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1 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,

2 'Son of man, speak to the people of your country. Say to them, "When I send the sword against the people of that country, take one of their number and post him as a watchman;
Ezek 3:11  Ezek 33:17  Ezek 33:30  Ezek 14:17  Zech 13:7  2Kgs 9:17-20  2Sam 18:24-27 

3 if he sees the sword coming against the country, he must sound his horn to warn the people.
Hos 8:1  Neh 4:20  Isa 58:1  Joel 2:1  Neh 4:18  Ezek 33:8-9  Jer 4:5 

4 If someone hears the sound of the horn but pays no attention and the sword overtakes him and destroys him, he will have been responsible for his own death.
Ezek 18:13  2Chr 25:16  Acts 18:6  Ezek 33:9  Jer 6:17  Ezek 33:5  Zech 1:2-4 

5 He has heard the sound of the horn and paid no attention; his death will be his own responsibility. But the life of someone who pays attention will be secure.
Exod 9:19-21  Heb 11:7  2Kgs 6:10  Acts 2:37-41  Heb 2:1-3  Isa 51:2  John 8:39 

6 "If, however, the watchman has seen the sword coming but has not blown his horn, and so the people are not alerted and the sword overtakes them and destroys a single one of them, that person will indeed die for his guilt, but I shall hold the watchman responsible for his death."
Ezek 3:18-20  2Sam 4:11  Ezek 33:8-9  Ezek 18:20  Ezek 18:24  Ezek 34:10  Gen 9:5 

7 'Son of man I have appointed you as watchman for the House of Israel. When you hear a word from my mouth, warn them from me.
Jer 26:2  Ezek 3:17-21  Acts 5:20  Ezek 2:7-8  Jer 1:17  1Thess 4:1-2  Heb 13:17 

8 If I say to someone wicked, "Evil- doer, you are to die," and you do not speak to warn the wicked person to renounce such ways, the wicked person will die for this guilt, but I shall hold you responsible for the death.
Ezek 18:4  Ezek 33:14  Ezek 18:18  Ezek 18:20  Ezek 33:6  Isa 3:11  Acts 20:26-27 

9 If, however, you do warn someone wicked to renounce such ways and repent, and that person does not repent, then the culprit will die for this guilt, but you yourself will have saved your life.
Ezek 3:19  Acts 13:40  Acts 13:46  Ezek 3:21  1Thess 4:3-8  1Thess 5:14  2Cor 2:15-17 

10 'Son of man, say to the House of Israel, "You are continually saying: Our crimes and sins weigh heavily on us; we are wasting away because of them. How are we to go on living?"
Ezek 24:23  Ezek 37:11  Isa 49:14  Lev 26:39  Ezek 4:17  Isa 51:20  Jer 2:25 

11 Say to them, "As I live -- declares the Lord Yahweh -- I do not take pleasure in the death of the wicked but in the conversion of the wicked who changes his ways and saves his life. Repent, turn back from your evil ways. Why die, House of Israel?"
Ezek 18:23  1Tim 2:4  2Pet 3:9  Isa 55:6-7  Ezek 18:30-32  Acts 3:19  Hos 14:1 

12 'Son of man, say to the members of your nation, "The uprightness of an upright person will not save him once he takes to wrong-doing; the wickedness of a wicked person will not ruin him once he renounces his wickedness. No one upright will be able to live on the strength of uprightness, having once taken to sinning.
2Chr 7:14  Ezek 18:21  Ezek 33:18-19  Rom 3:25  1John 2:1  1Kgs 8:48-50  Ezek 3:20-21 

13 If I say to someone upright: You are to live, and then, trusting in this uprightness, he does wrong, none of the uprightness will be remembered; because of the wrong-doing, he will die.
Ezek 18:24  Heb 10:38  1John 2:19  2Pet 2:20-22  Ezek 3:20  Ezek 18:4  Luke 18:9-14 

14 If, however, I say to someone wicked: You are to die, and he turns back from sin and does what is lawful and upright,
Ezek 18:27  Ezek 33:8  Hos 14:1  Isa 55:7  Jer 18:7-8  Mic 6:8  Prov 28:13 

15 if he returns pledges, restores what he has stolen, keeps the laws that give life and no longer does wrong, he will live and will not die.
Ezek 20:11  Luke 19:8  Exod 22:1-4  Ezek 18:7  Lev 6:2-5  Lev 18:5  Amos 2:8 

16 None of his previous sins will be remembered against him; having done what is lawful and upright, he will live.
Ezek 18:22  Isa 43:25  Isa 1:18  1John 2:1-3  Isa 44:22  Mic 7:18-19  Rom 5:16 

