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1 Yahweh will have pity on Jacob, he will choose Israel once more and resettle them on their native soil. Foreigners will join them, attaching themselves to the House of Jacob.
Ps 102:13  Zech 1:17  Eph 2:12-19  Isa 54:7-8  Zech 8:22-23  Luke 2:32  Esth 8:17 

2 Peoples will take them and escort them home, and the House of Israel will take them as slaves, men and women on Yahweh's soil. They will enslave those who enslaved them and will master their oppressors.
Isa 60:14  Isa 61:5  Dan 7:18  2Cor 8:4-5  2Cor 10:5  Dan 7:25-27  Eph 4:8 

3 When that day comes, and Yahweh gives you rest from your suffering and torment and the grim servitude to which you have been subjected,
Ezra 9:8-9  Jer 30:10  Deut 28:48  Deut 28:65-68  Ezek 28:24  Isa 11:10  Isa 12:1 

4 you will recite this satire on the king of Babylon and say: 'How did the tyrant end? How did his arrogance end?
Isa 49:26  Rev 18:16  2Chr 36:18  Dan 2:38  Dan 7:19-25  Ezek 5:15  Hab 1:2-10 

5 Yahweh has broken the staff of the wicked, the sceptre of rulers,
Isa 9:4  Ps 125:3  Isa 10:5  Isa 14:29  Jer 48:15-17 

6 furiously lashing peoples with continual blows, angrily hammering nations, pursuing without respite.
2Chr 36:17  Dan 4:35  Dan 7:19-21  Isa 10:14  Isa 13:14-18  Isa 21:1-10  Isa 33:1 

7 The whole world is at rest and calm, shouts of joy resounding,
Ps 126:1-3  Isa 49:13  Ps 98:7-9  Jer 51:48  Ps 96:11-13  Ps 98:1  Rev 18:20 

8 the cypresses, the cedars of Lebanon, rejoice aloud at your fate, "Now that you have been laid low, no one comes up to fell us."
Ezek 31:16  Isa 55:12-13  Zech 11:2 

9 'On your account, Sheol below is astir to greet your arrival. He has roused the ghosts to greet you, all the rulers of the world. He has made all the kings of the nations get up from their thrones.
Ezek 32:21-32  Jer 50:8  Prov 15:24 

10 They will all greet you with the words, "So, you too are now as weak as we are! You, too, have become like us.
Eccl 2:16  Ezek 32:21  Luke 16:20-23  Ps 49:6-14  Ps 49:20  Ps 82:6-7 

11 Your pride has been flung down to Sheol with the music of your lyres; under you a mattress of maggots, over you a blanket of worms.
Dan 5:25-30  Amos 6:3-7  Dan 5:1-4  Ezek 26:13  Ezek 32:19-20  Isa 21:4-5  Isa 22:2 

12 How did you come to fall from the heavens, Daystar, son of Dawn? How did you come to be thrown to the ground, conqueror of nations?
2Pet 1:19  Rev 2:28  Ezek 28:13-17  Isa 34:4  Luke 10:18  Rev 22:16  Rev 8:10 

13 You who used to think to yourself: I shall scale the heavens; higher than the stars of God I shall set my throne. I shall sit on the Mount of Assembly far away to the north.
Ezek 28:2  Ezek 28:12-16  2Thess 2:4  Dan 4:30-31  Dan 5:22-23  Dan 8:10-12  Ezek 27:3 

14 I shall climb high above the clouds, I shall rival the Most High."
Isa 47:8  2Thess 2:4  Gen 3:5  Isa 37:23-24 

15 Now you have been flung down to Sheol, into the depths of the abyss!
Matt 11:23  Ezek 32:23  Luke 10:15  Acts 12:22-23  Ezek 28:8-9  Isa 14:3-11  Rev 19:20 

16 'When they see you, they will scrutinise you and consider what you have become, "Is this the man who made the world tremble, who overthrew kingdoms?
Jer 50:23  Isa 14:4-5  Jer 51:20-23  Ps 52:7  Ps 58:10-11  Ps 64:9 

