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1 These are the last words of David: Thus speaks David son of Jesse, thus speaks the man raised to eminence, the anointed of the God of Jacob, the singer of the songs of Israel:
1Sam 16:12-13  2Sam 7:8-9  Ps 78:70-71  Ps 89:20  Jas 5:13  Luke 24:44  1Chr 16:4-5 

2 The spirit of Yahweh speaks through me, his word is on my tongue;
2Pet 1:21  Matt 22:43  Acts 2:25-31  Heb 3:7-8  Mark 12:36 

3 the God of Jacob has spoken, the Rock of Israel has said to me: He whose rule is upright on earth, who rules in the fear of God,
2Sam 22:32  2Sam 22:2-3  Deut 32:4  Exod 18:21  2Chr 19:7-9  Deut 16:18-20  Deut 32:30-31 

4 is like the morning light at sunrise (on a cloudless morning) making the grass of the earth sparkle after rain.
Judg 5:31  Hos 6:5  Ps 72:6  Ps 89:36  Prov 4:18  Deut 32:2  Hos 6:3 

5 Yes, my House stands firm with God: he has made an eternal covenant with me, all in order, well assured; does he not bring to fruition my every victory and desire?
Isa 55:3  Isa 9:6-7  2Sam 7:14-16  Heb 6:19  1Cor 3:6-7  Amos 9:11  Ezek 37:26 

6 But men of Belial he rejects like thorns, for these are never taken up in the hand:
1Sam 2:12  2Sam 20:1  Deut 13:13  Ezek 2:6  Gen 3:18  Isa 33:12  Matt 13:41 

7 no one touches them except with a pitchfork or spear-shaft, and then only to burn them to nothing!
Heb 6:8  2Sam 22:8-10  2Thess 1:8  2Thess 2:8  Isa 27:4  John 15:6  Luke 19:14 

8 These are the names of David's champions: Ishbaal the Hachmonite leader of the Three; it was he who brandished his spear over eight hundred men whom he had killed at one time.
1Chr 27:2  1Chr 11:11-47  1Chr 27:32 

9 Next, there was Eleazar son of Dodo, the Ahohite, one of the three champions. He was with David at Pas-Dammim when the Philistines mustered for battle there and the men of Israel had disbanded.
1Chr 27:4  1Sam 17:26  1Chr 8:4  1Chr 11:12-14  1Sam 17:10  1Sam 17:36  1Sam 17:45-46 

10 But he stood his ground and cut down the Philistines until his hand was so stiff that he could not let go of the sword. Yahweh brought about a great victory that day, and the people rallied behind him, although only to plunder.
1Sam 11:13  1Sam 19:5  1Sam 14:6  1Sam 14:23  2Cor 4:5  2Kgs 5:1  Eph 6:10-18 

11 Next, there was Shamma son of Elah, the Hararite. The Philistines had mustered at Lehi. There was a field full of lentils there; the people fled from the Philistines,
1Chr 11:13-14  1Chr 11:27  2Sam 23:33 

12 but he took his stand in the middle of the field, held it, and cut down the Philistines; and Yahweh brought about a great victory.
2Sam 23:10  Ps 3:8  Ps 44:2  Prov 21:31 

13 Three members of the Thirty went down at the beginning of the harvest and came to David at the Cave of Adullam while a company of Philistines was encamped in the Valley of the Rephaim.
1Sam 22:1  2Sam 5:18  1Chr 11:15-19  1Chr 14:9  2Sam 5:22  Isa 17:5  Josh 12:15 

14 David was then in the stronghold, and there was a Philistine garrison in Bethlehem.
1Sam 22:4-5  1Chr 12:16  1Sam 10:5  1Sam 13:4  1Sam 13:23-1  1Sam 14:6  1Sam 22:1 

15 Longingly David said, 'If only someone would fetch me a drink of water from the well that stands by the gate at Bethlehem!'
John 4:14  Isa 41:17  Isa 44:3  John 4:10  John 7:37  Num 11:4-5  Ps 42:1-2 

16 At this, the three champions, forcing their way through the Philistine camp, drew water from the well that stands by the gate of Bethlehem and, taking it away, presented it to David. He, however, would not drink any of it, but poured it out as a libation to Yahweh.
Gen 35:14  1Sam 7:6  1Sam 19:5  2Cor 5:14  2Sam 23:9  Acts 20:24  Lam 2:19 

