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1 Rachel, seeing that she herself gave Jacob no children, became jealous of her sister. And she said to Jacob, 'Give me children, or I shall die!'
Gen 29:31  Gen 37:11  1Cor 3:3  1Kgs 19:4  1Sam 1:4-8  2Cor 7:10  Eccl 4:4 

2 This made Jacob angry with Rachel, and he retorted, 'Am I in the position of God, who has denied you motherhood?'
Gen 16:2  1Sam 1:5  1Sam 2:5-6  2Kgs 5:7  Deut 7:13-14  Eph 4:26  Exod 32:19 

3 So she said, 'Here is my slave-girl, Bilhah. Sleep with her and let her give birth on my knees; through her, then, I too shall have children!'
Gen 50:23  Job 3:12  Gen 16:2-3  Gen 30:9  Ruth 4:11 

4 So she gave him her slave-girl Bilhah as concubine. Jacob slept with her,
2Sam 12:11  Gen 16:3-4  Gen 21:10  Gen 22:24  Gen 25:1  Gen 25:6  Gen 33:2 

5 and Bilhah conceived and gave birth to a son by Jacob.

6 Then Rachel said, 'God has done me justice; yes, he has heard my prayer and given me a son.' Accordingly she named him Dan.
Lam 3:59  Ps 35:24  Ps 43:1  Gen 49:16-17  Deut 33:22  Gen 29:32-35  Gen 35:25 

7 Again Rachel's slave-girl Bilhah conceived and gave birth to a second son by Jacob.

8 Then Rachel said, 'I have fought a fateful battle with my sister, and I have won!' So she named him Naphtali.
Gen 49:21  Matt 4:13  1Sam 14:15  Deut 33:23  Exod 9:28  Gen 23:6  Gen 32:24-25 

9 Now Leah, seeing that she had ceased to bear children, took her slave-girl Zilpah and gave her to Jacob as concubine.
Gen 30:4  Gen 16:3  Gen 29:35  Gen 30:17 

10 So Leah's slave-girl Zilpah gave birth to a son by Jacob.

11 Then Leah exclaimed, 'What good fortune!' So she named him Gad.
Gen 49:19  Deut 33:20-21  Gen 35:26  Gen 46:16  Isa 65:11 

12 Leah's slave-girl Zilpah gave birth to a second son by Jacob.

13 Then Leah said, 'What blessedness! Women will call me blessed!' So she named him Asher.
Luke 1:48  Gen 35:26  Gen 49:20  Prov 31:28  Deut 33:24-25  Gen 46:17  Song 6:9 

14 One day, at the time of the wheat harvest, Reuben found some mandrakes in the field and brought them to his mother Leah. Rachel said to Leah, 'Please give me some of your son's mandrakes.'
Song 7:13  Gen 25:30 

15 Leah replied, 'Is it not enough to have taken my husband, without your taking my son's mandrakes as well?' So Rachel said, 'Very well, he can sleep with you tonight in return for your son's mandrakes.'
Num 16:13  1Cor 4:3  Ezek 16:47  Isa 7:13  Num 16:9-10 

16 When Jacob came back from the fields that night, Leah went out to meet him and said, 'You must come to me, for I have hired you at the price of my son's mandrakes.' So he slept with her that night.

17 God heard Leah, and she conceived and gave birth to a fifth son by Jacob.
1Sam 1:20  1Sam 1:26-27  Exod 3:7  Gen 30:6  Gen 30:22  Luke 1:13 

18 Then Leah said, 'God has given me my reward for giving my slave-girl to my husband.' So she named him Issachar.
1Chr 12:32  Deut 33:18  Gen 35:23  Gen 46:13  Gen 49:14-15 

19 Again Leah conceived and gave birth to a sixth son by Jacob,

20 and said, 'God has given me a fine gift; now my husband will bring me presents, for I have borne him six sons.' So she named him Zebulun.
Gen 35:23  Gen 49:13  Matt 4:13  Gen 29:34  Gen 30:15  Gen 46:14  Judg 4:10 

21 Later she gave birth to a daughter and named her Dinah.
Gen 34:1-3  Gen 34:26  Gen 46:15 

22 Then God remembered Rachel; he heard her and opened her womb.
Gen 29:31  1Sam 1:19-20  Gen 8:1  Gen 21:1-2  Gen 25:21  Gen 30:2  Ps 105:42 

