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1 He brought me back to the outer east gate of the sanctuary. It was shut.
Ezek 43:1  Ezek 40:6  Ezek 40:17  Ezek 42:14  2Chr 4:9  2Chr 20:5  2Chr 33:5 

2 Yahweh said to me, 'This gate will be kept shut. No one may open it or go through it, since Yahweh, God of Israel, has been through it. And so it must be kept shut.
Ezek 43:2-4  Exod 24:10  Isa 6:1-5 

3 The prince himself, however, may sit there to take his meal in the presence of Yahweh. He must enter and leave through the porch of the gate.'
Ezek 46:2  Ezek 34:24  Ezek 37:25  Gen 31:54  1Cor 10:18-33  2Chr 34:31  Exod 24:9-11 

4 He led me through the north gate to the front of the Temple. And then I looked; I saw the glory of Yahweh filling the Temple of Yahweh; and I fell to the ground.
Ezek 1:28  Ezek 3:23  Ezek 40:20  Ezek 43:3-5  Ezek 40:40  Hag 2:7  Isa 6:3-4 

5 Yahweh said to me, 'Son of man, pay attention, look carefully and listen closely to everything I explain; these are all the arrangements of the Temple of Yahweh and all its laws. Be careful about who is admitted to the Temple and who is excluded from the sanctuary.
Ezek 40:4  Ezek 43:10-11  Deut 12:32  Deut 32:46  1Chr 22:19  2Chr 11:16  Acts 8:36 

6 And say to the rebels of the House of Israel, "The Lord Yahweh says this: You have gone beyond all bounds with all your loathsome practices, House of Israel,
1Pet 4:3  Ezek 3:9  Ezek 45:9  Ezek 2:5-8  Ezek 3:26-27 

7 by admitting aliens, uncircumcised in heart and body, to frequent my sanctuary and profane my Temple, while offering my food, the fat and the blood, and breaking my covenant with all your loathsome practices.
Lev 22:25  Jer 9:26  Jer 4:4  Ezek 44:9  Gen 17:14  Lev 26:41  Acts 21:28 

8 Instead of maintaining the service of my holy things, you have deputed someone else to maintain my service in my sanctuary.
1Chr 23:32  1Tim 6:13  2Tim 4:1  Acts 7:53  Ezek 40:45-46  Ezek 44:14  Ezek 44:16 

9 The Lord Yahweh says this: No alien, uncircumcised in heart and body, may enter my sanctuary, none of the aliens living among the Israelites.
Ezek 44:7  Joel 3:17  Zech 14:21  John 3:3-5  Mark 16:16  Ps 50:16  Ps 93:5 

10 "As regards the Levites who abandoned me when Israel strayed far from me by following its idols, they must bear the weight of their own sin.
Ezek 22:26  Ezek 48:11  2Kgs 23:8-9  Ezek 44:15  1Tim 5:22  2Chr 29:4-5  Gen 4:13 

11 They must be servants in my sanctuary, responsible for guarding the Temple gates and serving the Temple. They will kill the burnt offerings and the sacrifice for the people, and hold themselves at the service of the people.
Num 16:9  2Chr 29:34  1Chr 26:1-19  2Chr 30:17  Ezek 40:45  Ezek 44:14  Num 18:6 

12 Since they used to be at their service in front of their idols and were an occasion of guilt for the House of Israel, very well, I stretch out my hand against them -- declares the Lord Yahweh -- they will bear the weight of their guilt.
2Kgs 16:10-16  Ezek 14:3-4  Ps 106:26  Ezek 20:15  Ezek 20:23  Ezek 44:10  1Sam 2:29-30 

13 They may never approach me again to perform the priestly office in my presence, nor touch my holy things and my most holy things; they must bear the disgrace of their loathsome practices.
Num 18:3  2Kgs 23:9  Ezek 16:61  Ezek 32:20  Ezek 36:7 

14 I shall give them the responsibility of serving the Temple; I shall make them responsible for serving it and for everything to be done in it.
1Chr 23:28-32  Num 18:4 

15 "As regards the levitical priests, the sons of Zadok, who maintained the service of my sanctuary when the Israelites strayed far from me, they will approach me to serve me; they will stand in my presence to offer me the fat and blood -- declares the Lord Yahweh.
Ezek 40:46  Ezek 43:19  Ezek 44:7  Ezek 48:11  Deut 10:8  Lev 3:16-17  Lev 17:5-6 

