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1 I shall stand at my post, I shall station myself on my watch-tower, watching to see what he will say to me, what answer he will make to my complaints.
Isa 21:8  Ps 85:8  2Sam 18:24  Isa 62:6  Ps 73:16-17  Jer 12:1  2Cor 13:3 

2 Then Yahweh answered me and said, 'Write the vision down, inscribe it on tablets to be easily read.
Isa 30:8  Jer 36:2-4  Rev 1:18-19  Rev 14:13  Rev 21:5-8  2Cor 3:12  Dan 12:4 

3 For the vision is for its appointed time, it hastens towards its end and it will not lie; although it may take some time, wait for it, for come it certainly will before too long.
Ps 27:14  Ezek 12:25  Heb 10:36-37  Lam 3:25-26  Dan 10:14  Isa 30:18  Ps 102:13 

4 'You see, anyone whose heart is not upright will succumb, but the upright will live through faithfulness.'
Rom 1:17  Heb 10:38  Gal 3:11-12  Gal 2:16  John 3:36  1John 5:10-12  Dan 5:20-23 

5 Now, surely, wealth is treacherous! He is arrogant, for ever on the move, with appetite as large as Sheol and as insatiable as Death, gathering in all the nations, and making a harvest of all peoples.
Prov 27:20  Prov 20:1  2Kgs 14:10  Eccl 5:10  Isa 5:11-12  Ps 138:6  Prov 23:29-33 

6 Are not the peoples all bound to satirise and make up cryptic riddles about him? As for instance: Disaster to anyone who amasses goods not his (for how long?) and to anyone who weighs himself down with goods taken in pledge!
Jer 50:13  Job 20:15-29  Mic 2:4  Num 23:7  1Cor 7:29-31  1Pet 4:7  Ezek 32:21 

7 Will not your creditors suddenly stand up, will not those who make you shiver wake up, and you will fall a prey to them?
Prov 29:1  1Thess 5:3  Dan 5:25-31  Eccl 10:8  Isa 13:1-5  Isa 13:16-18  Isa 21:2-9 

8 Since you have plundered many nations, all the nations that remain will plunder you, because of the bloodshed and violence done to the country, to the city and to all who live in it.
Isa 33:1  Hab 2:17  Jer 27:7  Zech 2:8-9  Hab 2:10  Isa 33:4  Isa 47:6 

9 Disaster to anyone who amasses ill-gotten gains for his house, so as to fix his nest on high and so evade the reach of misfortune!
Jer 49:16  1Kgs 21:2-4  1Kgs 21:19-24  2Kgs 5:20-27  Acts 1:17-25  Deut 7:25-26  Gen 13:10-13 

10 You have conspired to bring shame on your house: by overthrowing many peoples you have worked your own ruin.
2Kgs 9:26  Nah 1:14  1Kgs 2:23  2Kgs 10:7  Hab 2:16  Isa 14:20-22  Isa 33:11 

11 For the very stone will protest from the wall, and the beam will respond from the framework.
Luke 19:40  Josh 24:27  Gen 4:10  Heb 12:24  Jas 5:3-4  Job 31:38-40  Rev 6:10 

12 Disaster to anyone who builds a town with bloodshed and founds a city on wrong-doing!
Mic 3:10  Nah 3:1  1Kgs 16:34  Dan 4:27-31  Ezek 24:9  Gen 4:11-17  Jer 22:13-17 

13 Is it not thanks to Yahweh Sabaoth that the peoples' toil is fuel for the fire, and the nations' labour came to nothing?
Isa 50:11  Jer 51:58  Gen 11:6-9  Isa 41:5-8  Isa 55:2  Job 5:13-14  Mal 1:4 

14 But the earth will be full of the knowledge of the glory of Yahweh as the waters cover the depths of the sea.
Isa 11:9  Ps 22:27  Isa 6:3  Ps 72:19  Zech 14:8-9  Ps 86:9  Rev 15:4 

15 Disaster to anyone who makes his neighbours drink, pouring out his poison until they are drunk, so that he can see them naked!
Jer 51:7  Gen 9:22  2Sam 11:13  2Sam 13:26-28  Exod 32:25  Gen 19:32-35  Hos 7:5 

16 You are full of shame, not glory! Your turn now to drink and show your foreskin. The cup in Yahweh's right hand comes round to you, and disgrace will overshadow your glory.
Isa 47:3  Hos 4:7  Hos 7:5  Isa 20:4  Isa 28:7-8  Isa 49:26  Isa 51:21-23 

17 For the violence done to the Lebanon will overwhelm you and the massacre of animals will terrify you, because of the bloodshed and violence done to the country, to the city and to all who live in it. Disaster to anyone who says to the log, 'Wake up!', to the dumb stone, 'On your feet!' (This is the prophecy!) Look, he is encased in gold and silver,-- but not a breath of life inside it!
Hab 2:8  Ps 55:23  Zech 11:1  Jer 50:28  Jer 50:33-34  Jer 51:24  Jer 51:34-37 

18 What use is a sculpted image that a sculptor should make it? - a metal image, a lying instructor! And why does the image-maker put his trust in it, that he should make dumb idols?
Jer 10:8  Isa 42:17  1Cor 12:2  Zech 10:2  Isa 44:9-10  Isa 45:16  Jer 2:27-28 

19 Trouble is coming to the man who says to the piece of wood, 'Wake up!' to the dumb stone, 'On your feet!' (And that is the oracle.) Plated it may be with gold and silver, but not a breath of life inside it.
Ps 135:17  Jer 10:4  1Kgs 18:26-29  Jer 10:9  Acts 17:29  Dan 3:1  Dan 3:7 

20 But Yahweh is in his holy Temple: let the whole earth be silent before him.
Zech 2:13  Ps 46:10  Ps 11:4  Zeph 1:7  Isa 6:1  Jonah 2:7  Ps 115:3