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1 Five days later the high priest Ananias came down with some of the elders and an advocate named Tertullus, and they laid information against Paul before the governor.
Acts 23:2  Acts 24:11  Acts 25:2  Acts 21:27  Acts 23:24  Acts 23:30  Acts 23:35 

2 Paul was called, and Tertullus opened for the prosecution, 'Your Excellency, Felix, the unbroken peace we enjoy and the reforms this nation owes to your foresight
Acts 24:26-27  Jude 1:16  Ps 10:3  Ps 12:2-3  Prov 26:28  Prov 29:5 

3 are matters we accept, always and everywhere, with all gratitude.
Acts 23:26  Acts 26:25  Luke 1:3 

4 I do not want to take up too much of your time, but I urge you in your graciousness to give us a brief hearing.
Heb 11:32 

5 We have found this man a perfect pest; he stirs up trouble among Jews the world over and is a ringleader of the Nazarene sect.
Acts 28:22  Acts 24:14  Acts 15:5  Acts 26:5  Acts 5:17  Acts 16:20-21  Acts 17:6-7 

6 He has even attempted to profane the Temple. We placed him under arrest.
Acts 19:37  Acts 21:27-32  Acts 23:10-15  Acts 24:12  John 18:31  John 19:7-8  Acts 22:23 

7 'I know that you have administered justice over this nation for many years, and I can therefore speak with confidence in my defence.

8 If you ask him you can find out for yourself the truth of all our accusations against this man.'
Acts 23:30  Acts 23:35  Acts 25:5  Acts 25:15-16 

9 The Jews supported him, asserting that these were the facts.
1Thess 2:16  Acts 6:11-13  Ezek 22:27-29  Isa 59:4-7  Jer 9:3-6  John 8:44  Matt 26:59-60 

10 When the governor motioned him to speak, Paul answered:
1Pet 3:15  1Sam 2:25  Acts 12:17  Acts 13:16  Acts 18:15  Acts 19:33  Acts 21:40 

11 As you can verify for yourself, it is no more than twelve days since I went up to Jerusalem on pilgrimage,
Acts 24:1  Acts 21:18  Acts 21:26-27  Acts 22:30  Acts 23:11  Acts 23:23  Acts 23:32-33 

12 and it is not true that they ever found me arguing with anyone or stirring up the mob, either in the Temple, in the synagogues, or about the town;
Acts 25:8  Acts 24:18  Acts 28:17  Acts 24:5 

13 neither can they give you any proof of the accusations they are making against me now.
Acts 25:7  1Pet 3:16 

14 'What I do admit to you is this: it is according to the Way, which they describe as a sect, that I worship the God of my ancestors, retaining my belief in all points of the Law and in what is written in the prophets;
Acts 26:22  Acts 24:5  Acts 9:2  Acts 3:13  Acts 28:23  Acts 26:27  2Tim 1:3 

15 and I hold the same hope in God as they do that there will be a resurrection of the upright and the wicked alike.
Dan 12:2  John 5:28-29  1Thess 4:14-16  Job 19:25-26  1Cor 15:12-27  Acts 23:6-8  Acts 28:20-31 

16 In these things, I, as much as they, do my best to keep a clear conscience at all times before God and everyone.
Acts 23:1  1Tim 1:5  1Cor 4:4  1Pet 2:19  1Pet 3:16  1Pet 3:21  1Thess 2:10 

17 'After several years I came to bring relief-money to my nation and to make offerings;
Gal 2:10  2Cor 8:1-4  Acts 11:29-30  Acts 20:16  Rom 15:25-28  1Cor 16:1-4  2Cor 8:9 

18 it was in connection with these that they found me in the Temple; I had been purified, and there was no crowd involved, and no disturbance.
Acts 21:26-30  Acts 26:21  Acts 24:12 

19 But some Jews from Asia -- these are the ones who should have appeared before you and accused me of whatever they had against me.
Acts 23:30  Acts 25:16 

20 At least let those who are present say what crime they held against me when I stood before the Sanhedrin,

21 unless it were to do with this single claim, when I stood up among them and called out, "It is about the resurrection of the dead that I am on trial before you today." '
Acts 23:6  Acts 4:2  Acts 26:6-8  Acts 28:20 

22 At this, Felix, who was fairly well informed about the Way, adjourned the case, saying, 'When Lysias the tribune comes down I will give judgement about your case.'
Acts 18:20  Acts 24:6  Acts 24:10  Acts 24:14  Acts 24:24  Acts 25:26  Acts 26:3 

23 He then gave orders to the centurion that Paul should be kept under arrest but free from restriction, and that none of his own people should be prevented from seeing to his needs.
Acts 27:3  Acts 28:16  Acts 21:8-14  Acts 23:16  Acts 23:35  Acts 24:26  Acts 28:31 

24 Some days later Felix came with his wife Drusilla who was a Jewess. He sent for Paul and gave him a hearing on the subject of faith in Christ Jesus.
Acts 20:21  Gal 2:16  1John 5:1  Acts 16:31  Acts 26:22  Gal 2:20  Gal 3:2 

25 But when Paul began to treat of uprightness, self-control and the coming Judgement, Felix took fright and said, 'You may go for the present; I will send for you when I find it convenient.'
2Pet 1:6  Gal 5:23  Acts 10:42  John 16:8  Heb 9:27  1John 3:7  1John 3:10 

26 At the same time he had hopes of receiving money from Paul, and for this reason he sent for him frequently and had talks with him.
1Cor 6:9  1Sam 8:3  1Sam 12:3  1Tim 6:9-10  2Chr 19:7  2Pet 2:3  2Pet 2:14-15 

27 When two years came to an end, Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus and, being anxious to gain favour with the Jews, Felix left Paul in custody.
Acts 25:9  Acts 25:14  Acts 12:3  Acts 25:1  Acts 26:32  Mark 15:15  Acts 23:35