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1 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,

2 'Son of man, say, "Lord Yahweh says this to the land of Israel: Finished! The end is coming for the four corners of the country.
Amos 8:2  Amos 8:10  1Pet 4:7  Ezek 7:3  Ezek 7:5-6  Ezek 11:13  Lam 4:18 

3 This is the end for you; I shall unleash my anger on you, and judge you as your conduct deserves and call you to account for all your loathsome practices.
Ezek 5:13  Ezek 18:30  Ezek 6:3-7  Ezek 6:12-13  Ezek 7:8-9  Ezek 7:27  Ezek 11:10-11 

4 I shall show you no pity, I shall not spare you; I shall repay you for your conduct and for the loathsome practices in which you persist. Then you will know that I am Yahweh.
Ezek 5:11  Ezek 6:7  Ezek 11:21  Ezek 6:14  Ezek 7:27  Ezek 9:10  Ezek 16:43 

5 "The Lord Yahweh says this: Disaster, a unique disaster, is coming.
2Kgs 21:12-13  Ezek 5:9  Nah 1:9  Amos 3:2  Dan 9:12  Matt 24:21 

6 The end is coming, the end is coming, it is on the move towards you, it is coming now.
Zech 13:7  2Pet 2:5  Ezek 7:3  Ezek 7:10  Ezek 21:25  Ezek 39:8  Jer 44:27 

7 Now it is your turn, you who dwell in this country. Doom is coming, the day is near; no joy now, only tumult, on the mountains.
Ezek 7:12  Ezek 12:23-25  Ezek 12:28  Isa 22:5  1Pet 4:17  Amos 4:13  Gen 19:15 

8 Now I shall soon vent my fury on you and sate my anger on you: I shall judge you as your conduct deserves and repay you for all your loathsome practices.
Ezek 9:8  Ezek 14:19  Ezek 20:8  Ezek 20:21  Isa 42:25  Nah 1:6  Ezek 20:13 

9 I shall show neither pity nor mercy, but shall repay you for your conduct and the loathsome practices in which you persist. Then you will know that I am Yahweh and that I strike.
Gal 6:7  Isa 9:13  Mic 6:9  Rev 20:13 

10 "Now is the day, your turn has come, it has come, it appears, the sceptre has blossomed, pride is at its peak.
Isa 10:5  1Thess 5:3  Dan 4:37  Ezek 7:6  Ezek 19:14  Ezek 21:10  Ezek 21:13 

11 Violence has risen to become the scourge of wickedness . . .
Zeph 1:18  Ezek 7:23  Isa 59:6-8  Amos 3:10  Amos 6:3  Ezek 5:4  Ezek 5:11 

12 Doom is coming, the day is near. Neither should buyer rejoice, nor seller regret, for the fury rests on everyone alike.
Isa 5:13-14  1Cor 7:29-31  Ezek 6:11-12  Ezek 7:5-7  Ezek 7:10  Jas 5:8-9  Ezek 7:13-14 

13 The seller will not be able to go back on his bargain; each persists in his sins; they take no defensive measures.
Lev 25:24-28  Lev 25:31  Eccl 8:8  Ezek 13:22  Ezek 33:26-27  Job 15:25  Ps 52:7 

14 The trumpet sounds, all is ready, but no one goes into battle, since my fury rests on all alike.
Jer 4:5  Ezek 7:11-12  Isa 24:1-7  Jer 6:1  Jer 6:11  Jer 7:20  Jer 51:27 

15 "Outside, the sword; inside, plague and famine. Whoever is living in the countryside will die by the sword; whoever is living in the city will be devoured by famine and plague.
Jer 14:18  Ezek 5:12  Lam 1:20  Deut 32:23-25  Ezek 6:12  Jer 15:2-3 

16 And those who escape will escape to the mountains and there, like doves of the valleys, I shall slaughter them all, each one for his sin.
Ezra 9:15  Isa 38:14  Isa 59:11  Isa 37:31  Ezek 6:8-9  Ezek 36:31  Isa 1:9 

17 Every hand will grow limp, every knee turn to water.
Ezek 21:7  Heb 12:12  Jer 6:24  Ezek 22:14  Isa 13:7-8 

18 They will put on sackcloth, each one trembling. Every face will be ashamed and every head be shaved.
Amos 8:10  Isa 15:2-3  Ezek 27:31  Isa 3:24  Job 21:6  Gen 15:12  Jer 3:25 

19 They will throw their silver away in the streets and their gold they will regard as a pollution; neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of Yahweh's fury. Never again will they have enough to eat, never again will they fill their bellies, since that was the occasion for their guilt.
Prov 11:4  Zeph 1:18  Ezek 14:3-4  Ezek 14:7  Ezek 44:12  Isa 2:20  Isa 30:22 

20 They used to pride themselves on the beauty of their jewellery, out of which they made their loathsome images, their horrors; so now I have made it pollute them.
Ezek 24:21  Jer 7:30  Ezek 8:7-10  Ezek 8:15-16  Ezek 9:7  Isa 64:11  1Chr 29:1-2 

21 I shall hand it over as plunder to foreigners, as loot to the most evil people on earth. They will profane it.
2Kgs 24:13  Ps 74:2-8  2Chr 36:18-19  2Kgs 25:9  2Kgs 25:13-16  Jer 52:13-23  Ps 79:1 

22 I shall turn my face away from them, while my treasure-house is profaned and robbers will force their way in and profane it.
Jer 18:17  Ezek 39:23-24  Ps 10:11  Ps 35:22  Ps 74:10-11  Ps 74:18-23 

23 "Forge yourself a chain; for the country is full of bloody executions and the city full of deeds of violence,
Ezek 9:9  Jer 27:2  2Kgs 21:16  Ezek 11:6  Hos 4:2  2Kgs 24:4  Ezek 8:17 

24 so I shall bring the cruellest of the nations to seize their houses. I shall put an end to the pride of their e'lite, and their sanctuary will be profaned.
Ezek 28:7  Ezek 21:31  Ezek 33:28  2Chr 7:19-20  Ezek 21:2  Ezek 24:21  Hab 1:6-10 

25 Terror is on the way: they will look for peace and there will be none.
Ezek 13:10  Ezek 13:16  Isa 57:21  Isa 59:8-12  Jer 8:15-16  Lam 4:17-18  Mic 1:12 

26 Disaster will follow on disaster, rumour on rumour; they will pester the prophet for a vision; the priest will be at a loss over the law and the elders on how to advise.
Jer 4:20  Ezek 14:1  Mic 3:6  Ps 74:9  Ezek 20:1-3  Jer 18:18  Jer 21:2 

27 The king will go into mourning, the prince be plunged in grief, the hands of the country people tremble. I shall treat them as their conduct deserves, and judge them as their own verdicts merit. Then they will know that I am Yahweh!" '
Ezek 7:4-8  1Kgs 20:28  Ezek 12:10-22  Ezek 17:15-21  Ezek 18:30  Ezek 21:25  Ezek 26:16