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1 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,

2 'Son of man, say to the ruler of Tyre, "The Lord Yahweh says this: Because your heart has grown proud, you thought: I am a god; I am divinely enthroned far out to sea. Though you are human, not divine, you have allowed yourself to think like God.
Ezek 28:9  2Thess 2:4  Isa 31:3  Isa 14:13-14  Ps 9:20  1Pet 5:5  1Tim 3:6 

3 So, you are wiser than Danel; no sage as wise as you!
Dan 1:20  Dan 5:11-12  Dan 2:22  1Kgs 4:29-32  1Kgs 10:3  Dan 2:27-28  Dan 2:47-48 

4 By your wisdom and your intelligence you have made yourself a fortune, you have put gold and silver into your treasuries.
Deut 8:17-18  Eccl 9:11  Ezek 29:3  Hab 1:16  Prov 18:11  Prov 23:4-5  Zech 9:2-4 

5 Such is your skill in trading, your fortune has continued to increase, and your fortune has made your heart grow prouder.
Hos 13:6  Ps 52:7  Ps 62:10  Ezek 28:2  Hos 12:7-8  1Tim 6:17  Dan 4:37 

6 "And so, the Lord Yahweh says this: Since you have allowed yourself to think like God,
Ezek 28:2  Exod 9:17  1Cor 10:22  2Thess 2:4  Jas 1:11  Job 9:4  Job 40:9-12 

7 very well, I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most barbarous of the nations. They will draw sword against your fine wisdom, they will desecrate your splendour,
Ezek 31:12  Ezek 30:11  Ezek 32:12  Hab 1:6-8  Amos 3:6  Dan 7:7  Deut 28:49-50 

8 they will throw you down into the grave and you will die a violent death far out to sea.
Ezek 27:26-27  Ezek 27:34  Ezek 32:18-30  Isa 38:17  Job 17:16  Job 33:18  Job 33:28 

9 Will you still think: I am a god, when your slaughterers confront you? But you will be human, not divine, in the clutches of the ones who strike you down!
Ezek 28:2  Isa 31:3  Ps 82:7  Acts 12:22-23  Dan 4:31-32  Dan 5:23-30 

10 You will die like the uncircumcised at the hand of foreigners. "For I have spoken -- declares the Lord Yahweh." '
Ezek 31:18  Ezek 32:19  1Sam 17:26  1Sam 17:36  Ezek 32:21  Acts 7:51  Ezek 11:9 

11 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,

12 'Son of man, raise a lament for the king of Tyre. Say to him, "The Lord Yahweh says this: You used to be a model of perfection, full of wisdom, perfect in beauty;
Ezek 19:1  Ezek 26:17  Ezek 27:2-4  1Cor 1:19-20  1Cor 3:19  2Chr 35:25  2Cor 1:22 

13 you were in Eden, in the garden of God. All kinds of gem formed your mantle: sard, topaz, diamond, chrysolite, onyx, jasper, sapphire, garnet, emerald, and your ear-pendants and spangles were made of gold; all was ready on the day you were created.
Ezek 27:16  Ezek 31:8-9  Gen 2:8  Exod 28:17-20  Exod 39:10-21  Ezek 21:30  Ezek 27:22 

14 I made you a living creature with outstretched wings, as guardian, you were on the holy mountain of God; you walked amid red-hot coals.
Exod 25:17-20  Exod 30:26  Exod 40:9  Ezek 20:40  Ezek 28:13  Rev 18:16  2Thess 2:4 

15 Your behaviour was exemplary from the day you were created until guilt first appeared in you,
Ezek 28:17-18  Gen 1:26-27  2Pet 2:4  Eccl 7:29  Ezek 27:3-4  Ezek 28:3-6  Ezek 28:12 

16 because your busy trading has filled you with violence and sin. I have thrown you down from the mountain of God and destroyed you, guardian winged creature, amid the coals.
Hab 2:8  Hab 2:17  1Tim 6:9-10  Ezek 8:17  Gen 3:24  2Pet 2:4-6  Amos 3:9 

17 Your heart has grown proud because of your beauty, your wisdom has been corrupted by your splendour. I have thrown you to the ground; I have made you a spectacle for kings.
Ezek 28:2  Ezek 28:5  Ezek 31:10  1Cor 1:19-21  Ezek 16:14-15  Ezek 16:41  Ezek 23:48 

18 By the immense number of your crimes, by the dishonesty of your trading, you have defiled your sanctuary. So I have brought fire out of you to devour you; I have reduced you to ashes on the ground before the eyes of all who saw you.
Mal 4:3  Amos 1:9-10  Rev 18:8  2Pet 2:6  Amos 1:14  Amos 2:2  Amos 2:5 

19 Of the nations, all who know you are stunned at your fate. You are an object of terror; gone for ever." '
Ezek 26:21  Ezek 26:14  Ezek 27:35-36  Isa 14:16-19  Jer 51:63-64  Ps 76:12  Rev 18:9-10 

20 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,

21 'Son of man, turn towards Sidon and prophesy against her.
Ezek 6:2  Gen 10:15  Ezek 25:2  Ezek 27:8  Jer 25:22  Ezek 29:2  Ezek 32:30 

22 Say, "The Lord Yahweh says this: I am against you, Sidon, I will show my glory in you! They will know I am Yahweh, once I execute sentence on her and display my holiness in her.
Ezek 39:13  Exod 14:4  Exod 14:17  Ezek 20:41  1Sam 17:45-47  Exod 9:16  Exod 15:21 

23 For I shall send her the plague, and there will be blood in her streets, and in her the dead will fall under the sword raised against her from all sides, and they will know that I am Yahweh.
Ezek 38:22  Ezek 5:12  Ezek 25:7  Ezek 25:11  Ezek 25:17  Ezek 26:6  Jer 15:2 

24 "No more, for the House of Israel, shall any of the hostile nations surrounding them be a thorn that wounds or a briar that tears; and they will know that I am Yahweh.
Josh 23:13  Num 33:55  2Cor 12:7  Isa 55:13  Ezek 2:6  Ezek 28:23  Ezek 28:26 

25 "The Lord Yahweh says this: When I gather the House of Israel back from the peoples where they are dispersed, I shall display my glory in them for the nations to see. They will live on the soil which I gave to my servant Jacob.
Ezek 20:41  Ezek 11:17  Ezek 37:25  Jer 23:8  Jer 32:37  Ps 106:47  Ezek 28:22 

26 They will live there in confidence, build houses, plant vineyards. They will live in safety, once I inflict punishments on all the hostile nations surrounding them, and they will know that I am Yahweh their God." '
Ezek 28:24  Ezek 28:22  Ezek 38:8  Jer 32:15  Amos 9:13-14  Ezek 34:25-28  Deut 12:10