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1 The king shuddered. He went up to the room over the gate and burst into tears; and, as he wept, he kept saying, 'Oh, my son Absalom! My son! My son Absalom! If only I had died instead of you! Oh, Absalom my son, my son!'
2Sam 18:5  2Sam 18:14  2Sam 18:12  2Sam 18:20  2Sam 18:33  Prov 17:25 

2 Word was brought to Joab, 'The king is weeping and mourning for Absalom.'
Prov 16:15  Prov 19:12 

3 And for the entire army that day, victory was turned to mourning, the troops having learnt that the king was grieving for his son.
2Sam 17:24  2Sam 19:32  Gen 31:27 

4 And that day the troops came furtively back into town, like troops creeping shamefacedly away when deserting in battle.
2Sam 15:30  2Sam 18:33 

5 The king had covered his face and kept crying aloud, 'My son Absalom! Oh, Absalom my son, my son!'
Neh 9:27  Ps 3:8  Ps 18:47-48 

6 Joab went inside to the king and said, 'Today you have made all your servants feel ashamed-today, when they have saved your life, the lives of your sons and daughters, the lives of your wives and the lives of your concubines!-because you love those who hate you and hate those who love you.
2Sam 3:24-25  Acts 23:5  Job 34:18  Prov 19:9-10 

7 Today you have made it plain that commanders and soldiers mean nothing to you -- for today I can see that you would be content if we were all dead, provided that Absalom was alive!
Prov 14:28  Gen 34:3  Hos 2:14  Isa 40:1  Ps 71:4-6  Ps 71:9-11  Ps 71:18-20 

8 Now get up, come out and reassure your soldiers; for if you do not come out, I swear by Yahweh, not one man will stay with you tonight; and this will be a worse misfortune for you than anything that has happened to you from your youth until now!'
2Sam 18:24  2Sam 18:4  1Kgs 22:36  2Kgs 14:12  2Sam 15:2  2Sam 18:6-8  2Sam 18:17 

9 The king got up and took his seat at the gate. An announcement was made to the whole army: 'The king is sitting at the gate.' And the whole army assembled in front of the king.
2Sam 15:14  2Sam 8:1-14  1Sam 17:50  1Sam 18:5-7  1Sam 18:25  1Sam 19:5  2Sam 5:20 

10 Israel had fled, dispersing to their homes. Throughout the tribes of Israel all was dissension and people began saying, 'The king, having freed us from the clutches of our enemies, having saved us from the clutches of the Philistines, has himself had to flee the country to escape form Absalom;
2Sam 15:12-13  2Sam 18:14  Hos 8:4  Judg 18:9 

11 and now Absalom, whom we had anointed to reign over us, has died in battle. Why does no one suggest that the king should be brought back?'What was being said throughout Israel reached the king.
2Sam 15:29  1Kgs 2:25-26  1Kgs 2:35  2Cor 5:20  2Sam 15:35-36  2Thess 3:9  Matt 5:16 

12 King David then sent word to the priests Zadok and Abiathar, 'Say to the elders of Judah, "Why should you be the last to bring the king home?
2Sam 5:1  Eph 5:30  Gen 2:23  Judg 9:2 

13 You are my brothers, you are my own flesh and bone: why should you be the last to bring the king back?"
2Sam 17:25  1Kgs 19:2  2Sam 8:16  Ruth 1:17  2Sam 3:29-30  2Sam 19:5-7  1Chr 2:16-17 

14 And say to Amasa, "Are you not my own flesh and bone? May God bring unnameable ills on me and worse ills, too, if you do not become my permanent army commander instead of Joab!" '
Judg 20:1  Acts 4:32  Ps 110:2-3 

15 Thus he rallied the hearts of the men of Judah to a man and, as a result, they sent word to the king, 'Come back, you and all who serve you.'
Josh 5:9  1Sam 11:14-15 

16 So the king started home and reached the Jordan. Judah, coming to meet the king to escort him across the Jordan, had arrived at Gilgal.
1Kgs 2:8  2Sam 16:5-13  1Kgs 2:36-46  Job 2:4  Matt 5:25  Prov 6:4-5 

17 Shimei son of Gera, the Benjaminite of Bahurim, hurried down with the men of Judah to meet King David.
2Sam 9:2  2Sam 16:1-4  2Sam 9:10  2Sam 19:26-27 

18 With him were a thousand men from Benjamin. Ziba, servant of the House of Saul, with his fifteen sons and twenty servants, arrived at the Jordan before the king
Ps 66:3  Ps 81:15  Rev 3:9 

19 and worked manfully ferrying the king's family across and doing whatever he required. While the king was crossing the Jordan, Shimei son of Gera fell at the king's feet
1Sam 22:15  1Sam 25:25  1Sam 26:21  2Cor 5:19  2Sam 13:20  2Sam 13:33  2Sam 16:5-14 

20 and said to the king, 'I hope my lord does not regard me as guilty of a crime! Forget about the wrong your servant did on the day my lord the king left Jerusalem. Let my lord not hold my guilt against me.
1Kgs 12:20  1Kgs 12:25  2Sam 16:5  2Sam 19:9  Gen 48:14  Gen 48:20  Hos 4:15-17 

21 For your servant is aware of having sinned, and that is why I have come today -- the first member of the whole House of Joseph to come down to meet my lord the king.'
Exod 22:28  1Sam 26:9  1Kgs 21:10-11  1Sam 24:6  2Sam 16:5  2Sam 16:7-8  2Sam 16:13 

