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1 Passing through Amphipolis and Apollonia, they eventually reached Thessalonica, where there was a Jewish synagogue.
1Thess 1:1  Phil 4:16  2Thess 1:1  2Tim 4:10  Acts 20:4  Acts 27:2  Acts 14:1 

2 Paul as usual went in and for three consecutive Sabbaths developed the arguments from scripture for them,
Acts 9:20  Acts 8:35  Acts 13:5  Acts 17:10  Acts 17:17  Acts 18:4  Luke 4:16 

3 explaining and proving how it was ordained that the Christ should suffer and rise from the dead. 'And the Christ', he said, 'is this Jesus whom I am proclaiming to you.'
Acts 9:22  Acts 18:28  Acts 3:18  Luke 24:32  Luke 24:46  1Cor 15:3-4  1Thess 1:5-6 

4 Some of them were convinced and joined Paul and Silas, and so did a great many godfearing people and Greeks, as well as a number of the leading women.
Acts 17:12  Acts 13:43  Acts 13:50  Acts 14:4  Acts 15:22  2Cor 6:17-18  2Cor 8:5 

5 The Jews, full of resentment, enlisted the help of a gang from the market place, stirred up a crowd, and soon had the whole city in an uproar. They made for Jason's house, hoping to bring them before the People's Assembly;
Acts 17:13  Rom 16:21  Acts 17:7  Judg 9:4  1Cor 3:3  1Thess 2:14-16  Acts 7:9 

6 however, they found only Jason and some of the brothers, and these they dragged before the city council, shouting, 'The people who have been turning the whole world upside down have come here now;
Acts 24:5  Acts 16:19-21  Acts 28:22  Luke 23:5  1Kgs 18:17-18  Acts 18:12-13  Acts 21:28-31 

7 they have been staying at Jason's. They have broken Caesar's edicts by claiming that there is another king, Jesus.'
Luke 23:2  Acts 16:21  John 19:12  1Pet 2:15  Acts 25:8-11  Dan 3:12  Dan 6:13 

8 Hearing this, the citizens and the city councillors were alarmed,
John 11:48  Matt 2:3 

9 and they made Jason and the rest give security before setting them free.
Acts 17:5 

10 When it was dark the brothers immediately sent Paul and Silas away to Beroea, where they went to the Jewish synagogue as soon as they arrived.
Acts 17:13-14  Acts 20:4  Acts 9:25  Acts 17:2  1Sam 19:12-17  1Sam 20:42  1Thess 2:2 

11 Here the Jews were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they welcomed the word very readily; every day they studied the scriptures to check whether it was true.
Isa 34:16  1Thess 2:13  Prov 2:1-5  2Pet 1:19-21  2Thess 2:10  John 5:39  1Pet 1:10-12 

12 Many of them became believers, and so did many Greek women of high standing and a number of the men.
Acts 13:50  1Cor 1:26  Acts 13:46  Acts 14:1  Acts 17:2-4  Eph 5:14  Jas 1:10 

13 When the Jews of Thessalonica came to learn that the word of God was being preached by Paul in Beroea as well, they went there to make trouble and stir up the people.
1Thess 2:14-16  1Kgs 21:25  Acts 6:12  Acts 14:2  Acts 17:5  Acts 21:27  Luke 12:51 

14 So the brothers arranged for Paul to go immediately as far as the coast, leaving Silas and Timothy behind.
Acts 17:10  Acts 16:1  Matt 10:23  1Tim 1:3  Acts 9:25  Acts 9:30  Acts 15:22 

15 Paul's escort took him as far as Athens, and went back with instructions for Silas and Timothy to rejoin Paul as soon as they could.
1Thess 3:1  Acts 18:1  Acts 18:5  2Tim 4:10-11  2Tim 4:20-21  Acts 15:3  Acts 17:16 

16 Paul waited for them in Athens and there his whole soul was revolted at the sight of a city given over to idolatry.
Ps 119:158  2Pet 2:7  Exod 32:19-20  Job 32:18-20  Mark 3:5  Mic 3:8  1Kgs 19:10 

17 In the synagogue he debated with the Jews and the godfearing, and in the market place he debated every day with anyone whom he met.
2Tim 3:2  2Tim 3:5  Acts 8:2  Acts 9:20  Acts 10:2  Acts 13:16  Acts 14:1-4 

