'Help, my lord king!' she said.
1Sam 25:23  2Kgs 6:26-28  2Sam 1:2  1Sam 20:41  Job 29:12-14  Luke 18:3-5 

5 The king said, 'What is the matter?' 'As you see,' she replied, 'I am a widow; my husband is dead.
2Sam 12:1-3  Judg 9:8-15 

6 Your servant had two sons and out in the fields, where there was no one to intervene, they had a quarrel. And one of them struck the other one and killed him.
Deut 22:26-27  Exod 2:13  Gen 4:8 

7 And now the whole clan has risen against your servant. "Give up the man who killed his brother," they say, "so that we can put him to death, to atone for the life of the brother whom he has murdered; and thus we shall destroy the heir as well." By this means, they will extinguish the ember still left to me, leaving my husband neither name nor survivor on the face of the earth,'
Num 35:19  Matt 21:38  2Sam 12:17  Deut 19:12-13  Deut 25:6  Gen 4:14  Gen 27:45 

8 Then the king said to the woman, 'Go home; I myself shall give orders about your case.'
2Sam 12:5-6  2Sam 16:4  Isa 11:3-4  Job 29:16  Prov 18:13 

9 The woman of Tekoa said to the king, 'My lord king! May the guilt be on me and on my family; the king and his throne are innocent of it.'
1Sam 25:24  1Kgs 2:33  Matt 27:25  2Sam 3:28-29  Deut 21:1-9  Gen 27:13  Num 35:33 

10 'Bring me the man who threatened you,' the king replied, 'and he shall never hurt you again.'

11 She then said, 'Let the king be pleased to pronounce the name of Yahweh your God, so that the avenger of blood may not do greater harm and destroy my son.' 'As Yahweh lives,' he said, 'not one of your son's hairs shall fall to the ground!'
1Sam 14:45  Matt 10:30  Num 35:19  1Kgs 1:52  Acts 27:34  Deut 19:4-10  Num 35:21 

12 Then the woman said, 'Permit your servant to say something else to my lord the king.' 'Go on,' he said.
1Sam 25:24  Acts 26:1  Gen 18:27  Gen 18:32  Gen 44:18  Jer 12:1 

13 The woman said, 'Why then has the king, who by giving this verdict has condemned himself, conceived the idea, against God's people's interests, of not bringing home the son whom he has banished?
2Sam 12:7  2Sam 13:37-38  1Kgs 20:40-42  Judg 20:2  2Sam 7:8  Luke 7:42-44 

14 We are all mortal; we are like water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again, nor does God raise up a corpse; let the king therefore make plans for his banished son not to remain far away from him in exile.
Num 35:15  Num 35:25  Num 35:28  Heb 9:27  Job 30:23  Job 34:15  2Sam 11:25 

15 'Now, the reason why I came to speak about this to my lord the king is that I was being intimidated, and your servant thought, "I shall speak to the king; perhaps the king will do what his servant asks.

16 Surely the king will consent to save his servant from the clutches of the man who is trying to cut both me and my son off from God's heritage.
1Sam 26:19 

17 Let a word from my lord the king, restore the peace!" your servant thought, "for my lord the king is like the Angel of God in understanding good and evil." May Yahweh your God be with you!'
1Sam 29:9  2Sam 19:27  2Sam 14:20  1Kgs 3:9  1Cor 2:14-15  1Kgs 3:28  Heb 5:14 

18 Replying to the woman, the king said, 'Now do not evade the question which I am going to ask you.' The woman said, 'Let my lord the king ask his question.'
1Sam 3:17-18  Jer 38:14  Jer 38:25 

19 'Is not Joab's hand behind you in all this?' the king asked. The woman replied, 'As you live, my lord king, I cannot escape what my lord the king says, either to right or to left. Yes, it was your servant Joab who gave me my orders; he put all these words into your servant's mouth.
2Sam 14:3  1Sam 1:26  1Kgs 2:5-6  1Sam 17:55  1Sam 20:3  1Sam 25:26  2Kgs 2:2 

20 Your servant Joab did this to approach the matter indirectly, but my lord has the wisdom of the Angel of God; he knows everything that happens on earth!'
2Sam 14:17  2Sam 19:27  1Cor 8:1-2  2Sam 5:23  Gen 3:5  Job 32:21-22  Job 38:16-41 

21 The king then said to Joab, 'Very well, the suit is granted. Go and bring the young man Absalom back.'
2Sam 14:11  1Sam 14:39  Mark 6:26 

22 Joab fell on his face to the ground, prostrated himself and blessed the king. 'My lord king,' Joab said, 'today your servant knows that he has won your favour, since the king has done what his servant asked.'
1Sam 20:3  2Sam 19:39  Exod 33:16-17  Gen 6:8  Job 29:11  Job 31:20  Neh 11:2 

23 Joab then set off, went to Geshur, and brought Absalom back to Jerusalem.
2Sam 3:3  2Sam 13:37-38 

24 The king, however, said, 'Let him retire to his own house; he is not to appear in my presence.' So Absalom retired to his own house and was not received by the king.
Rev 22:4  2Sam 3:13  2Sam 14:28  Exod 10:28  Gen 43:3 

25 In all Israel there was no one more praised for his beauty than Absalom; from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head, he could not be faulted.
Deut 28:35  Isa 1:6  Job 2:7  1Sam 9:2  1Sam 16:7  Eph 5:27  Matt 23:27 

26 When he cut his hair -- he shaved it once a year because his hair got too heavy -- he would weigh the hair: two hundred shekels, king's weight.
2Sam 18:9  Ezek 44:20  1Cor 11:14  Ezek 45:9-14  Gen 23:16  Isa 3:24  Lev 19:36 

27 To Absalom were born three sons and one daughter called Tamar; she was a beautiful woman.
2Sam 18:18  2Sam 13:1  Isa 14:22  Jer 22:30  Job 18:16-19 

28 Absalom lived in Jerusalem for two years without being received by the king.

29 Absalom then summoned Joab, intending to send him to the king, but Joab would not come to him. He sent for him a second time, but still he would not come.
2Sam 14:30-31  Esth 1:12  Matt 22:3 

30 At this, Absalom said to his retainers, 'Look, Joab's field is next to mine and he has barley in it; go and set it on fire.' Absalom's retainers set fire to the field.
Judg 15:4-5  1Kgs 21:9-14  2Kgs 9:33  2Kgs 10:6-7  2Sam 13:28-29 

31 Joab then stirred himself, went to Absalom in his house and asked, 'Why have your retainers set my field on fire?'

32 Absalom replied to Joab, 'Look, I sent word to you: Come here, so that I can send you to the king to say, "Why come back from Geshur? Better for me to have been there still!" Now I want to be received by the king, and if I am guilty, let him put me to death!'
1Sam 20:8  Exod 14:12  Prov 28:13  1Sam 15:13  Exod 16:3  Exod 17:3  Gen 3:12 

33 Joab went to the king and told him this. He then summoned Absalom, who prostrated himself with his face to the ground before the king. And the king kissed Absalom.
Gen 33:4  Luke 15:20  Gen 27:26  Gen 45:15