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1 Once we had come safely through, we discovered that the island was called Malta.
Acts 27:26  Acts 16:10  Acts 27:39  Acts 27:44 

2 The inhabitants treated us with unusual kindness. They made us all welcome by lighting a huge fire because it had started to rain and the weather was cold.
1Cor 14:11  Acts 28:4  Col 3:11  Rom 1:14  Acts 27:3  2Cor 11:27  Ezra 10:9 

3 Paul had collected a bundle of sticks and was putting them on the fire when a viper brought out by the heat attached itself to his hand.
2Cor 6:9  2Cor 11:23  Acts 28:4  Isa 30:6  Isa 41:24  Isa 59:5  Job 20:16 

4 When the inhabitants saw the creature hanging from his hand they said to one another, 'That man must be a murderer; he may have escaped the sea, but divine justice would not let him live.'
Luke 13:2  Luke 13:4  Matt 23:35  Acts 28:2  Acts 28:5  Gen 3:1  Gen 4:8-11 

5 However, he shook the creature off into the fire and came to no harm,
Luke 10:19  Mark 16:18  John 3:14-15  Num 21:6-9  Ps 91:13  Rev 9:3-4  Rom 16:20 

6 although they were expecting him at any moment to swell up or drop dead on the spot. After they had waited a long time without seeing anything out of the ordinary happen to him, they changed their minds and began to say he was a god.
Acts 12:22  Matt 21:9  Matt 27:22  Acts 14:11-13 

7 In that neighbourhood there were estates belonging to the chief man of the island, whose name was Publius. He received us and entertained us hospitably for three days.
Acts 13:7  Acts 18:12  Acts 23:24  Acts 28:2  Luke 19:6-9  Matt 10:40-41 

8 It happened that Publius' father was in bed, suffering from fever and dysentery. Paul went in to see him, and after a prayer he laid his hands on the man and healed him.
Acts 9:40  Mark 6:5  Matt 9:18  1Cor 12:9  1Cor 12:28  Jas 5:14-16  1Kgs 17:20-22 

9 When this happened, the other sick people on the island also came and were cured;
Acts 5:12  Acts 5:15  Mark 6:54-56  Matt 4:24 

10 they honoured us with many marks of respect, and when we sailed they put on board the provisions we needed.
1Thess 2:6  1Tim 5:3-4  1Tim 5:17-18  2Cor 8:2-6  2Cor 9:5-11  2Kgs 8:9  Ezra 7:27 

11 At the end of three months we set sail in a ship that had wintered in the island; she came from Alexandria and her figurehead was the Twins.
Acts 27:6  1Cor 8:4  Acts 6:9  Isa 45:20  Jonah 1:5  Jonah 1:16 

12 We put in at Syracuse and spent three days there;

13 from there we followed the coast up to Rhegium. After one day there a south wind sprang up and on the second day we made Puteoli,
Acts 27:13 

14 where we found some brothers and had the great encouragement of staying a week with them. And so we came to Rome.
Acts 9:42-43  Acts 19:1  Acts 20:6  Acts 21:4  Acts 21:7-8  Gen 7:4  Gen 8:10-12 

15 When the brothers there heard about us they came to meet us, as far as the Forum of Appius and the Three Taverns. When Paul saw them he thanked God and took courage.
Gal 4:14  1Cor 12:21-22  1Sam 30:6  1Thess 3:7  2Cor 2:14  2Cor 7:5-7  3John 1:6-8 

16 On our arrival in Rome Paul was allowed to stay in lodgings of his own with the soldier who guarded him.
Acts 27:3  Acts 24:23  2Kgs 25:8  Acts 2:10  Acts 18:2  Acts 19:21  Acts 23:11 

17 After three days he called together the leading Jews. When they had assembled, he said to them, 'Brothers, although I have done nothing against our people or the customs of our ancestors, I was arrested in Jerusalem and handed over to the Romans.
Acts 25:8  Acts 24:10-16  Acts 6:14  Acts 21:33-40  Acts 22:5  Acts 23:1-11  Acts 25:2 

18 They examined me and would have set me free, since they found me guilty of nothing involving the death penalty;
Acts 26:31-32  Acts 22:24-25  Acts 22:30  Acts 23:29  Acts 24:10  Acts 24:22  Acts 25:7-8 

19 but the Jews lodged an objection, and I was forced to appeal to Caesar, though not because I had any accusation to make against my own nation.
Acts 26:32  Acts 25:21  Acts 25:25  1Pet 2:22-23  Acts 25:10-12  Rom 12:19-21 

20 That is why I have urged you to see me and have a discussion with me, for it is on account of the hope of Israel that I wear this chain.'
Acts 21:33  Acts 23:6  Acts 26:6-7  Acts 26:29  Eph 6:20  2Tim 1:10  2Tim 2:9 

21 They answered, 'We have received no letters from Judaea about you, nor has any of the brothers arrived here with any report or story of anything to your discredit.
Acts 22:5  Exod 11:7  Isa 41:11  Isa 50:8  Isa 54:17 

22 We think it would be as well to hear your own account of your position; all we know about this sect is that it encounters opposition everywhere.'
1Pet 2:12  1Pet 3:16  Acts 24:14  Acts 16:20-21  Acts 17:6-7  Luke 2:34  1Cor 11:19 

23 So they arranged a day with him and a large number of them visited him at his lodgings. He put his case to them, testifying to the kingdom of God and trying to persuade them about Jesus, arguing from the Law of Moses and the prophets from early morning until evening;
Acts 19:8  Acts 8:35  Acts 17:2-3  Luke 24:26-27  Acts 18:4  Acts 18:28  Acts 20:9-11 

24 and some were convinced by what he said, while the rest were sceptical.
Acts 14:4  Acts 17:4-5  Acts 13:48-50  Acts 18:6-8  Acts 19:8-9  Rom 3:3  Rom 11:4-6 

25 So they disagreed among themselves and, as they went away, Paul had one last thing to say to them, 'How aptly the Holy Spirit spoke when he told your ancestors through the prophet Isaiah:
Matt 15:7  2Pet 1:21  Mark 7:6 

26 Go and say to this people: Listen and listen but never understand! Look and look but never perceive!
Isa 6:9-10  Ezek 12:2  Isa 42:19-20  Mark 4:12  Matt 13:14-15  2Cor 4:4-6  Deut 29:4 

27 This people's heart is torpid, their ears dulled, they have shut their eyes tight, to avoid using their eyes to see, their ears to hear, using their heart to understand, changing their ways and being healed by me.
Isa 6:10 

28 'You must realise, then, that this salvation of God has been sent to the gentiles;they will listen to it.'
Acts 26:17-18  Acts 11:18  Acts 14:27  Acts 15:14  Acts 15:17  Acts 18:6  Acts 22:21 


30 He spent the whole of the two years in his own rented lodging. He welcomed all who came to visit him,

31 proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ with complete fearlessness and without any hindrance from anyone.
Acts 28:23  Acts 4:29  Eph 6:19-20  Matt 4:23  Acts 4:31  Acts 8:12  Acts 20:25