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1 In the eleventh year, on the first day of the third month, the word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,
Ezek 30:20  Jer 52:5-6  Ezek 1:2 

2 'Son of man, say to Pharaoh king of Egypt and his throng of subjects: "What can compare with you for greatness?
Ezek 29:19  Ezek 30:10  Ezek 31:18  Isa 14:13-14  Jer 1:5  Jer 1:17  Nah 3:8-10 

3 I know: a cedar tree in the Lebanon with noble branches, dense foliage, lofty height. Its top pierces the clouds.
Isa 10:33-34  Dan 4:10  Dan 4:20-23  Ezek 17:3-4  Ezek 17:22  Judg 9:15  Dan 4:12 

4 The waters have made it grow, the deep has made it tall, pouring its rivers round the place where it is planted, sending rivulets to all the wild trees.
Ezek 17:5  Ezek 17:8  Rev 17:1  Rev 17:15  Jer 51:36  Prov 14:28 

5 This is why its height was greater than that of other wild trees, its branches increased in number, its boughs stretched wide, because of the plentiful waters making it grow.
Dan 4:11  Ezek 17:5  Isa 10:8-14  Isa 36:4  Isa 36:18-19  Isa 37:11-13  Ps 1:3 

6 All the birds of heaven nested in its branches; under its boughs all wild animals dropped their young; in its shade sat many, many people.
Ezek 17:23  Dan 4:12  Dan 4:21  Matt 13:32 

7 It was beautiful in its size, in the span of its boughs; for its roots were in plentiful waters.

8 There was no cedar like it in the garden of God, no cypress had branches such as these, no plane tree could match its boughs, no tree in the garden of God could rival its beauty.
Ezek 28:13  Gen 13:10  Isa 51:3  Ps 80:10  Ezek 31:16  Ezek 31:18  Gen 2:8-9 

9 I had made it so lovely with its many branches that it was the envy of every tree in Eden, in the garden of God.
Ezek 28:13  Gen 13:10  Isa 51:3  1Sam 18:15  Dan 2:21  Dan 2:37-38  Dan 4:22-25 

10 "Very well, the Lord Yahweh says this: "Since it has raised itself to its full height, has lifted its top into the clouds, and has grown arrogant about its height,
Dan 5:20  Ezek 28:17  2Chr 32:25  2Chr 25:19  Dan 4:30  Ezek 31:14  Isa 10:12 

11 I have handed it over to the prince of the nations, for him to treat as its wickedness deserves; I have rejected it.
Dan 5:18-19  Deut 18:12  Ezek 32:11-12  Nah 3:18  1Tim 1:20  Ezek 11:9  Ezek 21:31 

12 Foreigners, the most barbarous of nations, have cut it down and deserted it. On the mountains, in all the valleys, lie its branches; its broken boughs are in every ravine throughout the country; everybody in the country has fled its shade and deserted it.
Ezek 28:7  Ezek 35:8  Ezek 30:11  Hab 1:6  Nah 3:17-18  Dan 4:12-14  Ezek 32:4-5 

13 On its wreckage perch all the birds of heaven; all the wild animals have advanced on its branches.
Ezek 32:4  Ezek 29:5  Isa 18:6  Rev 19:17-18 

14 "So in future let no tree rear its height beside the waters, none push its top into the clouds, no watered tree stretch its height towards them. For all of them are doomed to death, to the depths of the underworld, with the common run of humanity, with those who sink into oblivion.
Ezek 26:20  Ps 82:7  1Cor 10:11  2Pet 2:6  Dan 4:32  Dan 5:22-23  Deut 13:11 

15 "The Lord Yahweh says this: The day it went down to Sheol, I imposed mourning, I closed the deep over it. I stopped its rivers and the plentiful waters dried up; I made Lebanon dark because of it, and all the wild trees wilted because of it.
Mal 3:4  Nah 2:8-10  Rev 18:9-11  Rev 18:18-19 

16 With the noise when it fell I made the nations quake, as I hurled it down to Sheol, with those who sink into oblivion. In the depths of the underworld all the trees of Eden took comfort, the pick of the loveliest trees of the Lebanon, all irrigated by the waters.
Isa 14:15  Ezek 26:15  Isa 14:8  Ezek 27:28  Ezek 31:9  Hab 2:17  Hag 2:7 

17 And its offspring among the nations, once living in its shade, went down to Sheol with it, to those who have been slaughtered by the sword.
Ezek 31:6  Ps 9:17  Ezek 31:3  Dan 4:11-12  Ezek 30:6-8  Ezek 30:21-25  Ezek 32:20-31 

18 "Which of the trees of Eden compares with you for glory and greatness? Yet you have been hurled down with the trees of Eden, to the depths of the underworld, among the uncircumcised, and there you lie with those who have been slaughtered by the sword. So much for Pharaoh and all his throng-- declared the Lord Yahweh."'
Ezek 32:19  Ezek 32:21  Ezek 28:10  Ezek 31:2  Ezek 31:16  Jer 9:25-26  Matt 13:19