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1 'Now, these are the laws and customs which you must keep in the country which Yahweh, God of your ancestors, is giving you as yours, and which you must observe every day that you live in that country.
1Kgs 8:40  Job 7:1  Deut 4:1-2  Deut 4:5  Deut 4:9-10  Deut 4:19  Deut 4:45 

2 'You must completely destroy all the places where the nations you dispossess have served their gods, on high mountains, on hills, under any spreading tree;
2Kgs 16:4  2Kgs 17:10-11  Deut 7:5  Deut 7:25-26  Jer 3:6  2Kgs 23:13  Exod 23:24 

3 you must tear down their altars, smash their sacred stones, burn their sacred poles, hack to bits the statues of their gods and obliterate their name from that place.
Judg 2:2  Num 33:52  Zech 13:2  Exod 23:13  Ps 16:4  1Kgs 15:13  2Chr 14:3 

4 'Not so must you behave towards Yahweh your God.
Deut 12:30-31  Deut 16:21-22  Lev 20:23  Deut 20:18 

5 You must seek Yahweh your God in the place which he will choose from all your tribes, there to set his name and give it a home: that is where you must go.
2Chr 7:12  Deut 12:11  Deut 16:2  Deut 26:2  1Kgs 8:29  Isa 66:1-2  Ps 78:68 

6 That is where you must bring your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and offerings held high, your votive offerings and your voluntary offerings, and the first-born of your herd and flock;
Deut 15:19-20  Deut 12:17  Deut 14:22-26  Deut 26:2  Ezek 20:40  Lev 17:3-9  Lev 27:32-33 

7 and that is where you must eat in the presence of Yahweh your God, rejoicing over your labours, you and your households, because Yahweh your God has blessed you.
Deut 12:18  Deut 14:26  Lev 23:40  Deut 12:12  Deut 14:23  Deut 15:20  Deut 26:11 

8 'You must not behave as we are behaving here today, each of you doing what he himself sees fit,
Judg 17:6  Judg 21:25  Prov 21:2  Acts 7:42  Amos 5:25  Num 15:39 

9 since you have not yet come to the resting place and the heritage that Yahweh your God is going to give you.
1Kgs 8:56  Deut 25:19  1Chr 23:25  1Pet 1:3-4  Heb 4:8-9  Mic 2:10  Ps 95:11 

10 You are about to cross the Jordan and live in the country given you by Yahweh your God as your heritage; he will grant you peace from all the enemies surrounding you, and you will live in safety.
Deut 11:31  1Kgs 4:25  1Sam 7:12  Deut 3:27  Deut 4:22  Deut 9:1  Deut 33:12 

11 To the place chosen by Yahweh your God as a home for his name, to that place you must bring all the things that I am laying down for you: your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and offerings held high, and all the best of your possessions dedicated by you to Yahweh.
Deut 12:5  Deut 15:20  Deut 17:8  Deut 18:6  1Kgs 8:13  1Kgs 8:29  Deut 12:14 

12 That is where you will rejoice in the presence of Yahweh your God, you and your sons and daughters, your serving men and women, and the Levite living in your community since he has no share or heritage of his own among you.
Deut 12:7  Deut 10:9  Deut 26:12  Num 18:20  Deut 12:19  Deut 14:29  1John 1:3-4 

13 'Take care you do not offer your burnt offerings in all the sacred places you see;
Lev 17:2-5  1Kgs 12:28-32  1Kgs 15:34  2Chr 15:17  Deut 12:6 

14 only in the place that Yahweh chooses in one of your tribes may you offer your burnt offerings and do all the things which I have commanded you.
Deut 12:5  Deut 12:11  2Cor 5:19  Heb 10:19-22  Heb 13:15  Ps 5:7  Ps 9:11 

15 'This notwithstanding, and whenever you wish, you may slaughter and eat meat wherever you live -- as much as the blessing of Yahweh affords you. Clean or unclean may eat it, as though it were gazelle or deer.
Deut 14:5  Deut 12:20-23  Deut 14:26  Deut 15:22-23  Lev 17:3-5 