22 At this, Abishai son of Zeruiah spoke up and said, 'Does Shimei not deserve death for having cursed Yahweh's anointed?'
1Sam 11:13  2Sam 16:10  2Sam 3:39  1Sam 26:8  Isa 16:5  Luke 9:54-56  Matt 8:29 

23 To which David replied, 'What concern is my business to you, sons of Zeruiah, that you should oppose my wishes today? Could anyone be put to death in Israel today? Today I know for sure that I am king of Israel?'
1Kgs 2:8-9  1Kgs 2:37  1Kgs 2:46  1Sam 28:10  1Sam 30:15  Heb 6:16 

24 'Your life is spared,' the king said. And the king gave him his oath.
2Sam 9:6-10  2Sam 15:30  2Sam 16:3  Heb 13:3  Isa 15:2  Jer 41:5  Matt 6:16 

25 Meribbaal son of Saul also went down to meet the king. He had not cared for his feet or hands, he had not trimmed his moustache or washed his clothes from the day of the king's departure till the day of his peaceful return.
2Sam 16:17 

26 When he arrived from Jerusalem to greet the king, the king asked him, 'Why did you not come with me, Meribbaal?'
2Sam 4:4  2Sam 9:3  2Sam 16:2-3 

27 'My lord king,' he replied, 'my retainer deceived me. Your servant said to him, "Saddle the donkey for me to ride, so that I can go with the king," your servant being lame.
2Sam 14:17  2Sam 14:20  1Sam 29:9  2Sam 16:3  Exod 20:16  Jer 9:4  Ps 15:3 

28 He has slandered your servant to my lord the king. My lord the king, however, is like the Angel of God, so do as you think right.
2Sam 9:13  2Sam 9:10  1Sam 26:16  2Kgs 8:3  2Sam 9:7-8  2Sam 21:6-9  Gen 32:10 

29 My father's entire family deserved no better than death from my lord the king, and yet you admitted your servant to the ranks of those who eat at your table. What right have I to make any further appeal to the king?'
Acts 18:15  Deut 19:17-19  Job 19:16-17  Ps 82:2  Ps 101:5  Prov 18:13 

30 The king said, 'You need say no more. I rule that you and Ziba divide the property between you.'
2Sam 1:26  Acts 20:24  Phil 1:20 

31 'Let him take it all,' Meribbaal said to the king, 'since my lord the king has come back home in peace!'
1Kgs 2:7  2Sam 17:27-29  Ezra 2:61  Neh 7:63 

32 Barzillai the Gileadite had come down from Rogelim and accompanied the king towards the Jordan, intending to take leave of him at the Jordan.
1Sam 25:2  2Sam 17:27-29  Deut 34:7  Gen 5:27  Gen 9:29  Gen 25:7  Gen 47:28 

33 Barzillai was a man of great age; he was eighty years old. He had kept the king in provisions during his stay at Mahanaim, being a very wealthy man.
2Sam 9:11  2Thess 1:7  Luke 22:28-30  Matt 25:34-40 

34 'Come with me', the king said to Barzillai, 'and I will provide for you at my side in Jerusalem.'
1Cor 7:29  Gen 47:8-9  Jas 4:14  Job 14:14  Ps 39:5-6 

35 Barzillai replied to the king, 'How many years have I left to live, for me to go up to Jerusalem with the king?
2Sam 15:33  Ezra 2:65  Ps 90:10  1Pet 2:3  2Sam 13:25  Eccl 2:8  Eccl 12:1-5 

36 I am now eighty years old; can I tell the good from the bad? Has your servant any taste for his food and drink? Can I still hear the voices of men and women singers? Why should your servant be a further burden to my lord the king?
Luke 6:38 

37 Your servant will go a little way across the Jordan with the king; but why should the king reward me so generously for that?
1Kgs 2:7  Jer 41:17  2Sam 19:40  1Kgs 13:22  2Pet 1:14  2Tim 4:6  Gen 47:30 

38 Please allow your servant to go home again, so that I can die in my own town near the grave of my father and mother. But here is your servant Chimham; let him go with my lord the king; treat him as you think right.'

39 The king said, 'Let Chimham come along with me then; I shall do whatever you wish for him, and anything you request I shall do for your sake.'
Gen 31:55  Gen 47:7  Ruth 1:14  1Kgs 19:20  1Sam 24:22  1Thess 5:26  2Sam 6:18 

40 The people then all crossed the Jordan, and the king, having crossed, kissed Barzillai and blessed him, and the latter went home.
2Sam 19:11-15  Gen 49:10  Matt 21:9 

41 The king went on to Gilgal and Chimham went with him. All the people of Judah accompanied the king, and also half the people of Israel.
Judg 8:1  Judg 12:1  2Sam 19:3  Gen 31:26-27  John 7:5-6 

42 All the men of Israel then came to the king. 'Why', they asked the king, 'have our brothers, the men of Judah, carried you off and brought the king and his family across the Jordan, and all David's men with him?'
2Sam 19:12  1Chr 2:3-17  2Sam 5:1 

43 All the men of Judah retorted to the men of Israel, 'Because the king is more closely related to us. Why do you take offence at this? Have we been eating at the king's expense? Have we taken any position for ourselves?'
2Sam 5:1  Gal 5:20  1Kgs 11:30-31  1Kgs 12:16  2Sam 19:9  2Sam 19:14  2Sam 20:1 

44 The men of Israel replied to the men of Judah, 'We have ten shares in the king and, what is more, we are your elder brothers, so why have you slighted us? Were we not the first to suggest bringing back our king?' The men of Judah's words were even more intemperate than those of the men of Israel.