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1 'To Yahweh your God you must sacrifice nothing from herd or flock that has any blemish or defect whatsoever, for Yahweh your God holds this detestable.
Deut 15:21  Deut 23:18  Deut 24:4  Mal 1:8  1Pet 1:19  Deut 25:16  Exod 12:5 

2 'If there is anyone, man or woman, among you in any of the towns given you by Yahweh your God, who does what is wrong in the eyes of Yahweh your God by violating his covenant,
2Kgs 18:12  Deut 13:6-18  Deut 17:5  Hos 6:7  Hos 8:1  Josh 7:11  Josh 7:15 

3 who goes and serves other gods and worships them, or the sun or the moon or any of heaven's array -- a thing I have forbidden-
Deut 4:19  Jer 7:22-23  Jer 7:31  Jer 19:5  Jer 32:35  Job 31:26-27  2Kgs 21:3 

4 and this person is denounced to you: if after careful enquiry it is found true and confirmed that this hateful thing has been done in Israel,
Deut 13:12-14  Deut 19:18  John 7:51  Prov 25:2 

5 you must take the man or woman guilty of this evil deed outside your city gates, and there you must stone that man or woman to death.
Lev 24:14  Josh 7:25  Lev 24:16  Deut 13:10-11  Deut 22:21  Deut 22:24  Deut 21:21 

6 A death sentence may be passed only on the word of two witnesses or three; and no one must be put to death on the word of one witness alone.
Num 35:30  1Tim 5:19  2Cor 13:1  Deut 19:15  Heb 10:28  Matt 18:16  John 8:17-18 

7 The witnesses' hands must strike the first blow in putting the condemned to death, the rest of the people following. You must banish this evil from among you.
Deut 13:9  1Cor 5:13  Deut 13:5  Deut 17:12  Acts 7:58-59  Deut 19:19  Deut 24:7 

8 'If a case comes before you which is too difficult for you, a case of murder, conflicting claims, damage to property -- any kind of dispute -- in your towns, you must make your way to the place chosen by Yahweh your God,
Deut 12:5  Hag 2:11  1Kgs 3:16-28  2Chr 19:8-10  Deut 1:17  Deut 19:4  Deut 19:10-11 

9 and approach the levitical priests and the judge then in office. They will hold an enquiry and let you know their sentence.
Ezek 44:24  Hag 2:11  Jer 18:18  Mal 2:7  Deut 19:17-21 

10 You must abide by the verdict which they give you in this place chosen by Yahweh, and you will take care to carry out all their instructions.
Matt 22:2-3 

11 You will abide by the decision which they give you and by the sentence which they pronounce, not deviating to right or to left from the verdict which they have given you.
Josh 1:7  1Pet 2:13-15  2Pet 2:10  2Sam 14:19  Deut 5:32  Deut 17:20  Deut 25:1 

12 If anyone presumes to disobey either the priest who is there in the service of Yahweh your God, or the judge, that person must die. You must banish this evil from Israel.
Deut 13:5  Num 15:30  1Thess 4:8  1Tim 5:20  Deut 10:8  Deut 17:7  Deut 18:5 

13 And when the people hear of this they will all be afraid and not act presumptuously any more.
Deut 13:11  Deut 19:20  Num 15:30-31 

14 'If, having reached the country given by Yahweh your God and having taken possession of it and, while living there, you think, "I should like to appoint a king to rule me -- like all the surrounding nations,"
1Sam 8:19-20  1Sam 8:5-7  1Sam 12:19  Deut 7:1  Deut 11:31  Deut 12:9-10  Deut 18:9 

15 the king whom you appoint to rule you must be chosen by Yahweh your God; the appointment of a king must be made from your own brothers; on no account must you appoint as king some foreigner who is not a brother of yours.
Jer 30:21  1Chr 22:10  1Sam 10:24  1Chr 12:23  1Chr 28:5  1Sam 9:15-17  1Sam 16:12-13 

16 'He must not, however, acquire more and more horses, or send the people back to Egypt with a view to increasing his cavalry, since Yahweh has told you, "You must never go back that way again."
1Kgs 4:26  Deut 28:68  Exod 13:17  Ezek 17:15  Hos 11:5  1Kgs 10:26-28  Exod 14:13 

17 Nor must he keep on acquiring more and more wives, for that could lead his heart astray. Nor must he acquire vast quantities of silver and gold.
Neh 13:26  1Kgs 11:1-4  Gen 2:24  Matt 19:5  1Tim 6:9  1Tim 6:17  2Sam 3:2-5 

18 Once seated on his royal throne, and for his own use, he must write a copy of this Law on a scroll, at the dictation of the levitical priests.
2Kgs 22:8  2Kgs 11:12  Deut 31:9  2Chr 34:15  Deut 31:24-26 

19 It must never leave him, and he must read it every day of his life and learn to fear Yahweh his God by keeping all the words of this Law and observing these rules,
Josh 1:8  Ps 119:97-100  Ps 1:2  2Tim 3:15-17  Deut 4:10  Deut 6:6-9  Deut 11:18 

20 so that he will not think himself superior to his brothers, and not deviate from these commandments either to right or to left. So doing, long will he occupy his throne, he and his sons, in Israel.'
1Kgs 15:5  Deut 5:32  Dan 5:20-23  Isa 2:12  1Pet 5:5  1Sam 13:13-14  1Sam 15:23