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1 'When Yahweh your God has annihilated the nations whose country Yahweh your God is going to give you, and you have dispossessed them and are living in their towns and in their houses,
Deut 12:29  Deut 6:10  Deut 7:1-2  Deut 12:1  Deut 17:14 

2 you must set aside three towns, centrally placed in the country which Yahweh your God is giving you for your own.
Exod 21:13  Heb 6:18  Deut 4:41-43  Josh 20:2-7  Num 35:10-15 

3 You will keep the approaches to them in good order, dividing the area of the country which Yahweh your God is giving you as your heritage, into three parts, so that any killer can flee to these towns.
Isa 57:14  Heb 12:13  Isa 35:8  Isa 62:10 

4 Here is an example of how someone may save his life by fleeing to them. 'If anyone has struck his fellow accidentally, without any previous feud with him
Num 35:15-24  Deut 4:42  1Chr 11:2  Deut 19:6  Gen 31:2  Isa 30:33  Josh 3:4 

5 (for example, he goes with his fellow into the forest to cut wood; his arm swings the axe to fell a tree; the head slips off the handle and strikes his companion dead), that man may take refuge in one of these towns and save his life.
2Kgs 6:5-7  Isa 32:2  Num 35:25  Prov 27:12 

6 It must not be allowed that the avenger of blood, in the heat of his anger, should pursue the killer and that the length of the road should help him to overtake and wound him fatally; for the man has not deserved to die, having had no previous feud with his victim.
Num 35:12  2Sam 14:7  Deut 21:22  Jer 26:15-16  Josh 20:5 

7 'Hence I am giving you this order: You must set aside three towns,

8 and if Yahweh your God enlarges your territory, as he swore to your ancestors that he would, and gives you the whole country which he promised to give to your ancestors-
Deut 12:20  Exod 23:31  Exod 34:24  Gen 15:18-21  1Kgs 4:21  Deut 11:24-25  Ezra 4:20 

9 provided that you keep and observe all the commandments which I am enjoining on you today, loving Yahweh your God and always following his ways-then, to those three towns you will add three more.
Josh 20:7-8  Deut 11:22-25  Deut 12:32 

10 In this way, innocent blood will not be shed in the country which Yahweh your God is going to give you as your heritage; otherwise you would incur blood-guilt.
Isa 59:7  Prov 6:17  Matt 27:4-5  1Kgs 2:31  2Kgs 21:16  2Kgs 24:4  Deut 19:13 

11 'But if it happens that a man has a feud with his fellow and lies in wait for him and attacks him and fatally wounds him and he dies, and the man takes refuge in one of these towns,
Deut 27:24  Num 35:16-21  Exod 21:12-14  Gen 9:6  Num 35:24  Prov 28:17 

12 the elders of his own town must send there and have him taken and handed over to the avenger of blood, to be put to death.
1Kgs 2:5-6  1Kgs 2:28-34 

13 You must show him no pity. You must banish the shedding of innocent blood from Israel, and then you will prosper.
1Kgs 2:31  Deut 7:2  Deut 7:16  Deut 21:9  Deut 25:12  2Sam 21:1  2Sam 21:14 

14 'You must not displace your neighbour's boundary mark, positioned by men of old in the heritage soon to be yours, in the country which Yahweh your God is about to give you.
Deut 27:17  Hos 5:10  Prov 22:28  Job 24:2  Prov 23:10 

15 'A single witness will not suffice to convict anyone of a crime or offence of any kind; whatever the misdemeanour, the evidence of two witnesses or three is required to sustain the charge.
2Cor 13:1  Matt 18:16  Num 35:30  1Tim 5:19  Deut 17:6  Heb 10:28  John 8:17 

16 'If someone gives false evidence against anyone, laying a charge of apostasy,
Ps 27:12  Exod 23:1-7  Ps 35:11  1Kgs 21:10-13  Acts 6:13  Mark 14:55-59 

17 both parties to this dispute before Yahweh must appear before the priests and judges then in office.
Deut 17:9  Deut 21:5  Mal 2:7  Matt 23:2-3 

18 The judges will make a careful enquiry, and if it turns out that the witness is a liar and has made a false accusation against his brother,
Deut 13:14  Deut 17:4  2Chr 19:6-7  Job 19:16 

19 you must treat the witness as he would have treated his brother. You must banish this evil from among you.
Prov 19:5  Prov 19:9  Dan 6:24  Deut 22:24  Deut 13:5  Deut 17:7  Deut 19:20 

20 The rest, hearing of this, will be afraid and never again do such an evil thing among you.
Deut 17:13  Deut 21:21  Deut 13:11  1Tim 5:20  Deut 17:7  Rom 13:3-4  Prov 21:11 

21 You must show no pity. 'Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.'
Deut 19:13  Exod 21:23-25  Lev 24:17-21  Matt 5:38-39