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1 In the eleventh year, on the first of the month, the word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,
Ezek 20:1  Ezek 1:2  Ezek 8:1  Jer 39:2 

2 'Son of man, since Tyre has said of Jerusalem: "Aha! She is shattered, the Gateway to the Nations; she now gives way to me. Her riches are ruined!"
Isa 23:1-18  Ezek 36:2  Jer 25:22  Joel 3:4  2Sam 5:11  Acts 2:5-10  Amos 1:9-10 

3 Very well, the Lord Yahweh says this, "Now, Tyre, I am against you,
Jer 51:42  Isa 5:30  Mic 4:11  Ezek 5:8  Ezek 21:3  Ezek 27:26  Ezek 27:32-34 

4 I shall raise many nations against you as the sea raises its waves. They will destroy the walls of Tyre, they will demolish her towers; I shall sweep the dust of her away and reduce her to a naked rock.
Amos 1:10  Isa 23:11  Ezek 26:9  Ezek 24:7-8  Ezek 26:12  Jer 5:10  Lev 14:41-45 

5 She will be a drying-ground out to sea for fishing-nets. For I have spoken- declares Lord Yahweh. She will be the prey of the nations.
Ezek 29:19  Ezek 25:7  Ezek 26:19  Ezek 27:32  Ezek 47:10  Ezek 26:14 

6 As for her daughters on the mainland, these will be put to the sword, and they will know that I am Yahweh."
Ezek 16:46  Ezek 26:8  Ezek 16:48  Ezek 25:5  Ezek 25:7  Ezek 25:11  Ezek 25:14 

7 'For the Lord Yahweh says this, "From the north, I shall bring Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, king of kings, down on Tyre with horses, chariots, cavalry and an enormous army.
Dan 2:37  Ezra 7:12  Nah 2:3-4  Ezek 23:24  Dan 2:47  Hos 8:10  Isa 10:8 

8 He will put your daughters on the mainland to the sword. He will build siege-works against you, cast up a siege-ramp against you, raise a screen against you;
Ezek 21:22  Jer 6:6  Jer 32:24  Jer 52:4  2Sam 20:15 

9 he will pound your walls with his battering-rams, and demolish your towers with his siege-engines.
2Chr 26:15 

10 His horses are so many that their dust will hide you. The noise of his horsemen and his chariot-wheels will make your walls tremble as he enters your gates as though storming into a city through the breach.
Ezek 26:15  Ezek 27:28  Jer 47:3  Ezek 26:7  Jer 4:13  Josh 6:5  Josh 6:20 

11 With his horses' hoofs he will trample through all your streets; he will put your people to the sword, and throw your massive pillars to the ground.
Isa 5:28  Isa 26:5  Hab 1:8  Jer 43:13  Jer 51:27 

12 Your wealth will be seized, your merchandise looted, your walls rased, your luxurious houses shattered, your stones, your timbers, your very dust, thrown into the sea.
Isa 23:8  2Chr 32:27  Amos 5:11  Zech 9:3-4  2Chr 36:10  Dan 11:8  Ezek 26:5 

13 I shall put an end to the sound of your songs; the sound of your harps will not be heard again.
Isa 23:16  Jer 7:34  Isa 14:11  Isa 24:8-9  Jer 16:9  Jer 25:10  Amos 6:4-7 

14 I shall reduce you to a naked rock, and make you into a drying-ground for fishing-nets, never to be rebuilt; for I, Yahweh, have spoken -declares the Lord Yahweh."
Job 12:14  Mal 1:4  Deut 13:16  Ezek 26:4-5  Isa 14:27  Num 23:19  Ezek 5:13 

15 'The Lord Yahweh says this to Tyre, "Will not the islands quake at the sound of your fall, while the wounded groan and the slaughter takes place inside you?
Ezek 27:35  Jer 49:21  Ezek 26:18  Ezek 31:16  Ezek 27:28  Ezek 32:10  Heb 12:26-27 

16 All the princes of the sea will leave their thrones, lay aside their cloaks, take off their embroidered robes. Dressed in terror they will sit on the ground trembling incessantly, stunned at your fate.
Ezek 32:10  Hos 11:10  Job 8:22  Jonah 3:6  1Pet 5:5  Isa 3:26  Ps 35:26 

17 "They will raise the lament for you as follows: You are destroyed then, vanished from the seas, famous city, former sea-power, who with her citizens, used to spread terror all over the mainland!
Isa 14:12  Ezek 19:1  2Sam 1:25-27  Ezek 19:14  Ezek 27:2-36  Ezek 32:2  Ezek 32:16 

18 Now the islands are trembling on the day of your fall; the islands of the sea are terrified by your end.
Ezek 26:15  Isa 23:5-7  Ezek 27:28-30  Ezek 27:35  Isa 23:10-12  Isa 41:5 

19 "For the Lord Yahweh says this: "When I make you a ruined city like other deserted cities, when I raise the deep against you and the ocean covers you,
Ezek 26:3  Isa 8:7-8  Dan 9:26  Dan 11:40  Rev 17:15 

20 when I fling you down with those who go down into the abyss, with the people of long ago, and put you deep in the underworld, in the ruins of long ago with those who sink into oblivion, so that you can never come back or be restored to the land of the living,
Ps 27:13  Ezek 28:25-26  Zech 2:8  Amos 9:2  Ezek 32:18-32  Ezek 34:1-31  Ezek 39:7 

21 I will make you an object of terror; you will not exist. People will look for you but never find you again -- declares the Lord Yahweh!" '
Ezek 27:36  Ezek 28:19  Rev 18:21  Ps 37:36  Ezek 26:14-16  Jer 51:64