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1 Only faith can guarantee the blessings that we hope for, or prove the existence of realities that are unseen.
2Cor 5:7  2Cor 4:18  Rom 8:24-25  Heb 11:7  Heb 10:22  Heb 6:18-19  1Pet 1:7-8 

2 It is for their faith that our ancestors are acknowledged.
Heb 11:4  Heb 11:39 

3 It is by faith that we understand that the ages were created by a word from God, so that from the invisible the visible world came to be.
Ps 33:6  Rev 4:11  Rom 4:17  2Pet 3:5  John 1:3  Acts 17:24  Heb 1:2 

4 It was because of his faith that Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain, and for that he was acknowledged as upright when God himself made acknowledgement of his offerings. Though he is dead, he still speaks by faith.
Gen 4:3-5  Gen 4:10  Heb 12:24  Matt 23:35  Jude 1:11  1John 3:11-12  Prov 15:8 

5 It was because of his faith that Enoch was taken up and did not experience death: he was no more, because God took him; because before his assumption he was acknowledged to have pleased God.
Gen 5:21-24  2Kgs 2:11  Jude 1:14  1John 3:22  1Thess 2:4  2Kgs 2:16-17  Heb 11:3-4 

6 Now it is impossible to please God without faith, since anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and rewards those who seek him.
Jer 29:13-14  Prov 8:17  Matt 6:33  Luke 12:31  1Chr 28:9  Ps 105:3-4  Ps 119:10 

7 It was through his faith that Noah, when he had been warned by God of something that had never been seen before, took care to build an ark to save his family. His faith was a judgement on the world, and he was able to claim the uprightness which comes from faith.
1Pet 3:20  Rom 4:13  Ezek 14:14  Gen 6:13-1  Ezek 14:20  Prov 27:12  Luke 17:26 

8 It was by faith that Abraham obeyed the call to set out for a country that was the inheritance given to him and his descendants, and that he set out without knowing where he was going.
Gen 12:1-4  Acts 7:2-4  Gen 12:7  1Pet 1:22  Matt 7:24-25  Rom 10:16  Jas 2:14-16 

9 By faith he sojourned in the Promised Land as though it were not his, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise.
Gen 12:8  Gen 13:18  Gen 13:3  Gen 18:9  Heb 6:17  Gen 35:27  Acts 7:5-6 

10 He looked forward to the well-founded city, designed and built by God.
Heb 13:14  Heb 12:22  Phil 3:20  2Cor 5:1  Heb 3:4  Rev 21:2  Heb 12:28 

11 It was equally by faith that Sarah, in spite of being past the age, was made able to conceive, because she believed that he who had made the promise was faithful to it.
Gen 18:11-14  Heb 10:23  Rom 4:20-21  Gen 17:17-19  Gen 21:1-2  Luke 1:36  1Pet 3:5-6 

12 Because of this, there came from one man, and one who already had the mark of death on him, descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven and the grains of sand on the seashore which cannot be counted.
Gen 22:17  Gen 32:12  Gen 15:5  Hos 1:10  Jer 33:22  Gen 26:4  Isa 10:22 

13 All these died in faith, before receiving any of the things that had been promised, but they saw them in the far distance and welcomed them, recognising that they were only strangers and nomads on earth.
Ps 39:12  Gen 23:4  Heb 11:27  Heb 11:39  John 8:56  Rom 8:24  1Pet 1:10-12 

14 People who use such terms about themselves make it quite plain that they are in search of a homeland.
2Cor 4:18-7  Heb 11:16  Heb 13:14  Phil 1:23  Rom 8:23-25 

15 If they had meant the country they came from, they would have had the opportunity to return to it;
Gen 24:6-8  Gen 12:10  Gen 11:31  Gen 31:18  Gen 32:9-11 

16 but in fact they were longing for a better homeland, their heavenly homeland. That is why God is not ashamed to be called their God, since he has founded the city for them.
Heb 13:14  Heb 11:10  Exod 3:6  Heb 2:11  Matt 25:34  Phil 3:20  2Tim 4:18 

17 It was by faith that Abraham, when put to the test, offered up Isaac. He offered to sacrifice his only son even though he had yet to receive what had been promised,
Gen 22:1-12  Gen 22:16  1Pet 4:12  Jas 5:11  Rev 3:10  1Pet 1:6-7  Heb 7:6 

18 and he had been told: Isaac is the one through whom your name will be carried on.
Gen 21:12  Rom 9:7  Gen 17:19 

19 He was confident that God had the power even to raise the dead; and so, figuratively speaking, he was given back Isaac from the dead.
Gen 22:4-5  Gen 22:13  Matt 9:28  Rom 4:17-21  Eph 3:20  Heb 9:24  Heb 11:11-12 

20 It was by faith that this same Isaac gave his blessing to Jacob and Esau for the still distant future.
Gen 27:27-40  Gen 28:2-3 

