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1 ' "The Lord Yahweh says this: The east gate of the inner court must be kept shut for the six working days. On the Sabbath day, however, it must be opened, as also on the day of the New Moon;
Isa 66:23  Exod 20:9  Ezek 44:1-2  Ezek 8:16  Ezek 45:17-19  Ezek 46:6  Gen 3:19 

2 and the prince must go in through the porch of the outer gate and take his position by the doorposts of the gate. The priests must then offer his burnt offerings and his communion sacrifice. He must prostrate himself on the threshold of the gate and go out, and the gate must not be shut again until the evening.
Ezek 44:3  Ezek 46:8  1Chr 17:16  1Chr 29:10-12  1Kgs 8:22-23  2Chr 6:13  2Chr 23:13 

3 The people of the country must prostrate themselves in the presence of Yahweh at the entrance to the gate on Sabbaths and days of the New Moon.
Luke 1:10  Heb 10:19-22  John 10:9 

4 The burnt offering offered to Yahweh by the prince on the Sabbath day must consist of six unblemished lambs and one unblemished ram,
Ezek 45:17  Num 28:9-10 

5 with an oblation of one ephah for the ram, and such oblation as he pleases for the lambs, and a hin of oil for every ephah.
Ezek 45:24  Ezek 46:7  Deut 16:17  Num 28:12  Ezek 46:11-12  Lev 14:21  Num 6:21 

6 On the day of the New Moon it must consist of an unblemished young bull, six unblemished lambs and one unblemished ram,
Ezek 46:1 

7 when he must make an oblation of one ephah for the bull and one ephah for the ram, and what he pleases for the lambs, and a hin of oil for every ephah.
Ezek 46:5 

8 "When the prince goes in, he must enter by the porch of the gate, and he must leave by the same way.
Ezek 46:2  Col 1:18  Ezek 44:1-3 

9 When the people of the country come into the presence of Yahweh at the solemn festivals, those who have come in by the north gate to prostrate themselves must go out by the south gate, and those who have come in by the south gate must go out by the north gate; no one must turn back to leave through the gate by which he entered but must go out on the opposite side.
Deut 16:16  Exod 23:14-17  Exod 34:23  Ps 84:7  2Pet 2:20-21  Ezek 1:12  Ezek 1:17 

10 The prince will be with them, coming in like them and going out like them.
Ps 42:4  1Chr 29:20  1Chr 29:22  2Chr 6:2-4  2Chr 7:4-5  2Chr 20:27-28  2Chr 29:28-29 

11 "On feast days and solemn festivals the oblation must be one ephah for every bull, one ephah for every ram, what he pleases for the lambs, and a hin of oil for every ephah.
Ezek 46:5  Ezek 46:7  Deut 16:1-22  Lev 23:1-44  Num 15:1-41  Num 28:1-29 

12 When the prince offers Yahweh voluntary burnt offerings or a voluntary communion sacrifice, the east gate must be opened for him, and he must offer his burnt offerings and his communion sacrifice as he does on the Sabbath day; when he has gone out, the gate must shut after him.
Ezek 45:17  Ezek 46:1-2  2Chr 29:31  Ezek 44:3  Ezek 46:8  Lev 23:38  1Chr 29:21 

13 Every day he must offer an unblemished lamb one year old as a burnt offering to Yahweh; he must offer this every morning.
Isa 50:4  1Pet 1:19-20  Dan 8:11-13  Exod 12:5  Exod 29:38-42  John 1:29  Lev 12:6 

14 Every morning in addition he must offer an oblation of one-sixth of an ephah and one-third of a hin of oil, for mixing with the flour. This is the oblation to Yahweh, a perpetual decree, fixed for ever.
Num 28:5 

15 The lamb, the oblation and the oil must be offered morning after morning for ever.
Exod 29:42  Heb 7:27  Heb 9:26  Heb 10:1-10  Num 28:6 

16 "Lord Yahweh says this: If the prince presents part of his hereditary portion to one of his sons, the gift must pass into the ownership of his sons and become their hereditary property.
2Chr 21:3  Gal 4:7  Gen 25:5-6  John 8:35-36  Luke 10:42  Matt 25:34  Ps 37:18 

17 If, however, he presents part of his hereditary portion to one of his slaves, it will belong to the man only until the year of liberation and then must revert to the prince. Only his sons may retain his hereditary portion.
Lev 25:10  Gal 4:30-31  Luke 19:25-26  Matt 25:14-29 

18 The prince may not take any part of the people's hereditary portion, thus robbing them of what is theirs; he must provide the patrimony of his sons out of his own property, so that no member of my people is robbed of what is his!" '
Ezek 45:8  1Kgs 21:19  Ezek 22:27  Eph 4:8  Ezek 34:3-6  Ezek 34:21  Isa 11:3-4 

19 He took me through the entrance at the side of the north gate that leads to the rooms of the Holy Place set apart for the priests. And there before us, to the west, was a space at the end.
Ezek 42:9  Ezek 40:44-46  Ezek 44:4-5 

20 He said to me, 'This is where the priests must boil the slaughtered animals for the sacrifice for sin and the sacrifice of reparation, and where they must bake the oblation, without having to carry them into the outer court and so run the risk of hallowing the people.'
2Chr 35:13  Ezek 44:19  Ezek 44:29  Lev 2:4-7  1Sam 2:13-15  Lev 7:1-38 

21 He then took me into the outer court and led me to each of its four corners; in each corner of the outer court was a compound;

22 in other words, the four corners of the court contained four small compounds, forty cubits by thirty, all four being the same size.

23 All four were enclosed by a wall, with hearths all round the bottom of the wall.

24 He said, 'These are the kitchens where the Temple servants must boil the sacrifices offered by the people.'
Ezek 46:20  1Pet 5:2  John 21:15-17  Matt 24:45