23 She conceived and gave birth to a son, and said, 'God has taken away my disgrace!'
Luke 1:25  Isa 4:1  1Sam 1:5-6  Gen 29:31  Luke 1:21  Luke 1:27 

24 She named him Joseph, saying, 'May Yahweh add another son for me!'
Gen 35:24  Gen 37:2  Gen 49:22-26  Acts 7:9-15  Deut 33:13-17  Ezek 37:16  Gen 35:17-18 

25 When Rachel had given birth to Joseph, Jacob said to Laban, 'Release me and let me go home to my own country.
Gen 24:54  Gen 24:56  Acts 7:4-5  Gen 18:33  Gen 24:6-7  Gen 26:3  Gen 27:44-45 

26 Give me my wives for whom I have worked for you, and my children, and let me go. You are well aware how long I have worked for you.'
Gen 29:30  Hos 12:12  Gen 29:19-20  Gen 30:29-30  Gen 31:6  Gen 31:26  Gen 31:31 

27 Laban replied, 'If I have done what pleases you . . . I have learnt by divination that Yahweh has blessed me because of you.
Gen 26:24  Isa 61:9  Acts 7:10  Exod 3:21  Gen 12:3  Gen 39:21-23  Ruth 2:13 

28 So name your wages,' he added, 'and I will pay.'
Gen 29:15  Gen 29:19 

29 He replied, 'You know how hard I have worked for you, and how your stock has fared in my charge.
Gen 31:6  Gen 31:38-40  1Pet 2:15  1Pet 2:18  Col 3:22-25  Eph 6:5-8  Gen 30:5 

30 The little you had before I came has increased enormously, and Yahweh has blessed you wherever I have been. When am I to provide for my own household too?'
1Tim 5:8  2Cor 12:14  Deut 11:10 

31 Laban said, 'How much am I to pay you?' Jacob replied, 'You need not pay me anything. I shall change my mind and go on tending your flock, if you do this one thing for me.
2Sam 21:4-6  Heb 13:5  Ps 118:8 

32 'Go through your entire flock today and remove every black animal among the sheep, and every speckled or spotted one among the goats. These will be my wages,
Gen 31:8  Gen 30:35  Gen 31:10 

33 and my uprightness will answer for me later: when you come to check my wages, every goat I have that is not speckled or spotted, and every sheep that is not black will count as stolen by me.'
1Sam 26:23  2Sam 22:21  Exod 13:14  Gen 31:37  Isa 59:12  Ps 37:6 

34 Laban replied, 'Good, just as you say.'
1Cor 7:7  1Cor 14:5  Gal 5:12  Num 22:29 

35 That same day he removed the striped and speckled he-goats and all the spotted and speckled she-goats, every one that had white on it, and all the black sheep, and entrusted these to his sons.
Gen 31:9 

36 Then he put a three days' journey between himself and Jacob, while Jacob grazed the rest of Laban's flock.

37 Jacob then got fresh shoots from poplar, almond and plane trees, and peeled them in white strips, laying bare the white part of the shoots.
Ezek 31:8  Gen 31:9-13 

38 He set up the shoots he had peeled in front of the animals, in the troughs, in the water-holes where the animals came to drink. Since they mated when they came to drink,

39 the goats thus mated in front of the shoots and so the goats produced striped, spotted and speckled young.
Exod 12:35-36  Gen 31:9-12  Gen 31:38  Gen 31:40  Gen 31:42 

40 The ewes, on the other hand, Jacob kept apart and made these face whatever was striped or black in Laban's flock. Thus he built up droves of his own which he did not put with Laban's flocks.

41 Furthermore, whenever the sturdier animals were mating, Jacob put the shoots where the animals could see them, in the troughs, so that they would mate in front of the shoots.

42 But when the animals were feeble, he did not put them there; so Laban got the feeble, and Jacob the sturdy.

43 Thus the man grew extremely rich, and came to own large flocks, men and women slaves, camels and donkeys.
Gen 24:35  Gen 26:13-14  Gen 30:30  Gen 13:2  Eccl 2:7  Gen 12:16  Gen 28:15