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1 Then Joseph could not control his feelings in front of all his retainers, and he exclaimed, 'Let everyone leave me.' No one therefore was present with him while Joseph made himself known to his brothers,
Matt 18:15  1Cor 13:5  2Sam 1:20  Acts 10:41  Gen 43:30-31  Isa 42:14  Jer 20:9 

2 but he wept so loudly that all the Egyptians heard, and the news reached Pharaoh's palace.
2Kgs 20:3  Acts 20:37  Gen 46:29  Num 14:1  Ruth 1:9 

3 Joseph said to his brothers, 'I am Joseph. Is my father really still alive?' His brothers could not answer him, they were so dumbfounded at seeing him.
Acts 7:13  Acts 9:5  Job 4:5  Job 23:15  Luke 5:8  Luke 24:37-38  Mark 6:50 

4 Then Joseph said to his brothers, 'Come closer to me.' When they had come closer to him he said, 'I am your brother Joseph whom you sold into Egypt.
Gen 37:28  Acts 9:5  Gen 50:18  Matt 14:27 

5 But now, do not grieve, do not reproach yourselves for having sold me here, since God sent me before you to preserve your lives.
Gen 50:20  Gen 45:7-8  Job 1:21  Acts 2:23-24  Ps 105:16-17  1Sam 1:19  2Cor 2:7 

6 For this is the second year there has been famine in the country, and there are still five years to come without ploughing or harvest.
1Sam 8:12  Deut 21:4  Exod 34:21  Isa 30:24  Gen 41:29-31  Gen 41:54  Gen 41:56 

7 God sent me before you to assure the survival of your race on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.
Acts 7:35  Judg 15:18  Ps 18:50  Ps 44:4  1Chr 11:14 

8 So it was not you who sent me here but God, and he has set me up as a father to Pharaoh, as lord of all his household and governor of the whole of Egypt.
Judg 17:10  John 15:16  John 19:11  Rom 9:16  Gen 41:39-48  Gen 45:5  Job 29:16 

9 'Return quickly to your father and tell him, "Your son Joseph says this: 'God has made me lord of all Egypt. Come down to me without delay.
Gen 45:13  Gen 45:19-20 

10 You will live in the region of Goshen where you will be near me, you, your children and your grandchildren, your flocks, your cattle and all your possessions.
Exod 8:22  Exod 9:26  Gen 46:28-29  Gen 46:34-6  John 14:2-3  John 17:24 

11 There I shall provide for you -- for there are five years of famine still to come -- so that you, your household and all yours are not reduced to penury.' "
Gen 47:12  1Tim 5:4  Gen 47:6  Mark 7:9-12  Matt 15:5-6 

12 You can see with your own eyes, and my brother Benjamin can see too, that I am who I say I am.
Gen 42:23  John 20:27  Luke 24:39 

13 Give my father a full report of all the honour I enjoy in Egypt, and of all you have seen; and quickly bring my father down here.'
Acts 7:14  1Pet 1:10-12  John 17:24  Rev 21:23 

14 Then throwing his arms round the neck of his brother Benjamin he wept; and Benjamin wept on his shoulder.
Gen 29:11  Gen 33:4  Gen 46:29  Rom 1:31 

15 He kissed all his brothers, weeping on each one. Only then were his brothers able to talk to him.
Luke 15:20  1Sam 10:1  1Sam 20:41  2Sam 14:33  Acts 20:37  Exod 4:27  Gen 29:11 

16 News reached Pharaoh's palace that Joseph's brothers had come, and Pharaoh was pleased to hear it, as were his servants.
2Chr 30:4  2Sam 3:36  Acts 6:5  Acts 7:13  Deut 1:33  Esth 1:21  Esth 2:4 

17 Pharaoh told Joseph, 'Say to your brothers, "Do this: load your beasts and hurry away to Canaan.
Gen 42:25-26  Gen 44:1-2 

18 Fetch your father and your families, and come back to me. I will give you the best territory in Egypt, where you will live off the fat of the land."
Gen 27:28  Gen 47:6  Num 18:12  Num 18:29  Deut 32:14  Isa 28:1  Isa 28:4 

19 And you, for your part, give them this order: "Do this: take waggons from Egypt, for your little ones and your wives. Get your father and come.
Gen 46:5  Gen 45:27  Gen 31:17-18  Isa 49:1  Isa 49:23 

20 Never mind about your property, for the best of all Egypt will be yours." '
1Sam 10:22  1Sam 25:13  1Sam 30:24  Deut 7:16  Deut 19:13  Deut 19:21  Exod 22:7 

21 Israel's sons did as they were told. Joseph gave them waggons as Pharaoh had ordered, and he gave them provisions for the journey.
Gen 45:19  2Chr 8:13  2Chr 35:16  Eccl 8:2  Exod 17:1  Ezek 23:24  Gen 45:27 

22 To each and every one he gave new clothes, and to Benjamin three hundred shekels of silver and five changes of clothes.
Gen 43:34  2Kgs 5:5  2Kgs 5:22-23  Judg 14:12  Judg 14:19  Rev 6:11 

23 And to his father he sent ten donkeys laden with the best that Egypt offered, and ten she-donkeys laden with grain, bread and food for his father's journey.
Exod 16:3  Gen 24:10  Gen 43:11 

24 And so he sent his brothers on their way. His final words to them were, 'And let there be no upsets on the way!'
1Thess 5:13  Col 3:12-13  Eph 4:31-32  Gen 42:21-22  John 13:34-35  Phil 2:2-5  Ps 133:1-3 

25 And so they left Egypt. When they reached their father Jacob in Canaan,

26 they gave him this report, 'Joseph is still alive. He is at this moment governor of all Egypt!' But he was as one stunned, for he did not believe them.
Gen 37:35  Gen 44:28  Gen 42:36  Gen 42:38  Gen 45:8-9  Job 9:16  Job 29:24 

27 However, when they told him all Joseph had said to them, and when he saw the waggons that Joseph had sent to fetch him, the spirit of their father Jacob revived,
Gen 45:19  1Sam 30:12  Hos 6:2  Isa 57:15  Judg 15:19  Ps 85:6 

28 and Israel said, 'That is enough! My son Joseph is still alive. I must go and see him before I die.'
Gen 46:30  John 16:21-22  Luke 2:28-30