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1 With so many witnesses in a great cloud all around us, we too, then, should throw off everything that weighs us down and the sin that clings so closely, and with perseverance keep running in the race which lies ahead of us.
2Tim 4:7  1Cor 9:24-27  Luke 21:34  Phil 2:16  Phil 3:10-14  Heb 10:35-39  Col 3:5-8 

2 Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection: for the sake of the joy which lay ahead of him, he endured the cross, disregarding the shame of it, and has taken his seat at the right of God's throne.
1Pet 3:18  Heb 1:3  1Pet 2:23-24  Mic 7:7  Eph 5:2  Phil 2:8-11  Titus 2:13-14 

3 Think of the way he persevered against such opposition from sinners and then you will not lose heart and come to grief.
2Cor 4:16  Gal 6:9  1Cor 15:58  Rev 2:3  Heb 12:2  John 15:18-24  Heb 3:1 

4 In the fight against sin, you have not yet had to keep fighting to the point of bloodshed.
1Cor 10:13  Heb 10:32-34  Matt 24:9  2Tim 4:6-7  Heb 12:2  Rev 2:13  Rev 6:9-11 

5 Have you forgotten that encouraging text in which you are addressed as sons? My son, do not scorn correction from the Lord, do not resent his training,
Prov 3:11-12  1Cor 11:32  Job 5:17-18  Rev 3:19  Ps 94:12  Deut 4:9-10  Jas 1:12 

6 for the Lord trains those he loves, and chastises every son he accepts.
Rev 3:19  Ps 119:75  Prov 3:12  Ps 32:1-5  2Sam 7:14  Prov 13:24  Jas 5:11 

7 Perseverance is part of your training; God is treating you as his sons. Has there ever been any son whose father did not train him?
Prov 19:18  Prov 29:15  Deut 8:5  Prov 13:24  Prov 29:17  Job 34:31-32  Prov 23:13-14 

8 If you were not getting this training, as all of you are, then you would be not sons but bastards.
Heb 12:6  1Pet 5:9-10  Ps 73:1  Ps 73:14-15 

9 Besides, we have all had our human fathers who punished us, and we respected them for it; all the more readily ought we to submit to the Father of spirits, and so earn life.
Num 16:22  Zech 12:1  Num 27:16  Isa 42:5  Job 12:10  John 3:6  1Pet 5:6 

10 Our human fathers were training us for a short life and according to their own lights; but he does it all for our own good, so that we may share his own holiness.
2Pet 1:4  Eph 4:24  Eph 5:26-27  Ezek 36:25-27  Lev 11:44-45  Lev 19:2  Ps 17:15 

11 Of course, any discipline is at the time a matter for grief, not joy; but later, in those who have undergone it, it bears fruit in peace and uprightness.
Heb 12:5-6  Rom 5:3-5  Jas 3:17-18  Prov 19:18  2Cor 4:17  1Pet 1:6  Heb 12:10 

12 So steady all weary hands and trembling knees
Isa 35:3  1Thess 5:14  Heb 12:3  Ezek 21:7  Job 4:3-4  Heb 12:5  Dan 5:6 

13 and make your crooked paths straight; then the injured limb will not be maimed, it will get better instead.
Gal 6:1  Prov 4:26-27  Isa 35:3  Isa 35:6  Isa 35:8-10  Isa 40:3-4  Isa 42:16 

14 Seek peace with all people, and the holiness without which no one can ever see the Lord.
2Cor 7:1  1Pet 1:15-16  1Pet 3:11  1Thess 4:7  Rom 12:18  Matt 5:8-9  3John 1:11 

15 Be careful that no one is deprived of the grace of God and that no root of bitterness should begin to grow and make trouble; this can poison a large number.
Heb 3:12  Gal 5:4  Deut 29:18  2Cor 6:1  1Cor 5:6  1Cor 15:33  Heb 4:1 

16 And be careful that there is no immoral person, or anyone worldly minded like Esau, who sold his birthright for one single meal.
Gen 25:31-34  Heb 13:4  1Cor 6:15-20  Acts 15:29  Rev 22:15  1Cor 5:1-6  1Cor 5:9-11 

17 As you know, when he wanted to obtain the blessing afterwards, he was rejected and, though he pleaded for it with tears, he could find no way of reversing the decision.
Heb 6:4-6  Heb 6:8  Heb 10:26-29  Jer 6:30  Luke 13:24-27  Matt 7:23  Matt 25:11-12 

18 What you have come to is nothing known to the senses: not a blazing fire, or gloom or total darkness, or a storm;
Deut 4:11  Exod 20:18  2Cor 3:9  Deut 5:22-26  Exod 19:12-22  Exod 24:17  Rom 6:14 

19 or trumpet-blast or the sound of a voice speaking which made everyone that heard it beg that no more should be said to them.
Deut 18:16  Deut 4:12  1Cor 15:52  1Thess 4:16  Deut 4:33  Deut 5:3-22  Deut 5:24-27 

20 They could not bear the order that was given: If even a beast touches the mountain, it must be stoned.
Exod 19:12-13  Deut 33:2  Exod 19:16  Gal 2:19  Gal 3:10  Rom 3:19-20 

21 The whole scene was so terrible that Moses said, 'I am afraid and trembling.'
Exod 19:16  Dan 10:8  Dan 10:17  Deut 9:19  Exod 19:19  Isa 6:3-5  Ps 119:120 

22 But what you have come to is Mount Zion and the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem where the millions of angels have gathered for the festival,
Gal 4:26  Phil 3:20  Rev 14:1  Ps 48:2  Isa 51:11  Rev 21:2  Deut 33:2 

23 with the whole Church of first-born sons, enrolled as citizens of heaven. You have come to God himself, the supreme Judge, and to the spirits of the upright who have been made perfect;
Luke 10:20  Heb 11:40  Gen 18:25  Exod 4:22  Heb 6:10-12  Jas 1:18  Rev 20:15 

24 and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to purifying blood which pleads more insistently than Abel's.
Heb 8:6  Heb 9:15  Heb 11:4  1Pet 1:2  Exod 24:8  Gen 4:10  Heb 11:28 

25 Make sure that you never refuse to listen when he speaks. If the people who on earth refused to listen to a warning could not escape their punishment, how shall we possibly escape if we turn away from a voice that warns us from heaven?
Heb 8:5  2Tim 4:4  Ezek 5:6  Heb 10:28-29  Heb 11:7  Isa 64:9  Zech 7:11 

26 That time his voice made the earth shake, but now he has given us this promise: I am going to shake the earth once more and not only the earth but heaven as well.
Exod 19:18  Hab 3:10  Hag 2:6-7  Hag 2:22  Heb 12:27  Isa 2:19  Joel 3:16 

27 The words once more indicate the removal of what is shaken, since these are created things, so that what is not shaken remains.
1Cor 7:31  Rev 11:15  Rev 21:1  2Pet 3:10-11  Ezek 21:27  Matt 24:35  Ps 102:26-27 

28 We have been given possession of an unshakeable kingdom. Let us therefore be grateful and use our gratitude to worship God in the way that pleases him, in reverence and fear.
Dan 2:44  Heb 10:22-23  Heb 13:15  1Pet 1:4-5  1Pet 2:5  Heb 5:7  Isa 56:7 

29 For our God is a consuming fire.
Deut 4:24  Heb 10:27  2Thess 1:8  Deut 9:3  Isa 66:15  Num 11:1  Dan 7:9