17 He made the world a desert, he levelled cities and never freed his prisoners to go home."
Isa 45:13  Joel 2:3  2Chr 28:8-15  Ezek 6:14  Ezra 1:2-4  Isa 13:19-22  Isa 58:6 

18 All other kings of nations, all of them, lie honourably, each in his own tomb;
2Chr 24:16  2Chr 24:25  Eccl 6:3  Eccl 12:5  Ezek 32:18-32  Isa 22:16  Job 30:23 

19 but you have been thrown away, unburied, like a loathsome branch, covered with heaps of the slain pierced by the sword who fall on the rocks of the abyss like trampled carrion.
Jer 41:7  Jer 41:9  1Kgs 21:19  1Kgs 21:24  2Kgs 9:25  2Kgs 9:34-36  Ezek 32:23 

20 'You will not rejoin them in the grave, for you have brought your country to ruin and destroyed your people. The offspring of the wicked leave no name behind them.
Job 18:19  Ps 21:10  Job 18:16  Ps 37:28  Ps 109:13  Isa 1:4  Isa 13:15-19 

21 Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their father! Never again must they rise to conquer the world and cover the face of the earth with their cities.
Exod 20:5  Lev 26:39  Matt 23:35  Hab 2:8-12  Isa 27:6 

22 'I will rise against them, declares Yahweh Sabaoth, and deprive Babylon of name, remnant, offspring and posterity, declares Yahweh.
1Kgs 14:10  Prov 10:7  Isa 13:5  Isa 21:9  Isa 43:14  Isa 47:9-14  Jer 50:26-27 

23 I shall turn it into the haunt of hedgehogs, a swamp. I shall sweep it with the broom of destruction, declares Yahweh Sabaoth.'
Zeph 2:14  1Kgs 14:10  Isa 13:21-22  Isa 34:11-15  Jer 50:39-40  2Kgs 21:13  Jer 51:25-26 

24 Yahweh Sabaoth has sworn it, 'Yes, what I have planned will take place, what I have decided will be so:
Acts 4:28  Prov 19:21  Isa 46:10-11  Job 23:13  Ps 110:4  Amos 8:7  Eph 1:9 

25 'I shall break Assyria in my country, I shall trample on him on my mountains. Then his yoke will slip off them, his burden will slip from their shoulders.'
Isa 9:4  Isa 30:30-33  Isa 37:36-38  Nah 1:13  Ezek 39:4  Isa 10:12  Isa 10:16-19 

26 This is the decision taken in defiance of the whole world; this, the hand outstretched in defiance of all nations.
Exod 15:12  Isa 5:25  Isa 23:9  Zeph 3:6-8 

27 Once Yahweh Sabaoth has decided, who will stop him? Once he stretches out his hand, who can withdraw it?
Isa 43:13  2Chr 20:6  Job 9:12  Isa 23:9  Job 23:13  Ps 33:11  Dan 4:31-35 

28 In the year Ahaz died came this proclamation:
2Kgs 16:20  2Chr 28:27  Isa 13:1  Isa 6:1 

29 All Philistia, do not rejoice because the rod which used to beat you is now broken, for the serpent stock will produce a viper, its offspring will be a flying dragon.
2Chr 26:6  Isa 11:8  Isa 30:6  1Sam 6:17-18  2Chr 28:18  2Kgs 18:8  Ezek 26:2 

30 While the first-born of the poor are grazing and the destitute are resting in safety, I shall make your stock die of hunger and then slaughter what remains of you.
Isa 7:21-22  Amos 1:6-8  Ezek 25:15-17  Isa 3:15  Isa 5:17  Isa 8:21  Isa 9:20 

31 Howl, gate! Shriek, city! Totter, all Philistia! For a smoke is coming from the north, and there are no deserters in those battalions.
Jer 1:14  Isa 13:6  Isa 14:29  Isa 20:1  Isa 3:26  Isa 16:7  Isa 24:12 

32 What reply will be given then to the messengers of that nation? - That Yahweh founded Zion and there the poor of his people will find refuge.
Ps 87:5  Jas 2:5  Ps 87:1  Ps 102:16  Isa 25:4  Zeph 3:12  2Kgs 20:12-19