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1 In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream and visions that passed through his head as he lay in bed. He wrote the dream down, and this is how the narrative began:
Dan 4:5  Dan 5:1  Job 33:14-16  Joel 2:28  Dan 2:1  Dan 1:17  Amos 3:7 

2 Daniel said, 'I have been seeing visions in the night. I saw that the four winds of heaven were stirring up the Great Sea;
Rev 7:1  Rev 17:15 

3 four great beasts emerged from the sea, each different from the others.
Rev 13:1  Dan 7:17  Dan 2:32-33  Dan 2:37-40  Dan 7:4-8  Ezek 19:3-8  Ps 76:4 

4 The first was like a lion with eagle's wings and, as I looked, its wings were torn off, and it was lifted off the ground and set standing on its feet like a human; and it was given a human heart.
Jer 4:7  Hab 1:6-8  Isa 14:13-17  Ezek 17:3  Jer 50:30-32  Job 25:6  Lam 4:19 

5 And there before me was a second beast, like a bear, rearing up on one side, with three ribs in its mouth, between its teeth. "Up!" came the command. "Eat quantities of flesh!"
Dan 2:39  2Kgs 2:24  Jer 50:21-32  Isa 56:9  Isa 13:17-18  Hos 13:8  Ezek 39:17-20 

6 After this I looked; and there before me was another beast, like a leopard, and with four bird's wings on its flanks; it had four heads and was granted authority.
Rev 13:2  Dan 2:39  Dan 7:4  Dan 8:5-8  Dan 8:20-22  Dan 10:20  Dan 11:3-20 

7 Next, in the visions of the night, I saw another vision: there before me was a fourth beast, fearful, terrifying, very strong; it had great iron teeth, and it ate its victims, crushed them, and trampled their remains underfoot. It was different from the previous beasts and had ten horns.
Rev 13:1  Rev 12:3  Rev 17:12  Dan 7:23-24  Dan 7:19-20  Dan 7:13  Dan 8:10 

8 'While I was looking at these horns, I saw another horn sprouting among them, a little one; three of the original horns were pulled out by the roots to make way for it; and in this horn I saw eyes like human eyes, and a mouth full of boasting.
Rev 13:5-6  Rev 13:1  Rev 9:7  Ps 12:3  Dan 8:9-12  1Sam 2:3  Jude 1:16 

9 While I was watching, thrones were set in place and one most venerable took his seat. His robe was white as snow, the hair of his head as pure as wool. His throne was a blaze of flames, its wheels were a burning fire.
Rev 1:14  Mark 9:3  Dan 7:22  Ps 90:2  Dan 7:13  Matt 17:2  Mic 5:2 

10 A stream of fire poured out, issuing from his presence. A thousand thousand waited on him, ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The court was in session and the books lay open.
Isa 30:27  Rev 20:11-15  Rev 5:11  Ps 50:3  Nah 1:5-6  Ps 68:17  Isa 30:33 

11 'I went on watching: then, because of the noise made by the boastings of the horn, as I watched, the beast was put to death, and its body destroyed and committed to the flames.
Rev 19:20  Rev 20:10  2Thess 2:8  Dan 7:8  2Pet 2:18  Rev 20:4  Rev 18:8 

12 The other beasts were deprived of their empire, but received a lease of life for a season and a time.
Dan 7:4-6  Dan 8:7 

13 I was gazing into the visions of the night, when I saw, coming on the clouds of heaven, as it were a son of man. He came to the One most venerable and was led into his presence.
Rev 1:7  Matt 26:64  Rev 1:13  Luke 21:27  Matt 24:30  Rev 14:14  Mark 14:61-62 

14 On him was conferred rule, honour and kingship, and all peoples, nations and languages became his servants. His rule is an everlasting rule which will never pass away, and his kingship will never come to an end.
Rev 11:15  Dan 7:27  Dan 2:44  Heb 12:28  John 3:35  Ps 110:1-2  Isa 9:7 

15 'I, Daniel, was deeply disturbed and the visions that passed through my head alarmed me.
Dan 7:28  2Pet 1:14  Luke 19:41-44  Jer 17:16  Jer 15:17-18  Hab 3:16  Gen 41:8 

16 So I approached one of those who were standing by and asked him about all this. And in reply he revealed to me what these things meant.
Rev 7:13-14  Rev 5:5  Dan 7:10  Zech 2:3  Zech 1:8-11  Dan 12:5-6  Dan 10:11-12 

17 "These four great beasts are four kings who will rise up from the earth.
Dan 2:37-40  Dan 7:3-4  Dan 8:19-22  John 18:36  Ps 17:14  Rev 13:1  Rev 13:11 

18 Those who receive royal power are the holy ones of the Most High, and kingship will be theirs for ever, for ever and ever."
Rev 20:4  Dan 7:27  Rev 2:26-27  Ps 149:5-9  Isa 60:12-14  Rev 5:10  2Tim 2:11-12 

19 Then I asked about the fourth beast, different from all the rest, very terrifying, with iron teeth and bronze claws; it ate its victims, crushed them, and trampled their remains underfoot;
Dan 7:7  Dan 2:40-43 

20 and about the ten horns on its head -- and why the other horn sprouted and the three original horns fell, and why this horn had eyes and a mouth full of boasting, and why it looked more impressive than its fellows.
Dan 7:8  Dan 7:11  Dan 7:23  Dan 8:9-11  Dan 11:36-37 

21 This was the horn I had watched making war on the holy ones and proving the stronger,
Dan 8:24  Dan 12:7  Rev 12:3-4  Rev 17:14  Rev 17:6  Rev 13:5-18  Rev 19:19 

22 until the coming of the One most venerable who gave judgement in favour of the holy ones of the Most High, when the time came for the holy ones to assume kingship.
Dan 7:18  1Cor 6:2-3  Rev 20:4  Rev 19:11-21  Rev 14:8-20  Rev 11:11-18  Rev 5:10 

23 This is what he said: "The fourth beast is to be a fourth kingdom on earth, different from all other kingdoms. It will devour the whole world, trample it underfoot and crush it.
Dan 2:40  Dan 7:7  Luke 2:1 

24 As for the ten horns: from this kingdom will rise ten kings, and another after them; this one will be different from the previous ones and will bring down three kings;
Dan 7:20  Rev 13:1  1Tim 4:1-3  Rev 17:12-13  Rev 17:3  Rev 12:3  Dan 11:36 

25 he will insult the Most High, and torment the holy ones of the Most High. He will plan to alter the seasons and the Law, and the Saints will be handed over to him for a time, two times, and half a time.
Rev 12:14  Dan 12:7  Dan 2:21  Rev 13:5-11  Dan 12:11-12  2Thess 2:4  Rev 12:6 

26 But the court will sit, and he will be stripped of his royal authority which will be finally destroyed and reduced to nothing.
2Thess 2:8  Dan 7:10-11  Dan 7:22  Rev 11:13  Rev 20:10-11 

27 And kingship and rule and the splendours of all the kingdoms under heaven will be given to the people of the holy ones of the Most High, whose royal power is an eternal power, whom every empire will serve and obey."
Dan 2:44  Ps 22:27  Ps 72:11  Luke 1:33  Dan 7:18  Ps 86:9  Dan 7:14 

28 'Here the narrative ends. 'I, Daniel, was greatly disturbed in mind, and I grew pale; but I kept these things to myself.'
Luke 2:51  Luke 2:19  Dan 4:19  Dan 7:15  Dan 8:27  Dan 10:8  Luke 9:44