17 'Yahweh preserve me', he said, 'from doing such a thing! This is the blood of men who went at risk of their lives.' That was why he would not drink. Such were the deeds of these three champions.
Lev 17:10  1Cor 15:30  1Kgs 21:3  1Sam 2:30  1Sam 26:11  2Sam 20:20  Gen 9:4 

18 Abishai, brother of Joab and son of Zeruiah, was leader of the Thirty. It was he who brandished his spear over three hundred men whom he had killed, winning himself a name among the Thirty.
2Sam 10:10  2Sam 10:14  1Chr 11:20-21  2Sam 18:2  1Chr 2:16  1Sam 26:6-8  2Sam 2:18 

19 He was a most illustrious member of the Thirty and became their captain, but he was not equal to the Three.
1Chr 11:25  1Cor 15:41  2Sam 23:9  2Sam 23:13  2Sam 23:16  Matt 13:8  Matt 13:23 

20 Benaiah of Kabzeel was the son of Jehoiada and hero of many exploits. He it was who slaughtered two formidable Moabites and, one snowy day, climbed down and slaughtered the lion in the storage-well.
2Sam 8:18  2Sam 20:23  Josh 15:21  1Chr 11:22-24  1Kgs 1:8  1Kgs 1:26  1Kgs 1:38 

21 He also slaughtered an Egyptian of great stature. The Egyptian was armed with a spear, but he took him on with a staff, tore the spear from the Egyptian's hand and killed the man with it.
1Chr 11:23  1Sam 17:51  Col 2:15 

22 Such were the exploits of Benaiah son of Jehoiada, winning him a name among the thirty champions.

23 He was a most illustrious member of the Thirty, but he was not equal to the Three. David put him in command of his bodyguard.
1Chr 27:6  1Sam 22:14  2Sam 8:8  2Sam 20:23 

24 Asahel brother of Joab was one of the Thirty; Elhanan son of Dodo, of Bethlehem;
2Sam 2:18  1Chr 27:7  1Chr 11:26 

25 Shammah of Harod; Elika of Harod;
1Chr 11:27-28  Judg 7:1 

26 Helez of Beth-Pelet; Ira son of Ikkesh, of Tekoa;
2Sam 14:2  1Chr 11:27-28  1Chr 27:9-10 

27 Abiezer of Anathoth; Sibbecai of Hushah;
Josh 21:18  1Chr 11:19  1Chr 11:28  1Chr 27:12 

28 Zalmon of Ahoh; Maharai of Netophah;
1Chr 27:13  2Kgs 25:23  1Chr 11:30 

29 Heled son of Baanah, of Netophah; Ittai son of Ribai, of Gibeah in Benjamin;
1Chr 11:30-31  1Chr 27:15  Josh 18:28 

30 Benaiah of Pirathon; Hiddai of the Torrents of Gaash;
Judg 12:15  1Chr 27:14  Josh 24:30  Judg 2:9  Judg 12:13  1Chr 11:31-32  Deut 1:24 

31 Abibaal of Beth-ha-Arabah; Azmaveth of Bahurim;
2Sam 3:16  1Chr 11:32-33 

32 Eliahba of Shaalbon; Jashen of Gimzo; Jonathan
1Chr 11:34 

33 son of Shammah, of Harar; Ahiam son of Sharar, of Harar;
1Chr 11:27  1Chr 11:35  2Sam 23:11 

34 Eliphelet son of Ahasbai, of Beth-Maacah; Eliam son of Ahithophel, of Gilo;
2Sam 11:3  2Sam 15:12  1Chr 27:33-34  2Sam 10:6  2Sam 10:8  2Sam 15:31  2Sam 17:23 

35 Hezro of Carmel; Paarai of Arab;
1Chr 11:37  Josh 15:55 

36 Igal son of Nathan, of Zobah; Bani the Gadite;
1Chr 11:38  2Sam 8:3 

37 Zelek the Ammonite; Naharai of Beeroth squire to Joab, son of Zeruiah;
1Chr 11:37  1Chr 11:39  2Sam 4:2 

38 Ira of Jattir; Gareb of Jattir;
1Chr 2:53  2Sam 20:26  1Chr 11:40 

39 Uriah the Hittite- thirty-seven in all.
2Sam 11:3  1Chr 11:41  1Kgs 15:5  2Sam 11:6-27  2Sam 12:9  Matt 1:6