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1 Once this was done, the officials approached me to say, 'The people of Israel, the priests and the Levites, have not renounced the disgusting practices of the people of the country -- the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Moabites, the Egyptians and the Amorites--
Neh 9:2  Lev 18:24-30  Deut 12:30-31  Exod 33:16  1Kgs 11:1  1Kgs 11:5-7  2Chr 33:2 

2 since they and their sons have married some of their women, as a result of which the holy race has been contaminated by the people of the country. The officials and leaders have been the worst offenders in this act of infidelity.'
Exod 34:16  Neh 13:23-24  2Cor 6:14  Deut 7:6  Deut 14:2  Exod 19:6  Exod 22:31 

3 On hearing this, I tore my clothes and my cloak; I pulled hair from my head and beard and sat down in horror.
Neh 1:4  Josh 7:6  2Kgs 18:37-1  Dan 4:19  Dan 8:27  Ezek 3:15  Ezek 7:18 

4 All who trembled at the words of the God of Israel gathered round me, when faced with the infidelity of the exiles, while I went on sitting there in horror until the evening sacrifice.
Ezra 10:3  Exod 29:39  Isa 66:2  2Chr 34:27  Acts 3:1  Dan 9:21  Ezek 9:4 

5 At the evening sacrifice I came out of my stupor and, falling on my knees in my torn clothes and cloak, stretched out my hands to Yahweh my God,
1Kgs 8:22  1Kgs 8:38  1Kgs 8:54  Exod 9:29  Exod 9:33  2Chr 6:13  Acts 21:5 

6 and said: 'My God, I am ashamed, I blush to lift my face to you, my God. For our iniquities have increased, until they are higher than our heads, and our guilt has risen as high as heaven.
2Chr 28:9  Ps 38:4  Rev 18:5  Job 42:6  Luke 15:21  Dan 9:7-8  Ezek 16:63 

7 From the days of our ancestors until now we have been deeply guilty and, because of our iniquities, we, our kings and our priests, have been handed over to the kings of other countries, to the sword, to captivity, to pillage, to shame, as is the case today.
2Chr 29:6  Dan 9:5-8  1Kgs 9:6-9  1Sam 12:15  2Chr 30:7  2Chr 36:16-19  2Kgs 17:5-8 

8 And now, for a brief moment, the favour of Yahweh our God has allowed a remnant of us to escape and given us a stable home in his holy place, so that our God can raise our spirits and revive us a little in our slavery.
Ps 13:3  Ezek 37:11-14  Hos 6:2  Ps 85:6  1Sam 14:27  1Sam 14:29  2Kgs 19:4 

9 For we are slaves; but God has not forgotten us in our slavery; he has extended his faithful love to us even under the kings of Persia and revived us to rebuild the Temple of our God, restore its ruins and provide us with a refuge in Judah and in Jerusalem.
Ezra 7:6  Ps 136:23-24  Zech 2:5  Zech 4:6-10  Dan 9:25  Ezek 11:16  Ezra 1:1-4 

10 But now, our God, what can we say after this? For we have abandoned your commandments,
Dan 9:4-16  Gen 44:16  Josh 7:8  Lam 3:22  Rom 3:19 

11 which you gave through your servants the prophets in these terms, "The country which you are about to possess is a polluted country, polluted by the people of the country and their disgusting practices, which have filled it with their filth from end to end.
Lev 18:24-30  Ezra 6:21  2Chr 33:2  2Cor 7:1  2Kgs 21:16  Deut 12:31  Deut 18:12 

12 Hence you are not to give your daughters in marriage to their sons, or let their daughters marry your sons, or ever concern yourselves about peace or good relations with them, if you want to grow stronger, to live off the fat of the land and bequeath it to your sons for ever."
Deut 7:3  Prov 13:22  Deut 23:6  2Chr 19:2  2John 1:10-11  Deut 6:1-2  Exod 23:32 

13 'After all that has befallen us because of our evil deeds and our deep guilt -- though you, our God, have punished us less than our iniquities deserved and have allowed us to escape like this-
Ps 103:10  Ezek 24:13-14  Ezra 9:6-8  Gal 3:4  Hab 3:2  Job 11:6  Lam 3:22 

14 are we to break your commandments again and intermarry with people with these disgusting practices? Would you not be enraged with us to the point of destroying us, leaving neither remnant nor survivor?
Deut 9:8  Deut 9:14  Ezra 9:2  2Pet 2:20-21  Deut 32:26-27  Exod 23:32  Exod 32:10 

15 Yahweh, God of Israel, you are upright. We survive only as the remnant we are today. We come before you in our guilt; because of it we cannot stand in your presence.'
Ps 130:3  Dan 9:14  John 8:24  1Cor 15:17  Dan 9:7-11  Ezek 33:10  Isa 64:6-7