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1 Woe to the haughty crown of Ephraim's drunkards, to the fading flower of its proud splendour sited at the head of the lush valley, to those prostrated by wine!
Hos 7:5  Isa 28:3-4  Isa 28:7  2Chr 28:6  2Chr 30:6-7  2Kgs 14:25-27  2Kgs 15:29 

2 See, a strong and mighty man in the Lord's service, like a storm of hail, a destroying tempest, like immense flood-waters overflowing, with his hand he throws them to the ground.
Ezek 13:11  Isa 30:30  Isa 29:6  Nah 1:8  Ezek 30:10-11  Isa 8:7-8  Isa 9:9-12 

3 They will be trampled underfoot, the haughty crown of Ephraim's drunkards,
Dan 8:13  Isa 26:6  Rev 11:2  2Kgs 9:33  Heb 10:29  Isa 25:10  Isa 28:1 

4 and the faded flower of its proud splendour sited at the head of the lush valley. Like a fig ripe before summer comes: whoever spots it forthwith picks and swallows it.
Mic 7:1  Nah 3:12  Isa 28:1  Hos 6:4  Hos 9:10-11  Hos 9:16  Hos 13:1 

5 That day Yahweh Sabaoth will be a crown of splendour and a proud diadem for the remnant of his people,
Isa 60:19  Isa 62:3  Isa 41:16  Isa 45:25  Job 29:14  Ps 90:16-17  1Cor 1:30-31 

6 a spirit of fair judgement for him who sits in judgement, and the strength of those who repel the assault on the gate.
1Kgs 3:28  Isa 11:2-4  Isa 32:15-16  John 5:30  1Cor 12:8  2Chr 32:8  Deut 20:4 

7 These too have been confused by wine, have gone astray owing to liquor. Priest and prophet have become confused by liquor, are sodden with wine, have strayed owing to liquor, have become confused in their visions, have strayed in their decisions.
Isa 19:14  Isa 56:10-12  Luke 21:34  Matt 24:29  Eccl 10:17  Isa 3:12  Ps 107:27 

8 Yes, every table is covered in filthy vomit, not one is clean!
Jer 48:26  Prov 26:11  Hab 2:15-16 

9 'Whom does he think he is lecturing? Whom does he think his message is for? Babies just weaned? Babies just taken from the breast?
Ps 131:2  Jer 6:10  1Pet 2:2  Isa 28:26  Isa 30:10-12  Isa 30:20  Isa 48:17 

10 With his "Sav lasav, sav lasav, kav lakav, kav lakav, zeer sham, zeer sham!"
2Chr 36:15-16  Isa 28:13  Jer 25:3-7  2Tim 3:7  Deut 6:1-6  Heb 5:12  Isa 5:4 

11 Now, with stammering lips and in a foreign language, he will talk to this nation.
1Cor 14:21  Deut 28:49  Jer 5:15  Isa 33:19 

12 He used to say to them, 'Here you can rest! Here you can let the weary rest! Here all is quiet.' But they refused to listen.
Matt 11:28-29  Isa 30:15  Jer 6:16  Jer 44:16  Zech 7:14  2Chr 14:11  2Chr 16:8-9 

13 Now Yahweh is going to say this to them, 'Sav lasav, sav lasav, kav lakav, kav lakav, zeer sham, zeer sham.' So that when they walk they will fall over backwards and so be broken, trapped and taken captive.
Matt 21:44  Matt 13:14  1Pet 2:7-8  2Cor 2:16  2Pet 3:16  Hos 6:5  Hos 8:12 

14 Hence listen to Yahweh's word, you insolent men, rulers of this people in Jerusalem.
Isa 1:10  Isa 28:22  Isa 29:20  Acts 13:41  Hos 7:5  Isa 5:9  Prov 1:22 