18 Even a few Epicurean and Stoic philosophers argued with him. Some said, 'What can this parrot mean?' And, because he was preaching about Jesus and Resurrection, others said, 'He seems to be a propagandist for some outlandish gods.'
Acts 4:2  1Cor 1:20-21  1Cor 3:18  1Cor 4:10  1Cor 15:3-4  Acts 6:9  Acts 17:31-32 

19 They got him to accompany them to the Areopagus, where they said to him, 'Can we know what this new doctrine is that you are teaching?
Acts 17:22  Mark 1:27  1John 2:7-8  Acts 17:20  Acts 24:24  Acts 25:22  Acts 26:1 

20 Some of the things you say seemed startling to us and we would like to find out what they mean.'
1Pet 4:4  Hos 8:12  1Cor 1:18  1Cor 1:23  1Cor 2:14  Acts 2:12  Acts 10:17 

21 The one amusement the Athenians and the foreigners living there seem to have is to discuss and listen to the latest ideas.
2Tim 2:16-17  1Tim 5:13  2Thess 3:11-12  Col 4:5  Eph 5:16 

22 So Paul stood before the whole council of the Areopagus and made this speech: 'Men of Athens, I have seen for myself how extremely scrupulous you are in all religious matters,
Acts 25:19  Acts 17:16  Acts 19:35  Jer 10:2-3  Jer 50:38 

23 because, as I strolled round looking at your sacred monuments, I noticed among other things an altar inscribed: To An Unknown God. In fact, the unknown God you revere is the one I proclaim to you.
John 4:22  1John 5:20  Acts 17:30  Gal 4:8-9  John 17:3  1Cor 1:21  1Cor 8:5 

24 'Since the God who made the world and everything in it is himself Lord of heaven and earth, he does not make his home in shrines made by human hands.
1Kgs 8:27  Deut 10:14  Acts 7:48  2Chr 6:18  Isa 66:1  Matt 11:25  Ps 115:16 

25 Nor is he in need of anything, that he should be served by human hands; on the contrary, it is he who gives everything -- including life and breath -- to everyone.
Job 22:2  Job 35:6-7  Ps 50:8-13  Rom 11:35  1Tim 6:17  Acts 17:28  Gen 2:7 

26 From one single principle he not only created the whole human race so that they could occupy the entire earth, but he decreed the times and limits of their habitation.
1Cor 15:47  1Cor 15:22  Deut 32:7-8  Gen 3:20  Mal 2:10  Rom 5:12-19  Gen 9:19 

27 And he did this so that they might seek the deity and, by feeling their way towards him, succeed in finding him; and indeed he is not far from any of us,
Acts 14:17  Deut 4:7  Jer 23:23-24  Rom 1:20  Acts 15:17  1Kgs 8:27  Ps 19:1-6 

28 since it is in him that we live, and move, and exist, as indeed some of your own writers have said: We are all his children.
Col 1:17  Job 12:10  Ps 36:9  Heb 1:3  John 5:26  Luke 20:38  John 11:25 

29 'Since we are the children of God, we have no excuse for thinking that the deity looks like anything in gold, silver or stone that has been carved and designed by a man.
Exod 20:4  Ps 115:4-8  Hab 2:19-20  Isa 40:25  Isa 46:5-6  Exod 32:4  Isa 40:12-20 

30 'But now, overlooking the times of ignorance, God is telling everyone everywhere that they must repent,
Acts 14:16  Luke 24:47  Titus 2:11-12  Rom 3:25  1Pet 4:3  Acts 26:17-20  Eph 4:17-32 

31 because he has fixed a day when the whole world will be judged in uprightness by a man he has appointed. And God has publicly proved this by raising him from the dead.'
2Pet 3:7  Matt 25:31-46  Ps 98:9  1Cor 15:3-8  Ps 9:8  Ps 96:13  Rom 2:16 

32 At this mention of rising from the dead, some of them burst out laughing; others said, 'We would like to hear you talk about this another time.'
Acts 17:18  Acts 2:13  Acts 24:25  Acts 26:8  1Cor 4:10  2Chr 36:16  2Cor 6:2 

33 After that Paul left them,

34 but there were some who attached themselves to him and became believers, among them Dionysius the Aeropagite and a woman called Damaris, and others besides.
Acts 17:19  Acts 13:48  Acts 17:4  Acts 17:22  Isa 55:10-11  John 7:48-52  John 19:38-42