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1 'If, in the country which Yahweh your God gives you as your possession, a victim of murder is found lying in the open country and it is not known who has killed that person,
Acts 28:4  Isa 26:21  Ps 5:6  Ps 9:12  Prov 28:17 

2 your elders and scribes must measure the distance between the victim and the surrounding towns,
Deut 16:18-19  Rom 13:3-4 

3 and establish which town is the nearest to the victim. The elders of that town must then take a heifer that has not yet been put to work or used as a draught animal under the yoke.
Num 19:2  Jer 31:18  Matt 11:28-30  Phil 2:8 

4 The elders of that town must bring the heifer down to a permanently flowing river, to a spot that has been neither ploughed nor sown, and there by the river they must break the heifer's neck.
1Pet 2:21-24  1Pet 3:18 

5 The priests, the sons of Levi, will then step forward, these being the men whom Yahweh your God has chosen to serve him and to bless in Yahweh's name, and it being their business to settle all cases of dispute or of violence.
1Chr 23:13  Deut 10:8  Deut 17:8-12  Deut 18:5  Deut 19:17  Mal 2:7  Num 6:22-27 

6 All the elders of the town nearest to the victim of murder must then wash their hands in the stream, over the slaughtered heifer.
Ps 26:6  Ps 73:13  Heb 9:10  Jer 2:22  Job 9:30  Matt 27:24-25  Ps 19:12 

7 They must pronounce these words, "Our hands have not shed this blood and our eyes have seen nothing.
2Sam 16:8  Job 21:21-23  Job 21:31-34  Num 5:19-28  Ps 7:3-4 

8 O Yahweh, forgive your people Israel whom you have redeemed, and let no innocent blood be shed among your people Israel. May this bloodshed be forgiven them!"
Jonah 1:14  1Thess 2:15-16  2Kgs 24:4  2Sam 3:28  Ezek 23:3  Ezek 23:24-25  Jer 26:15 

9 You must banish all shedding of innocent blood from among you, if you mean to do what is right in the eyes of Yahweh.
2Kgs 10:30-31  Deut 13:18  Deut 19:12-13 

10 'When you go to war against your enemies and Yahweh your God delivers them into your power and you take prisoners,
Deut 20:10-16  Josh 21:44 

11 and among the prisoners you see a beautiful woman, and you fall in love with her, and you take her to be your wife
Gen 6:2  Gen 12:14-15  Gen 29:18-20  Gen 34:3  Gen 34:8  Judg 14:2-3  Num 31:18 

12 and bring her home; she must shave her head and cut her nails,
1Cor 11:6  Eph 4:22  Lev 14:9  Num 6:9 

13 and take off her prisoner's garb; she must stay inside your house and mourn her father and mother for a full month. You may then go to her and be a husband to her, and she will be your wife.
Luke 14:26-27  Ps 45:10-11 

14 Should she cease to please you, you will let her go where she wishes, not selling her for money: you must not make any profit out of her, since you have exploited her.
Gen 34:2  Deut 22:19  Deut 22:24  Deut 22:29  Exod 21:7-11  Judg 19:24 

15 'If a man has two wives, one loved and the other unloved, and the loved one and the unloved both bear him children, and if the first-born son is of the unloved wife,
Gen 29:33  1Sam 1:4-5  Gen 29:18  Gen 29:20  Gen 29:30-31 

16 when the man comes to bequeath his goods to his sons, he may not treat the son of the wife whom he loves as the first-born, at the expense of the son of the wife whom he does not love, the true first-born.
1Chr 26:10  1Chr 5:2  2Chr 21:3  Heb 12:16-17  Phil 4:8  Rom 8:29  2Chr 11:19-22 

17 As his first-born he must acknowledge the son of the wife whom he does not love, giving him a double share of his estate; this son being the first-fruit of his vigour, the right of the first-born is his.
Gen 49:3  Gen 25:31-34  1Chr 5:1-2  Gen 25:5-6  Ps 105:36 

18 'If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not listen to the voice either of his father or of his mother and, even when they punish him, still will not pay attention to them,
Exod 20:12  Lev 19:3  2Sam 7:14  Amos 4:11-12  Deut 8:5  Deut 27:16  Eph 6:1-3 

19 his father and mother must take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his town at the gate of that place.
Deut 16:18  Deut 21:2  Deut 25:7  Zech 13:3 

20 To the elders of his town, they will say, "This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious and will not listen to us; he is a wastrel and a drunkard."
Prov 20:1  Prov 19:26  Prov 23:19-21  Prov 23:29-35  Prov 29:17 

21 All his fellow-citizens must then stone him to death. You must banish this evil from among you. All Israel, hearing of this, will be afraid.
Deut 13:5  Deut 13:10-11  Deut 19:19-20  Lev 24:16  Deut 17:5  Deut 22:21  Deut 22:24 

22 'If a man guilty of a capital offence is to be put to death, and you hang him from a tree,
Deut 22:26  Acts 23:29  John 19:31-38  Matt 26:66  1Sam 26:16  2Sam 4:12  2Sam 21:6 

23 his body must not remain on the tree overnight; you must bury him the same day, since anyone hanged is a curse of God, and you must not bring pollution on the soil which Yahweh your God is giving you as your heritage.'
Gal 3:13  John 19:31  Lev 18:25  2Cor 5:21  Deut 7:26  Josh 7:12  Josh 8:29