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1 This is the blessing that Moses, man of God, pronounced over the Israelites before he died.
Josh 14:6  1Kgs 13:1  1Kgs 13:6  1Sam 2:27  1Sam 9:6-7  1Tim 6:11  2Pet 1:21 

2 He said: Yahweh came from Sinai, from Seir he dawned on us, from Mount Paran blazed forth, For them he came, after the mustering at Kadesh, from his zenith as far as the foothills.
Acts 7:53  Hab 3:3  Jude 1:14  Ps 68:17  Rev 5:11  Gal 3:19  Heb 2:2 

3 You who love the ancestors! Your holy ones are all at your command. At your feet they fell, under your guidance went swiftly on.
Luke 10:39  Deut 7:6-8  Acts 22:3  Mal 1:2  1Pet 1:5  1Sam 2:9  Col 3:3-4 

4 (Moses enjoined a law on us.) The assembly of Jacob comes into its inheritance;
John 1:17  John 7:19  Ps 119:111  Deut 9:26-29  Ps 119:72 

5 there was a king in Jeshurun when the heads of the people foregathered and the tribes of Israel were all assembled!
Deut 32:15  Exod 18:16  Exod 18:19  Gen 36:31  Judg 8:22  Judg 9:2  Judg 17:6 

6 May Reuben survive and not die out, survive though his men be few!
Gen 49:3-4  Gen 49:8  Josh 22:1-9  Num 32:31-32 

7 Of Judah he said this: Listen, Yahweh, to the voice of Judah, and bring him back to his people. That his hands may defend his rights, come to his help against his foes!
Gen 49:8-12  1Chr 12:22  1Cor 15:25  2Chr 17:12-19  2Sam 3:1  2Sam 5:1  2Sam 5:19 

8 Of Levi he said: To Levi, give your urim, to your faithful one, your thummim, having tested him at Massah, having striven with him at the Waters of Meribah.
Exod 17:7  Exod 28:30  Num 20:13  Lev 8:8  Ps 106:16  1Sam 28:6  2Chr 23:6 

9 Of his father and mother, he says, 'I have not seen them.' He does not acknowledge his brothers, nor does he know his own children. Yes, they have kept your word, they hold firmly to your covenant.
1Chr 17:17  1Thess 2:4  1Tim 5:21  2Cor 5:16  Exod 32:25-29  Gal 1:10  Gen 29:32 

10 They will teach your customs to Jacob, and your Law to Israel. They will put incense before you and burnt offerings on your altar.
Lev 10:11  Ps 51:19  1Sam 2:28  Deut 17:9-11  Exod 30:7-8  Ezek 43:27  2Chr 17:8-10 

11 Yahweh, bless his worthiness, and accept the actions he performs. Crush the loins of those who rise against him and of his foes, so that they rise no more!
2Sam 24:23  Ezek 20:40-41  Ezek 43:27  1Thess 4:8  Amos 5:10  Deut 18:1-5  Isa 29:21 

12 Of Benjamin he said: Beloved of Yahweh, he rests trustfully near him. The Most High protects him day after day and dwells between his hillsides.
2Chr 15:2  1Kgs 12:21  2Chr 11:1  2Chr 17:17-19  Deut 12:10  Deut 33:27-29  Exod 28:12 

13 Of Joseph he said: His land is blessed by Yahweh. For him the best of heaven's dew and of the deep that lies below,
Gen 49:22-26  Deut 32:2  Gen 27:28-29  Gen 48:5  Gen 48:9  Gen 48:15-20  Hos 14:5 

14 the best of what the sun makes grow, of what springs with every month,
1Tim 6:17  2Sam 23:4  Acts 14:17  Deut 28:8  Lev 26:4  Mal 4:2  Matt 5:45 

15 the first-fruits of the ancient mountains, the best from the hills of old
Hab 3:6  Gen 49:26  Jas 5:7 

16 the best of the land and all it holds, the favour of him who dwells in the Bush. May the hair grow thick on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the consecrated one among his brothers!
Acts 7:35  Exod 3:2-4  Ps 24:1  1Cor 10:26  1Cor 10:28  2Cor 12:7-10  Acts 7:30-33 

17 First-born of the Bull, his the glory. His horns are the wild ox's horns, with which he gores the peoples to the very ends of the earth. Such are the myriads of Ephraim, such are the thousands of Manasseh.
Num 23:22  1Kgs 22:11  Ps 44:5  1Chr 5:1  Gen 48:19  Num 24:8  Ps 92:10 

18 Of Zebulun he said: Prosper, Zebulun, in your expeditions, and you, Issachar, in your tents!
Gen 49:13-15  Josh 19:11  Judg 5:14 

19 On the mountain where the people come to pray they offer upright sacrifices, for they taste the riches of the seas and the treasures hidden in the sands.
Isa 2:3  Isa 60:5  Ps 4:5  Exod 15:17  1Pet 2:5  Deut 32:13  Heb 13:15-16 

20 Of Gad he said: Blessed be he who gives Gad space enough! He lies there like a lioness; he has savaged arm and face and head.
Gen 49:19  1Chr 4:10  1Chr 5:18-21  1Chr 12:8-14  1Chr 12:37-38  Gen 9:26-27  Josh 13:8 

21 Then he took the first portion for himself, saw that there was stored up for him a leader's share. He has come at the head of the people, has carried out the saving justice of Yahweh and his judgements on Israel.
Josh 1:14  Josh 4:12-13  Josh 22:1-4  Judg 5:2  Judg 5:11  Num 32:1-6  Num 32:16-42 

22 Of Dan he said: Dan is a lion cub leaping from Bashan.
Josh 19:47  Judg 18:27  1Chr 12:35  Gen 49:16-17  Judg 13:2  Judg 13:24-25  Judg 14:6 

23 Of Naphtali he said: Naphtali, sated with favours, filled with the blessings of Yahweh: the west and south are to be his domain.
Gen 49:21  Josh 19:32-39  Isa 9:1-2  Jer 31:14  Matt 4:13  Matt 4:16  Matt 11:28 

24 Of Asher he said: Most blessed of the sons let Asher be! Let him be the most privileged of his brothers and let him bathe his feet in oil!
Gen 49:20  Job 29:6  Acts 7:10  Exod 12:10  Ps 115:15  Ps 128:3  Ps 128:6 

25 Be your bolts of iron and of bronze and your security as lasting as your days!
Isa 41:10  Phil 4:13  2Chr 16:9  Ps 138:3  1Cor 10:13  Col 1:11  Deut 4:40 

26 No one is like the God of Jeshurun: he rides the heavens to your rescue, rides the clouds in his majesty!
Exod 15:11  Ps 104:3  Hab 3:8  Isa 43:11-13  Jer 10:6  Deut 32:15  Isa 19:1 

27 The God of old is your refuge, his the eternal arm which here below drives the enemy before you; he it is who says, 'Destroy!'
Ps 18:2  Ps 91:9  Ps 91:1-2  Isa 25:4  Ps 90:1-2  Ps 46:1  Rom 16:20 

28 Israel rests trustfully. The well-spring of Jacob is chosen out for a land of corn and wine; there heaven itself rains down dew.
Num 23:9  Gen 27:28  Jer 23:6  Deut 33:13  Isa 48:1  Ps 68:26  Deut 8:7-8 

29 Blessed are you, O Israel! Who is like you, O victorious people? Yahweh is the shield that protects you and the sword that leads you to triumph. Your enemies will try to corrupt you, but you yourself will trample on their backs.
2Sam 7:23  Isa 45:17  Ps 115:9-11  Deut 4:7-8  Deut 32:13  Gen 15:1  Hab 3:19