16 You will not, however, eat the blood, but will pour that like water on the ground.
Deut 15:23  Gen 9:4  Acts 15:29  1Tim 4:4  Deut 12:23-24  Lev 7:26-27  Lev 17:10-13 

17 'You must not eat the tithe of your wheat, of your new wine or of your oil, or the first-born of your herd or flock, or any of your votive offerings or voluntary offerings, or your offerings held high to Yahweh, at home.
Deut 12:6  Deut 14:22-29  Deut 26:14  Deut 12:11  Deut 12:26  Deut 26:12  Lev 27:30-32 

18 You must eat these in the presence of Yahweh your God in the place Yahweh your God chooses and there alone, you, your son and your daughter, your serving man and serving woman, and the Levite living in your community, expressing your joy in all your labours in the presence of Yahweh your God.
Deut 12:7  Deut 14:23  Deut 12:5  1Cor 10:31  Acts 2:46  Acts 16:34  Deut 12:11-12 

19 As long as you live on your soil, be careful not to neglect the Levite.
1Cor 9:10-14  2Chr 11:13-14  2Chr 31:4-21  Neh 10:34-39  Deut 14:27-29 

20 'When Yahweh your God enlarges your territory as he has promised you, and you say, "I should like to eat meat," if you want to eat meat you may eat as much as you like.
Deut 19:8  Deut 11:24  Exod 34:24  Gen 28:14  1Chr 4:10  2Cor 9:14  2Sam 13:39 

21 If the place in which Yahweh your God chooses to set his name is too far away, you may slaughter any of your herd or flock that Yahweh has given you, as I have prescribed for you; you may eat as much of it as you please at home.
Deut 12:5  1Kgs 14:21  2Chr 12:13  Deut 12:11  Deut 12:15  Deut 14:23-24  Deut 16:6 

22 But you must eat it as you would gazelle or deer; clean and unclean may eat it together.
Deut 12:15-16 

23 Take care, however, not to eat the blood, since blood is life, and you must not eat the life with the meat.
Lev 17:11  Gen 9:4  Deut 12:16  Lev 3:16-17  Lev 17:13-14  Matt 20:28  Rev 5:9 

24 You must not eat it, but must pour it like water on the ground.
Deut 12:16  Deut 15:23 

25 You must not eat it -- so that you, and your children after you, may prosper, doing what is right in Yahweh's eyes.
1Kgs 11:38  Deut 4:40  Exod 15:26  Isa 3:10  Deut 13:18  Deut 6:18  Deut 5:16 

26 But the holy things of yours and the things which you have dedicated, you must go and take to the place chosen by Yahweh.
Num 5:9-10  Num 18:19  1Sam 1:21-24  Deut 12:6  Deut 12:11  Deut 12:17-18  Deut 12:21 

27 The burnt offerings of meat and blood must be presented on the altar of Yahweh your God; whereas, in your sacrifices, the blood must be poured on the altar of Yahweh your God; the meat you yourselves may eat.
Lev 1:9  Lev 1:13  Lev 17:11  Lev 1:5  Lev 4:30 

28 Faithfully keep and obey all these orders which I am giving you, so that you and your children after you may prosper for ever, doing what is good and right in the eyes of Yahweh your God.
2Chr 7:17  Deut 4:40  Deut 12:25  Deut 24:8  Exod 34:11  Ezek 37:24  John 15:3 

29 'When Yahweh your God has annihilated the nations confronting you, whom you are going to dispossess, and when you have dispossessed them and made your home in their country,
Josh 23:4  Deut 19:1  Deut 9:3  Exod 23:23  Ps 78:55 

30 beware of being entrapped into copying them, after they have been destroyed to make way for you, and do not enquire about their gods, saying, "How did these nations worship their gods? I am going to do the same too."
Deut 7:16  1Pet 4:3-4  2Kgs 17:15  Eph 4:17  Exod 23:31-33  Ezek 20:28  Ezek 20:32 

31 This is not the way to treat Yahweh your God. For in honour of their gods they have done everything detestable that Yahweh hates; yes, in honour of their gods, they even burn their own sons and daughters as sacrifices!'
Jer 32:35  2Kgs 17:15-17  Deut 12:4  Exod 23:2  Jer 7:31  Lev 18:3  2Chr 33:2