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1 'When you go to war against your enemies and see horses and chariots and an army greater than your own, you must not be afraid of them; Yahweh your God is with you, he who brought you out of Egypt.
2Chr 32:7-8  Deut 31:8  Ps 20:7  Deut 31:6  Isa 31:1  Isa 7:14  Isa 8:9-10 

2 When you are about to join battle, the priest must come forward and address the people.
Num 10:8-9  Num 31:6  1Sam 14:18  1Sam 30:7-8  2Chr 13:12  Judg 20:27-28 

3 He must say to them, "Listen, Israel: today you are about to join battle with your enemies. Do not be faint hearted. Let there be no fear or trembling or alarm as you face them.
1Thess 5:15  1Tim 6:12  Acts 18:9-10  Acts 27:24  Eph 6:11-18  Heb 12:12-13  Heb 13:6 

4 Yahweh your God is marching with you, to fight your enemies for you and make you victorious."
Deut 1:30  Josh 23:10  Deut 3:22  2Chr 13:12  Josh 10:42  Rom 8:37  2Chr 32:7-8 

5 'The scribes will then address the people, as follows: "Has anyone built a new house and not yet dedicated it? Let him go home, in case he dies in battle and someone else performs the dedication.
Neh 12:27  1Sam 17:18  Deut 1:15  Deut 16:18  Num 31:14  Num 31:48  Ps 30:1 

6 "Has anyone planted a vineyard and not yet enjoyed its fruit? Let him go home, in case he dies in battle and someone else enjoys its fruit.
Lev 19:23-25  Deut 28:1-30  Isa 65:22  Jer 31:5  Zeph 1:13 

7 "Has anyone contracted to marry a girl and not yet married her? Let him go home, in case he dies in battle and someone else marries her."
Deut 24:5  Deut 28:30  2Tim 2:4  Deut 22:23-25  Luke 14:18-20  Matt 1:18 

8 'Finally, the scribes will say to the people: "Is anyone frightened or faint hearted? Let him go home, in case he makes his brothers faint hearted too!"
Deut 1:28  Judg 7:3  Acts 15:37-38  Rev 21:8  Deut 23:9  Exod 15:15  Luke 9:62 

9 'Then, when the scribes have finished speaking to the people, commanders will be appointed to lead them.

10 'When you advance on a town to attack it, first offer it peace-terms.
2Cor 5:18-1  2Sam 20:18-22  Acts 10:36  Eph 2:17  Isa 57:19  Luke 10:5-6  Zech 9:10 

11 If it accepts these and opens its gates to you, all the people inside will owe you forced labour and work for you.
1Kgs 9:21-22  Josh 9:22-23  Josh 9:27  Josh 11:19-20  Josh 16:10  Judg 1:28  Judg 1:30-35 

12 But if it refuses peace and gives battle, you must besiege it.

13 Yahweh your God having handed it over to you, you will put the whole male population to the sword.
1Kgs 11:15-16  2Thess 1:7-9  Luke 19:27  Num 31:7-9  Num 31:17-18  Ps 2:6-12  Ps 21:8-9 

14 But the women, children, livestock and whatever the town contains by way of spoil, you may take for yourselves as booty. You will feed on the spoils of the enemies whom Yahweh your God has handed over to you.
Josh 8:2  Josh 22:8  Num 31:9  2Chr 14:13-15  2Chr 20:25  Josh 11:14  Num 31:12 

15 'That is how you will treat towns far away and not belonging to the nations near you.

16 But as regards the towns of those peoples whom Yahweh your God is giving you as your heritage, you must not spare the life of any living thing.
Josh 11:14  Num 21:2-3  Deut 7:1-4  Josh 6:17-21  Num 33:52  Deut 7:16  Exod 23:31-33 

17 Instead, you must lay them under the curse of destruction: Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, as Yahweh your God has commanded,
Deut 7:1-2  Ezek 38:21-23  Isa 34:5-6  Jer 48:10  Jer 50:35-40  Rev 19:18 

18 so that they may not teach you to do all the detestable things which they do to honour their gods: in doing these, you would sin against Yahweh your God.
Deut 12:30-31  Exod 23:33  Deut 7:4-5  Exod 34:16  Josh 23:13  Ps 106:34-40  1Cor 15:33 

19 'If, when attacking a town, you have to besiege it for a long time before you capture it, you must not destroy its trees by taking the axe to them: eat their fruit but do not cut them down. Is the tree in the fields human, that you should besiege it too?
Deut 26:6  John 15:2-8  Luke 13:7-9  Matt 3:10  Matt 7:15-20  Matt 21:19 

20 Any trees, however, which you know are not fruit trees, you may destroy and cut down and use to build siege-works against the hostile town until it falls.'
2Chr 26:15  Deut 1:28  Eccl 9:14  Ezek 17:17  Isa 37:33  Jer 6:6  Jer 33:4