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1 The first covenant also had its laws governing worship and its sanctuary, a sanctuary on this earth.
Exod 25:8  Heb 8:2  Heb 9:10-11  Col 2:8  Ezek 43:11  Heb 8:7  Heb 8:13 

2 There was a tent which comprised two compartments: the first, in which the lamp-stand, the table and the loaves of permanent offering were kept, was called the Holy Place;
Exod 40:4  Lev 24:5-8  Exod 26:35  Exod 39:36-38  Exod 40:2  Exod 40:18-20  Exod 40:22-24 

3 then beyond the second veil, a second compartment which was called the Holy of Holies
Exod 26:31-33  Exod 40:3  Exod 40:21  Heb 9:8  Matt 27:51  1Kgs 8:6  2Chr 3:14 

4 to which belonged the gold altar of incense, and the ark of the covenant, plated all over with gold. In this were kept the gold jar containing the manna, Aaron's branch that grew the buds, and the tables of the covenant.
Exod 26:33  Exod 40:3  Num 17:10  1Kgs 8:21  2Chr 5:10  Exod 40:20-21  Lev 16:12 

5 On top of it were the glorious winged creatures, overshadowing the throne of mercy. This is not the time to go into detail about this.
Lev 16:2  Exod 25:17-22  1Kgs 8:6-7  Num 7:89  1Chr 28:11  1Pet 1:12  1Sam 4:4 

6 Under these provisions, priests go regularly into the outer tent to carry out their acts of worship,
Num 28:3  Exod 27:21  Luke 1:8-11  2Chr 26:16-19  Dan 8:11  Exod 30:7-8 

7 but the second tent is entered only once a year, and then only by the high priest who takes in the blood to make an offering for his own and the people's faults of inadvertence.
Lev 16:34  Exod 30:10  Heb 7:27  Lev 5:18  Heb 10:19-20  Hos 4:12  Isa 3:12 

8 By this, the Holy Spirit means us to see that as long as the old tent stands, the way into the holy place is not opened up;
John 14:6  Heb 3:7  2Pet 1:21  Eph 2:18  Gal 3:8  John 10:9  Acts 7:51-52 

9 it is a symbol for this present time. None of the gifts and sacrifices offered under these regulations can possibly bring any worshipper to perfection in his conscience;
Heb 5:1  Gal 3:21  Heb 7:11  Heb 7:18-19  Heb 10:1-4  Heb 11:19  Rom 5:14 

10 they are rules about outward life, connected with food and drink and washing at various times, which are in force only until the time comes to set things right.
Col 2:16  Heb 7:16  Col 2:20-22  Deut 21:6  Deut 23:11  Eph 1:10  Eph 2:15 

11 But now Christ has come, as the high priest of all the blessings which were to come. He has passed through the greater, the more perfect tent, not made by human hands, that is, not of this created order;
Heb 10:1  2Cor 5:1  Acts 17:24-25  Heb 2:17  Heb 8:1-2  Heb 9:23-24  Mark 14:58 

12 and he has entered the sanctuary once and for all, taking with him not the blood of goats and bull calves, but his own blood, having won an eternal redemption.
Heb 10:4  1Thess 1:10  Eph 1:7  Gal 3:13-14  Heb 5:9  Heb 7:27  Heb 9:15 

13 The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer, sprinkled on those who have incurred defilement, may restore their bodily purity.
1Pet 1:22  Acts 15:9  Lev 16:14-16  Num 19:2-21  Ps 51:7  2Chr 30:19  Num 8:7 

14 How much more will the blood of Christ, who offered himself, blameless as he was, to God through the eternal Spirit, purify our conscience from dead actions so that we can worship the living God.
1Pet 3:18  Heb 10:22  Heb 9:12  1John 1:7  1Pet 1:19  Titus 2:14  Heb 7:27 

15 This makes him the mediator of a new covenant, so that, now that a death has occurred to redeem the sins committed under an earlier covenant, those who have been called to an eternal inheritance may receive the promise.
Rom 8:28  Heb 9:12  Rom 3:24-26  Rom 8:30  1Tim 2:5  Heb 10:36  Heb 9:28 

16 Now wherever a will is in question, the death of the testator must be established;

17 a testament comes into effect only after a death, since it has no force while the testator is still alive.
Gal 3:15  Gen 48:21  John 14:27 

18 That is why even the earlier covenant was inaugurated with blood,
Exod 12:22  Exod 24:3-8  Heb 8:7-9  Heb 9:14  Heb 9:22 

19 and why, after Moses had promulgated all the commandments of the Law to the people, he took the calves' blood, the goats' blood and some water, and with these he sprinkled the book itself and all the people, using scarlet wool and hyssop;
Heb 9:12  Num 19:6  Num 19:18  1Pet 1:2  Exod 24:5-11  Exod 12:22  Ezek 36:25 

20 saying as he did so: This is the blood of the covenant that God has made with you.
Matt 26:28  Exod 24:8  Deut 29:12  Heb 13:20  Josh 9:6  Zech 9:11 

21 And he sprinkled both the tent and all the liturgical vessels with blood in the same way.
Lev 8:15  Lev 8:19  Exod 29:12  Exod 29:36  2Chr 29:19-22  Exod 29:20  Ezek 43:18-26 

22 In fact, according to the Law, practically every purification takes place by means of blood; and if there is no shedding of blood, there is no remission.
Lev 17:11  Lev 6:7  Lev 4:35  Lev 4:20  Lev 5:10  Lev 5:12  Lev 5:18 

23 Only the copies of heavenly things are purified in this way; the heavenly things themselves have to be purified by a higher sort of sacrifice than this.
Heb 8:5  Heb 9:24  Heb 9:9-12  Heb 9:14  Rev 5:9  1Pet 1:19-21  Col 2:17 

24 It is not as though Christ had entered a man-made sanctuary which was merely a model of the real one; he entered heaven itself, so that he now appears in the presence of God on our behalf.
Heb 8:2  Heb 9:11-12  Heb 12:2  Heb 9:23  Acts 3:21  Col 3:2  Eph 1:20-22 

25 And he does not have to offer himself again and again, as the high priest goes into the sanctuary year after year with the blood that is not his own,
Heb 9:7  Heb 10:19  Exod 30:10  Heb 9:12  Heb 9:14  Heb 9:26  Heb 10:10 

26 or else he would have had to suffer over and over again since the world began. As it is, he has made his appearance once and for all, at the end of the last age, to do away with sin by sacrificing himself.
Heb 9:12  Heb 7:27  1John 3:5  1Pet 1:20  1Pet 3:18  Heb 1:2  Matt 25:34 

27 Since human beings die only once, after which comes judgement,
2Cor 5:10  Eccl 12:14  Acts 17:31  Eccl 12:7  Jude 1:15  2Tim 4:1  Eccl 3:20 

28 so Christ too, having offered himself only once to bear the sin of many, will manifest himself a second time, sin being no more, to those who are waiting for him, to bring them salvation.
Titus 2:13  1Pet 2:24  Isa 25:9  Rom 6:10  1John 3:2  Acts 1:11  1Pet 3:18