21 By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph's sons, bowed in reverence, as he leant on his staff.
Gen 47:31-1  Gen 48:5-22 

22 It was by faith that, when he was about to die, Joseph mentioned the Exodus of the Israelites and gave instructions about his own remains.
Exod 13:19  Gen 50:24-25  Acts 7:16  Josh 24:32 

23 It was by faith that Moses, when he was born, was kept hidden by his parents for three months; because they saw that he was a fine child; they were not afraid of the royal edict.
Exod 1:22  Exod 1:16  Acts 7:20  Exod 2:2-10  Heb 13:6  Isa 41:14  Luke 12:4-5 

24 It was by faith that, when he was grown up, Moses refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh's daughter
Exod 2:10-11  Acts 7:21-24 

25 and chose to be ill-treated in company with God's people rather than to enjoy the transitory pleasures of sin.
Ps 84:10  2Cor 5:17  Job 20:5  1Pet 4:12-16  Job 36:21  1Pet 1:6-7  1Pet 2:10 

26 He considered that the humiliations offered to the Anointed were something more precious than all the treasures of Egypt, because he had his eyes fixed on the reward.
Heb 10:35  Heb 2:2  Heb 11:6  Matt 5:12  Ps 89:50-51  1Pet 1:11  1Pet 4:14 

27 It was by faith that he left Egypt without fear of the king's anger; he held to his purpose like someone who could see the Invisible.
Heb 11:13  1Tim 1:17  Exod 2:14-15  Exod 10:28-29  Exod 14:10-13  Heb 11:1  1Cor 13:7 

28 It was by faith that he kept the Passover and sprinkled the blood to prevent the Destroyer from touching any of their first-born sons.
Exod 12:21-30  Exod 12:3-14  Heb 9:19  Heb 12:24  1Pet 1:2 

29 It was by faith they crossed the Red Sea as easily as dry land, while the Egyptians, trying to do the same, were drowned.
Ps 106:9-11  Exod 14:13-21  Hab 3:8-10  Isa 11:15-16  Isa 51:9-10  Isa 63:11-16  Josh 2:10 

30 It was through faith that the walls of Jericho fell down when the people had marched round them for seven days.
2Cor 10:4-5  Josh 6:3-20 

31 It was by faith that Rahab the prostitute welcomed the spies and so was not killed with the unbelievers.
Jas 2:25  Josh 6:22-25  Heb 3:18  Matt 1:5  1Pet 2:8  1Pet 3:20  Josh 1:1 

32 What more shall I say? There is not time for me to give an account of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, or of David, Samuel and the prophets.
1Sam 1:20  1Sam 16:1  1Sam 16:13  Judg 13:1-16  Judg 11:1-12  1Pet 1:10-12  Acts 10:43 

33 These were men who through faith conquered kingdoms, did what was upright and earned the promises. They could keep a lion's mouth shut,
Judg 14:5-6  1Sam 17:33-36  Ps 144:1-2  1Pet 5:8  2Sam 5:4-25  2Sam 7:11-17  2Sam 8:1-14 

34 put out blazing fires and emerge unscathed from battle. They were weak people who were given strength to be brave in war and drive back foreign invaders.
1Kgs 19:3  1Sam 17:51-52  2Kgs 6:16-18  2Kgs 6:32  2Sam 10:15-19  Judg 7:19-25  Judg 15:8 

35 Some returned to their wives from the dead by resurrection; and others submitted to torture, refusing release so that they would rise again to a better life.
1Kgs 17:22-24  2Kgs 4:27-37  Phil 3:11  1Cor 15:54  Acts 4:19  Acts 9:41  Acts 22:24-25 

36 Some had to bear being pilloried and flogged, or even chained up in prison.
Jer 20:2  Gen 39:20  1Kgs 22:27  2Chr 16:10  2Chr 30:10  2Chr 36:16  Jer 20:7 

37 They were stoned, or sawn in half, or killed by the sword; they were homeless, and wore only the skins of sheep and goats; they were in want and hardship, and maltreated.
1Kgs 19:10  2Chr 24:21  Jer 26:23  1Kgs 21:13-15  2Kgs 1:8  1Cor 4:9-13  1Kgs 18:4 

38 They were too good for the world and they wandered in deserts and mountains and in caves and ravines.
1Kgs 18:4  1Kgs 19:9  1Sam 22:1  1Kgs 18:13  1Sam 24:1-3  1Sam 26:1  Isa 57:1 

39 These all won acknowledgement through their faith, but they did not receive what was promised,
Heb 11:13  Heb 11:2  1Pet 1:12  Luke 10:23-24 

40 since God had made provision for us to have something better, and they were not to reach perfection except with us.
Rev 6:11  Heb 5:9  Heb 7:19  Heb 7:22  Heb 8:6  Heb 9:23  Heb 10:11-14