17 "But the members of your nation say: What the Lord does is unjust. But it is what you do that is unjust.
Ezek 18:25  Ezek 18:29  Ezek 33:20  Job 35:2  Job 40:8  Luke 19:21-22  Matt 25:24-26 

18 When an upright person gives up being upright and does wrong, he dies for it.
Ezek 33:12-13  2Pet 2:20-22  Ezek 18:26-27  Heb 10:38  Ezek 3:20 

19 And when a wicked person gives up being wicked and does what is lawful and upright, because of this he lives.
Ezek 18:27-28  Ezek 33:14 

20 But you say: What the Lord does is unjust! I shall judge each of you by what you do, House of Israel." '
Ezek 18:25  2Cor 5:10  Eccl 12:14  Ezek 18:29-30  Ezek 33:17  John 5:29  Matt 16:27 

21 In the twelfth year of our captivity, on the fifth day of the tenth month, a fugitive arrived from Jerusalem and said to me, 'The city has been taken.'
2Kgs 25:10  Ezek 1:2  2Chr 36:17-21  2Kgs 24:4-7  2Kgs 25:4  Ezek 24:26-27  Ezek 32:1 

22 Now the hand of the Lord had been on me the evening before the fugitive arrived; he had opened my mouth before the fugitive came to me the next morning; my mouth had been opened and I was dumb no longer.
Ezek 1:3  Ezek 3:26-27  Ezek 24:26-27  Ezek 37:1  Ezek 3:22  Ezek 40:1  Luke 1:64 

23 The word of Yahweh was then addressed to me as follows,

24 'Son of man, the people living in those ruins on the soil of Israel say this, "Abraham was alone when he was given possession of this country. But we are many; the country has been given us as our heritage."
Acts 7:5  Ezek 33:27  Isa 51:2  Ezek 36:4  Jer 40:7  Luke 3:8  Jer 39:10 

25 'Very well, tell them, "The Lord Yahweh says this: You eat blood, you raise your eyes to your foul idols, you shed blood; are you to own the country?
Deut 12:16  Gen 9:4  Jer 7:9-10  Ezek 18:6  Ezek 22:6  Ezek 22:27  Lev 3:17 

26 You rely on your swords, you engage in loathsome practices, each of you defiles his neighbour's wife; are you to own the country?"
Gen 27:40  Mic 2:1-2  Zeph 3:3  1Kgs 11:5-7  1Pet 4:3  1Sam 2:30  Deut 4:25-26 

27 Tell them this, "The Lord Yahweh says this: As I live, I swear it, those in the ruins will fall to the sword, those in the countryside I shall give to the wild animals for them to eat, and those among the crags and in caves will die of plague.
1Sam 13:6  Jer 42:22  Ezek 39:4  1Sam 22:1  1Sam 23:14  1Sam 24:3  Ezek 5:12-17 

28 I shall make the country a desolate waste, and the pride of its strength will be at an end. The mountains of Israel will be deserted and no one will pass that way again.
Ezek 7:24  Ezek 6:14  Ezek 24:21  Jer 44:2  Jer 44:6  Jer 44:22  Mic 7:13 

29 Then they will know that I am Yahweh, when I make the country a desolate waste because of all the filthy things they have done."
Ezek 6:7  2Chr 36:14-17  2Kgs 17:9-18  Exod 14:18  Ezek 6:11  Ezek 7:27  Ezek 8:6-15 

30 'Son of man, the members of your nation are talking about you on the ramparts and in doorways. They keep saying to one another, "Come and hear the word that has come from Yahweh."
Matt 15:8  Isa 29:13  Isa 58:2  Jer 23:35  Jer 11:18-19  Jer 18:18  Jer 42:1-6 

31 They throng towards you; my people sit down in front of you and listen to your words, but they do not act on them. What they act on is the lie in their mouths, and their hearts are set on dishonest gain.
Matt 13:22  Isa 29:13  Ps 78:36-37  Ezek 8:1  Jas 1:22-24  Jas 2:14-16  Luke 6:48-49 

32 As far as they are concerned, you are like a love song pleasantly sung to a good musical accompaniment. They listen to your words, but no one acts on them.
Mark 6:20  John 5:35  Mark 4:16-17 

33 When the thing takes place -- and it is beginning now -- they will know that there has been a prophet among them.'
Ezek 2:5  Jer 28:9  1Sam 3:19-20  2Kgs 5:8  Ezek 33:29  Luke 10:11