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1 Three days after his arrival in the province, Festus went up to Jerusalem from Caesarea.
Acts 23:34  Acts 8:40  Acts 18:22  Acts 21:15  Acts 25:5 

2 The chief priests and leaders of the Jews informed him of the case against Paul,
Acts 25:15  Acts 24:1  Job 31:31  Rom 3:12-19  Prov 4:16 

3 urgently asking him to support them against him, and to have him transferred to Jerusalem. They were preparing an ambush to murder him on the way.
1Sam 23:19-21  Acts 9:2  Acts 9:24  Acts 23:12-15  Acts 26:9-11  Jer 18:18  Jer 38:4 

4 But Festus replied that Paul was in custody in Caesarea, and that he would be going back there shortly himself.
Acts 24:23 

5 He said, 'Let your authorities come down with me, and if there is anything wrong about the man, they can bring a charge against him.'
1Sam 24:11-12  Acts 18:14  Acts 23:30  Acts 24:8  Acts 25:16  Acts 25:18-19  Acts 25:25 

6 After staying with them for eight or ten days at the most, he went down to Caesarea and the next day he took his seat on the tribunal and had Paul brought in.
Acts 25:17  Acts 25:10  Matt 27:19  2Cor 5:10  Acts 18:12-17  Jas 2:6  John 19:13 

7 As soon as Paul appeared, the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem surrounded him, making many serious accusations which they were unable to substantiate.
Acts 24:13  Acts 24:5-6  Luke 23:2  Luke 23:10  1Pet 4:14-16  Acts 21:28  Acts 25:24 

8 Paul's defence was this, 'I have committed no offence whatever against either Jewish law, or the Temple, or Caesar.'
Acts 24:12  Acts 28:17  2Cor 1:12  Acts 6:13-14  Acts 23:1  Acts 24:6  Acts 24:17-21 

9 Festus was anxious to gain favour with the Jews, so he said to Paul, 'Are you willing to go up to Jerusalem and be tried on these charges before me there?'
Acts 24:27  Acts 25:20  Acts 12:3  Acts 25:3  Mark 15:15 

10 But Paul replied, 'I am standing before the tribunal of Caesar and this is where I should be tried. I have done the Jews no wrong, as you very well know.
2Cor 4:2  Acts 16:37-38  Acts 22:25-28  Acts 23:29  Acts 25:6  Acts 25:17  Acts 25:25 

11 If I am guilty of committing any capital crime, I do not ask to be spared the death penalty. But if there is no substance in the accusations these persons bring against me, no one has a right to surrender me to them. I appeal to Caesar.'
Acts 26:32  Acts 28:19  Acts 25:25  1Sam 12:3-5  1Sam 27:1  1Thess 2:15  Acts 16:37 

12 Then Festus conferred with his advisers and replied, 'You have appealed to Caesar; to Caesar you shall go.'
Acts 19:21  Acts 23:11  Acts 25:21  Acts 26:32-1  Acts 28:16  Dan 4:35  Isa 46:10-11 

13 Some days later King Agrippa and Bernice arrived in Caesarea and paid their respects to Festus.
1Sam 13:10  1Sam 25:14  2Sam 8:10  Acts 8:40  Acts 25:22-23  Acts 26:1  Acts 26:27-28 

14 Their visit lasted several days, and Festus put Paul's case before the king, saying, 'There is a man here whom Felix left behind in custody,
Acts 24:27 

15 and while I was in Jerusalem the chief priests and elders of the Jews laid information against him, demanding his condemnation.
Acts 24:1  Acts 25:1-3  Esth 3:9  Luke 18:3-5  Luke 23:23 

16 But I told them that Romans are not in the habit of surrendering any man, until the accused confronts his accusers and is given an opportunity to defend himself against the charge.
Acts 25:4-5  Acts 23:30  John 7:51  Acts 26:1  Deut 17:4  Deut 19:17-18  Prov 18:13 

17 So they came here with me, and I wasted no time but took my seat on the tribunal the very next day and had the man brought in.
Acts 25:6  Acts 25:10 

18 When confronted with him, his accusers did not charge him with any of the crimes I had expected;

19 but they had some argument or other with him about their own religion and about a dead man called Jesus whom Paul alleged to be alive.
Acts 18:15  Acts 23:29  1Cor 15:3-4  1Cor 15:14-20  Acts 1:22  Acts 2:32  Acts 17:22-23 

20 Not feeling qualified to deal with questions of this sort, I asked him if he would be willing to go to Jerusalem to be tried there on this issue.
Acts 25:9 

21 But Paul put in an appeal for his case to be reserved for the judgement of the emperor, so I ordered him to be remanded until I could send him to Caesar.'
2Tim 4:16  Acts 25:10-11  Acts 26:32-1  Luke 2:1 

22 Agrippa said to Festus, 'I should like to hear the man myself.' He answered, 'Tomorrow you shall hear him.'
Acts 9:15  Isa 52:15  Luke 21:12  Matt 10:18 

23 So the next day Agrippa and Bernice arrived in great state and entered the audience chamber attended by the tribunes and the city notables; and Festus ordered Paul to be brought in.
Acts 25:13  Acts 26:30  1Cor 7:31  1John 2:16  1Pet 1:24  Acts 9:15  Acts 12:21 

24 Then Festus said, 'King Agrippa, and all here present with us, you see before you the man about whom the whole Jewish community has petitioned me, both in Jerusalem and here, loudly protesting that he ought not to be allowed to remain alive.
Acts 22:22  Acts 25:7  Acts 25:2-3  Luke 23:21-23 

25 For my own part I am satisfied that he has committed no capital crime, but when he himself appealed to the emperor I decided to send him.
Acts 23:29  Acts 23:9  Acts 25:11-12  Luke 23:4  Acts 26:31  John 18:38  Luke 23:14 

26 But I have nothing definite that I can write to his Imperial Majesty about him; that is why I have produced him before you all, and before you in particular, King Agrippa, so that after the examination I may have something to write.
Acts 26:2-3 

27 It seems to me pointless to send a prisoner without indicating the charges against him.'
John 7:51  Prov 18:13