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1 He took me to the Hekal and measured its piers: six cubits wide on the one side, six cubits wide on the other.
Ezek 40:2-3  Ezek 40:17  Ezek 41:23  1Kgs 6:2  1Pet 2:5  Eph 2:20-22  Ezek 40:9 

2 The width of the entrance was ten cubits, and the returns of the entrance were five cubits on the one side and five cubits on the other. He measured its length: forty cubits; and its width: twenty cubits.
1Kgs 6:2  1Kgs 6:17  2Chr 3:3  1Kgs 6:31-35  2Chr 3:7  2Chr 29:7  Exod 26:36 

3 He then went inside and measured the pier at the entrance: two cubits; then the entrance; six cubits; and the returns of the entrance: seven cubits.
Ezek 40:16 

4 He measured its length; twenty cubits; and its width against the Hekal: twenty cubits. He then said to me, 'This is the Holy of Holies.'
1Kgs 6:20  Heb 9:3-8  2Chr 3:8  Exod 26:33-34  1Kgs 6:5  1Kgs 6:16  Rev 21:16 

5 He then measured the wall of the Temple: six cubits. The width of the lateral structure was four cubits, all round the Temple.
1Kgs 6:5-6  Ezek 41:6-9  Ezek 42:3-14 

6 The cells were one above the other in three tiers of thirty cells each. The cells were recessed into the wall, the wall of the structure comprising the cells, all round, forming offsets; but there were no offsets in the wall of the Temple itself.
1Kgs 6:10  1Kgs 6:5-6  1Pet 1:5  Ezek 40:17 

7 The width of the cells increased, storey by storey, corresponding to the amount taken in from the wall from one storey to the next, all round the Temple.
1Kgs 6:8  Heb 6:1  Matt 13:32 

8 Then I saw that there was a paved terrace all round the Temple. The height of this, which formed the base of the side cells, was one complete rod of six cubits.
Ezek 40:5  Rev 21:16 

9 The outer wall of the side cells was five cubits thick. There was a passage between the cells of the Temple
Ezek 41:11  Ezek 42:1  Ezek 42:4 

10 and the rooms, twenty cubits wide, all round the Temple.
Ezek 40:17 

11 As a way in to the lateral cells on the passage there was one entrance on the north side and one entrance on the south side. The width of the passage was five cubits right round.
Ezek 41:9  Ezek 42:4 

12 The building on the west side of the court was seventy cubits wide, the wall of the building was five cubits thick all round and its length was ninety cubits.
Ezek 41:13-15  Ezek 42:1  Ezek 42:10  Ezek 42:13  Rev 21:27  Rev 22:14-15 

13 He measured the length of the Temple: a hundred cubits.
Ezek 40:47 

14 The length of the court plus the building and its walls: a hundred cubits.

15 He measured the length of the building, along the court, at the back, and its galleries on either side: a hundred cubits. The inside of the Hekal and the porches of the court,
Ezek 42:3  Ezek 42:1  Ezek 41:12  Ezek 41:17  Ezek 42:5  Ezek 42:15  Song 1:17 

16 the thresholds, the windows, the galleries on three sides, facing the threshold, were panelled with wood all round from floor to windows, and the windows were screened with latticework.
1Kgs 6:4  1Kgs 6:15  Ezek 40:16  Ezek 40:25  1Cor 13:12  2Chr 3:5  Ezek 41:25-26 

17 From the door to the inner part of the Temple, as well as outside, and on the wall all round, both inside and out,
Ezek 42:15 

18 were carved great winged creatures and palm trees, one palm tree between two winged creatures; each winged creature had two faces:
1Kgs 7:36  Ezek 40:16  2Chr 3:7  Ezek 10:21  Ezek 40:22  1Kgs 6:29-32  1Kgs 6:35 

19 a human face turned towards the palm tree on one side and the face of a lion towards the palm tree on the other side, throughout the Temple, all round.
Ezek 10:14  Ezek 1:10 

20 Winged creatures and palm trees were carved on the wall from the floor to above the entrance.
Ezek 41:18 

21 The doorposts of the Temple were square. In front of the sanctuary there was something like
Ezek 41:1  1Kgs 6:33  Ezek 40:14 

22 a wooden altar, three cubits high and two cubits square. Its corners, base and sides were of wood. He said to me, 'This is the table in the presence of Yahweh.'
Ezek 23:41  Ezek 44:16  Mal 1:7  Mal 1:12  1Kgs 6:20  Exod 30:1-3  Lev 24:6 

23 The Hekal had double doors and the sanctuary
1Kgs 6:31-35  2Chr 4:22  Ezek 41:1 

24 double doors. These doors had two hinged leaves, two leaves for the one door, two leaves for the other.
1Kgs 6:34  Ezek 40:48 

25 On them (on the doors of the Hekal), were carved great winged creatures and palm trees like those carved on the walls. There was a wooden porch roof on the front of the Ulam on the outside,
Ezek 41:18 

26 and windows with flanking palm trees on the sides of the Ulam, the cells to the side of the Temple and the porch-roofs.
Ezek 41:16  Ezek 40:16  Ezek 41:5