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1 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,

2 'Son of man, turn towards Gog, to the country of Magog, towards the paramount prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him.
Ezek 39:1  Ezek 27:13  Gen 10:2  Ezek 38:3  Ezek 2:1  Ezek 6:2  1Chr 1:5 

3 Say, "The Lord Yahweh says this: I am against you, Gog, paramount prince of Meshech and Tubal.
Ezek 13:8  Ezek 29:3  Ezek 35:3  Ezek 39:1-10 

4 I shall turn you about, I shall fix hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your entire army, horses and horsemen, all perfectly equipped, a huge array armed with shields and bucklers, and all wielding swords.
Dan 11:40  Ezek 29:4  Ezek 38:15  2Kgs 19:28  Ezek 39:2  1Chr 12:8  2Chr 25:5 

5 Persia and Cush and Put are with them, all with buckler and helmet;
Ezek 27:10  Ezek 30:5  Gen 10:6  1Chr 1:8  Gen 10:8  Nah 3:9 

6 Gomer and all its troops, Beth-Togarmah in the far north and all its troops, and many nations with you.
Ezek 27:14  Gen 10:2-3  1Chr 1:5-6  Dan 11:40 

7 Be ready, be well prepared, you and all your troops and the others rallying to you, and hold yourself at my service.
Isa 8:9-10  2Chr 25:8  Amos 4:12  Isa 37:22  Jer 46:3-5  Jer 46:14-16  Jer 51:12 

8 "Many days will pass before you are given orders; in the final years you will march on this country, whose inhabitants will have been living in confidence, remote from other peoples, since they escaped the sword and were gathered in from various nations, here in the long-deserted mountains of Israel.
Ezek 38:16  Isa 24:22  Ezek 38:11-12  Ezek 34:13  Ezek 36:1-8  Jer 23:6  1Pet 2:9 

9 Like a storm you will approach, you will advance and cover the country like a cloud, you, all your troops and many nations with you.
Isa 28:2  Jer 4:13  Joel 2:2  Ezek 38:16  Isa 25:4  Dan 11:40  Ezek 13:11 

10 "The Lord Yahweh says this: That day, a thought will enter your mind and you will form a sinister plan.
Mic 2:1  Ps 36:4  1Cor 4:5  Acts 5:3  Acts 5:9  Acts 8:22  Isa 10:7 

11 You will think: I shall attack this undefended country and march on this peaceful nation living secure, all living in towns without walls or bars or gates.
Zech 2:4-5  Exod 15:9  Ezek 38:8  Isa 37:24-25  Jer 49:31-32  Judg 18:7  Judg 18:27 

12 You will come to plunder and loot and turn your might against the ruins they live in, against this people gathered back from the nations, these stock-breeders and traders who live at the Navel of the World.
Ezek 29:19  Ezek 38:8  Isa 10:6  Amos 1:8  Ezek 36:33-35  Isa 1:24-25  Jer 30:16 

13 Sheba and Dedan, the merchants and all the magnates of Tarshish will ask you: Have you come for plunder? Are you massing your troops with a view to looting? To make off with gold and silver, seize cattle and goods, and come away with unlimited spoil?"
Ezek 27:15  Ezek 27:12  Ezek 27:20  Ezek 27:22-23  Ezek 32:2  Ezek 19:3-6  Ezek 25:13 

14 'So, son of man, prophesy. Say to Gog, "The Lord Yahweh says this: Is it not true that you will set out at a time when my people Israel is living secure?
Ezek 38:8  Ezek 38:11  Zech 2:5  Jer 23:6  Zech 2:8  Ezek 37:28  Isa 4:1-2 

15 You will leave your home in the far north, you and many nations with you, a great army of countless troops all mounted.
Ezek 39:2  Ezek 38:6  Joel 3:2  Rev 16:14  Rev 16:16  Rev 20:8  Dan 11:40 

16 You will invade Israel, my people. You will be like a cloud covering the country. In the final days, I myself shall bring you to attack my country, so that the nations will know who I am, when I display my holiness to them, by means of you, Gog.
Ezek 38:23  Ezek 39:21  1Tim 4:1  Ezek 36:23  Hos 3:5  Mic 4:1  1Sam 17:45-47 

17 "The Lord Yahweh says this: It was of you that I spoke in the past through my servants the prophets of Israel, who prophesied in those days, foretelling your invasion.
Isa 34:1-6  Isa 63:1-6  Isa 66:15-16  Joel 3:9-14  Dan 11:40-45  Ezek 38:16  Isa 27:1 

18 The day Gog attacks the land of Israel -- declares the Lord Yahweh -- my furious wrath will boil up. In my anger,
Deut 32:22  Ezek 36:5-6  Heb 12:29  Nah 1:2  Ps 18:7-8  Ps 89:46 

19 in my jealousy, in the heat of my fury I say it: That day, I swear, there will be such a huge earthquake in the land of Israel,
Hag 2:6-7  Ezek 5:13  Joel 3:16  Rev 16:18  Deut 29:20  Ezek 39:25  Hag 2:21-22 

20 that the fish in the sea and the birds of heaven, the wild beasts, all the reptiles creeping along the ground, and all people on the surface of the earth will quake before me. Mountains will fall, cliffs crumble, all walls collapse, and
Hos 4:3  Nah 1:4-6  2Cor 10:4  Isa 30:25  Jer 4:23-26  Rev 6:12-13  Zech 14:4-5 

21 I shall summon every kind of sword against him -- declares the Lord Yahweh -- and each will turn his sword against his comrade.
1Sam 14:20  2Chr 20:23  Ezek 14:17  Hag 2:22  Judg 7:22  Ps 105:16 

22 I shall punish him with plague and bloodshed, and rain down torrential rain, hailstones, fire and brimstone on him, on his troops and on the many nations with him.
Ps 11:6  Ezek 13:11  Isa 28:17  Isa 66:16  Jer 25:31  Ps 18:12-14  Rev 16:21 

23 I shall display my greatness and holiness and bring the many nations to acknowledge me; and they will know that I am Yahweh." '
Ezek 36:23  Ezek 37:28  Ezek 38:16  Ps 9:16  Rev 19:1-6  Ezek 39:7  Ezek 39:13