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1 Then, in vision I saw that above the solid surface over the heads of the winged creatures there was above them something like sapphire, which seemed to be like a throne.
Exod 24:10  Rev 4:2-3  1Pet 3:22  Eph 1:20  Ezek 1:22-26  Ezek 10:20  Ezek 11:22 

2 He then said to the man dressed in linen, 'Go in between the wheels below the winged creatures; take a handful of burning coal from between the winged creatures and scatter it over the city.' He went in as I watched.
Rev 8:5  Ezek 1:13  Exod 9:8-10  Ezek 1:15-20  Ezek 9:2-3  Ezek 10:7-13  Ezek 10:16 

3 The winged creatures were on the right of the Temple as the man went in, and the cloud filled the inner court.
Ezek 8:16  Ezek 9:3  Ezek 43:4 

4 The glory of Yahweh rose from above the winged creatures, towards the threshold of the Temple; the Temple was filled by the cloud and the court was full of the brightness of the glory of Yahweh.
Ezek 1:28  Ezek 9:3  2Chr 5:13-14  Exod 40:35  Ezek 10:18  Ezek 11:22-23  1Kgs 8:10-12 

5 The noise of the winged creatures' wings could be heard even in the outer court, like the voice of God Almighty when he speaks.
Ezek 1:24  Job 40:9  1Kgs 7:9  2Chr 4:9  Deut 4:12-13  Exod 19:16  Exod 19:19 

6 When he had given the order to the man dressed in linen, 'Take the fire from between the wheels, between the winged creatures,' the man went in and stood by one of the wheels.
Ezek 10:2  Ps 80:1  Ps 99:1 

7 One of the winged creatures then reached his hand out towards the fire between the winged creatures, took some of it and put it into the hands of the man dressed in linen, who took it and came out again.
Ezek 1:13  Ezek 10:6  Ezek 41:23-26  Matt 13:41-42  Matt 13:49-50  Matt 24:34-35 

8 There appeared to be what looked like a human hand under the winged creatures' wings.
Ezek 1:8  Ezek 10:21  Isa 6:6 

9 And I looked, and there were four wheels beside the winged creatures, one wheel beside each winged creature, and the appearance of the wheels was like the sparkle of chrysolite.
Dan 10:6  Rev 21:20  Ezek 1:15-17 

10 In appearance, all four looked alike, as though each wheel had another wheel inside it.
Ezek 1:16  Ps 36:6  Ps 97:2  Ps 104:24  Rom 11:33 

11 In whichever of the four directions they moved, they did not need to turn as they moved, but whichever way the head was facing there they followed; they did not turn as they moved,
Ezek 1:17  Ezek 10:22  Ezek 1:20  Matt 8:8-10 

12 and their entire bodies, their backs, their hands, their wings, as well as the wheels, had eyes all the way round (the wheels of all four).
Ezek 1:18  Rev 4:6  Rev 4:8 

13 In my hearing, these wheels were called 'galgal'.

14 Each had four faces; the first was a winged creature's face, the second a human face, the third a lion's face and the fourth an eagle's face.
1Kgs 7:36  Rev 4:7  1Kgs 7:29  Ezek 10:21  Ezek 1:6-10 

15 The winged creatures rose; this was the being I had seen by the River Chebar.
Ezek 1:5  Ezek 1:3  Ezek 1:13-14  Ezek 8:6  Ezek 10:18-20  Ezek 11:22  Ezek 43:3 

16 When the winged creatures moved, the wheels moved beside them; and when the winged creatures raised their wings to leave the ground, the wheels did not turn beside them.
Ezek 1:19-21 

17 When the former halted the latter halted; when the former rose, the latter rose with them, since they shared the same living spirit.
Ezek 1:20-21  Ezek 1:12  Gen 2:7  Rev 11:11  Rom 8:2 

18 The glory of Yahweh then came out over the Temple threshold and paused over the winged creatures.
Ps 18:10  2Kgs 2:11  Ezek 7:20-22  Ezek 10:3-4  Gen 3:24  Hos 9:12  Jer 6:8 

19 These raised their wings and rose from the ground as I watched, and the wheels were beside them. They paused at the entrance to the east gate of the Temple of Yahweh, with the glory of the God of Israel over them, above.
Ezek 1:17-21  Ezek 1:26-28  Ezek 8:16  Ezek 10:1  Ezek 11:1  Ezek 11:22-23  Ezek 43:4 

20 This was the winged creature I had seen beneath the God of Israel by the River Chebar; I knew that they were winged creatures.
Ezek 1:1  Ezek 10:15  1Kgs 6:29-35  1Kgs 7:36  Ezek 1:5  Ezek 1:22-28  Ezek 3:23 

21 Each had four faces and four wings and what seemed to be human hands under their wings.
Ezek 1:6  Ezek 10:14  Ezek 41:18-19  Ezek 1:8-10  Rev 4:7 

22 Their faces were like those I had seen by the River Chebar. Each one moved straight forward.
Ezek 1:10  Ezek 10:11  Ezek 1:12  Hos 14:9