16 They will enter my sanctuary and approach my table to serve me; they will maintain my service.
Ezek 41:22  Mal 1:7  Mal 1:12  Num 18:7-8  Deut 33:8-10  Num 18:5  Rev 1:6 

17 Once they enter the gates of the inner court, they must wear linen vestments; they must wear no wool when they serve inside the gates of the inner court and in the Temple.
Rev 19:8  Exod 28:43  Exod 39:27-29  Exod 28:39-40  Lev 16:4  Rev 4:4 

18 They must wear linen caps on their heads and linen breeches on their loins; they may not wear anything round their waists that makes them sweat.
1Cor 11:4-10  1Cor 14:40  Exod 28:40-43  Exod 39:28  Isa 3:20  Lev 16:4 

19 When they go out to the people in the outer court, they must remove the vestments in which they have performed the liturgy and leave them in the rooms of the Holy Place, and put on other clothes, so as not to hallow the people with their vestments.
Ezek 46:20  Lev 6:27  Lev 6:10-11  Exod 29:37  Exod 30:29  1Cor 3:5-6  Ezek 42:13-14 

20 They may neither shave their heads nor let their hair grow long, but must cut their hair carefully.
Num 6:5  1Cor 11:14  Deut 14:1  Lev 21:5-24 

21 No priest may drink wine on the day he enters the inner court.
Lev 10:9  1Tim 3:8  1Tim 5:23  Luke 1:15  Titus 1:7-8 

22 They may not marry widows or divorced women, but only virgins of the race of Israel; they may, however, marry a widow, if she is the widow of a priest.
Lev 21:7  Lev 21:13-14  1Tim 3:2  1Tim 3:4-5  1Tim 3:11-12  Deut 24:1-4  Titus 1:6 

23 They must teach my people the difference between what is sacred and what is profane and make them understand the difference between what is clean and what is unclean.
Ezek 22:26  Hos 4:6  Lev 10:10-11  2Tim 2:24-25  Hag 2:11-13  Titus 1:9-11  Zeph 3:4 

24 They must be judges in law-suits; they must judge in the spirit of my judgements; they must follow my laws and ordinances at all my feasts and keep my Sabbaths holy.
1Chr 23:4  2Chr 19:8-10  Ezek 22:26  1Tim 3:15  Deut 17:8-13  Ezra 2:63  Isa 58:13-14 

25 They may not go near a dead person, in case they become unclean, except in these permissible cases, that is, for father, mother, daughter, son, brother or unmarried sister.
1Thess 4:13-15  2Cor 5:16  Lev 21:1-6  Lev 22:4  Luke 9:59-60  Matt 8:21-22 

26 After one of them has been purified, seven days must elapse;
Heb 9:13-14  Num 6:10-21  Num 19:11-14 

27 then, the day he enters the Holy Place in the inner court to minister in the Holy Place, he must offer his sacrifice for sin -- declares the Lord Yahweh.
Num 6:9-11  Ezek 44:17  Heb 7:26-28  Lev 4:3-35  Lev 8:14-36 

28 They may have no heritage; I myself shall be their heritage. You may give them no patrimony in Israel; I myself shall be their patrimony.
Num 18:20  Deut 10:9  Deut 18:1-2  Josh 13:33  Ezek 45:4  1Pet 5:2-4  Ezek 48:9-11 

29 Their food must be the oblation, the sacrifice for sin and the sacrifice of reparation. Everything dedicated by vow in Israel shall be for them.
Num 18:14  Lev 27:21  Lev 27:28  Lev 6:14-18  Lev 6:26  Lev 6:29  Lev 7:6 

30 The best of all your first-fruits and of all the dues and of everything you offer, must go to the priests; and the best of your dough you must also give to the priests, so that a blessing may rest on your house.
Neh 10:35-37  2Chr 31:4-6  2Chr 31:10  Exod 23:19  Num 15:19-21  Deut 18:4  Deut 26:10-15 

31 Priests must not eat the flesh of anything that has died a natural death or been savaged, be it bird or animal." '
Lev 22:8  Exod 22:31  Deut 14:21  1Cor 8:13  Ezek 4:14  Lev 17:15  Rom 14:20