15 Because you have said, 'We have made a treaty with Death and have struck a pact with Sheol. When the scourging flood comes over, it will not touch us, for we have made lies our refuge and hidden under falsehood.'
Isa 8:7-8  Amos 2:4  Dan 11:22  Ezek 13:22  Hos 2:18  Isa 28:2  Isa 28:18 

16 So the Lord Yahweh says this, 'Now I shall lay a stone in Zion, a granite stone, a precious corner-stone, a firm foundation-stone: no one who relies on this will stumble.
Ps 118:22  Acts 4:11-12  1Pet 2:6-8  Rom 9:33  Luke 20:17-18  Mark 12:10  Matt 21:42 

17 And I will make fair judgement the measure, and uprightness the plumb-line.' But hail will sweep away the refuge of lies and floods wash away the hiding-place;
2Kgs 21:13  Amos 7:7-9  Rev 16:21  Isa 28:2  Rev 11:19  2Pet 3:6-7  Dan 11:22 

18 your treaty with Death will be broken and your pact with Sheol will not hold. When the scourging flood comes over, you will be trodden down by it;
Isa 28:15  Isa 7:7  Isa 8:10  Isa 28:3  Dan 8:9-13  Dan 9:26-27  Dan 11:40 

19 every time it comes over, it will seize on you, for it will come over, morning after morning, day by day and night by night. Nothing but fear will make you understand what you hear.
1Sam 3:11  2Kgs 17:6  2Kgs 18:13  2Kgs 21:12  2Kgs 24:2  Dan 7:28  Dan 8:27 

20 For the bed is too short to stretch in, the blanket too narrow for covering.
1Cor 1:18-31  Isa 57:12-13  Isa 59:5-6  Isa 64:6  Isa 66:3-6  Jer 7:8-10  Rom 9:30-32 

21 Yes, as on Mount Perazim, Yahweh will rise, as in the Valley of Gibeon, he will storm to do his work, his mysterious work, to do his deed, his extraordinary deed.
1Chr 14:11  1Chr 14:16  2Sam 5:20  Josh 10:10  Josh 10:12  Luke 19:41-44  2Sam 5:25 

22 Stop scoffing, then, or your bonds will be tightened further, for I have heard it: it has been irrevocably decided as regards the whole country by the Lord Yahweh Sabaoth.
Isa 10:22-23  2Chr 30:10  2Chr 33:11  2Chr 36:16  Acts 13:40-41  Acts 17:32  Dan 9:26-27 

23 Listen closely to my words, be attentive, understand what I am saying.
Deut 32:1  Isa 1:2  Jer 22:29  Rev 2:7  Rev 2:11  Rev 2:14  Rev 2:29 

24 Does the ploughman plough all day to sow, breaking up and harrowing his ground?
Hos 10:11-12  Jer 4:3 

25 Once he has levelled its surface, does he not scatter fennel, sow cummin? Then he puts in wheat, millet, barley and, round the edges, spelt,
Exod 9:31-32  Ezek 4:9  Matt 23:23 

26 for his God has taught him this rule and instructed him.
Dan 1:17  Exod 28:3  Exod 31:3-6  Exod 36:2  Jas 1:17  Job 35:11  Job 39:17 

27 Fennel must not be crushed with a sledge, nor cart-wheels driven over cummin; fennel must be beaten with a stick, and cummin with a flail.
Amos 1:3  2Kgs 13:7  Isa 27:7-8  Isa 41:15  Jer 10:24  Jer 46:28 

28 When you are threshing wheat, you do not waste time crushing it; you get the horse and cart-wheel moving, but you do not grind it fine.
1Cor 3:9  1Cor 9:9-10  Amos 9:9  Isa 21:10  John 12:24  Luke 22:31-32  Matt 3:12 

29 All this is a gift from Yahweh Sabaoth, marvellous advice leading to great achievements.
Isa 9:6  Rom 11:33  Jer 32:19  Dan 4:2-3  Isa 28:21-22  Job 5:9  Job 37:23