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1 Woe, Ariel, Ariel, city where David encamped. Let year after year pass, let the feasts make their full round,
2Sam 5:9  Mic 6:6-7  Amos 4:4-5  Ezek 43:15-16  Heb 10:1  Hos 5:6  Hos 8:13 

2 then I shall inflict trouble on Ariel, and there will be sighing and sobbing, and I shall make it truly Ariel.
Isa 5:25-30  Ezek 22:31  Ezek 24:3-13  Ezek 39:17  Isa 3:26  Isa 10:5-6  Isa 10:32 

3 I shall encamp all round you, I shall lay siege to you and mount siege-works against you.
Luke 19:43-44  Ezek 21:22  2Kgs 18:17  2Kgs 19:32  2Kgs 24:11-12  2Kgs 25:1-4  Matt 22:7 

4 You will be laid low, will speak from the underworld, your words will rise like a murmur from the dust. Your voice from the earth will be like a ghost's, it will whisper as though coming from the dust.
Isa 8:19  Isa 3:8  Isa 2:11-21  Isa 51:23  Lam 1:9  Ps 44:25 

5 The horde of your enemies will be like fine dust, the horde of the warriors like flying chaff. And suddenly, in an instant,
1Thess 5:3  Isa 17:13-14  Isa 30:13  Isa 37:36  Isa 10:16-19  Isa 25:5  Isa 31:3 

6 you will be visited by Yahweh Sabaoth with thunder, earthquake, mighty din, hurricane, tempest, flame of devouring fire.
Luke 21:11  Mark 13:8  Matt 24:7  Rev 11:19  1Sam 2:10  Rev 11:13  Rev 16:18 

7 It will be like a dream, like a vision at night: the horde of all the nations at war with Ariel, all those fighting, besieging and troubling it.
Job 20:8  Mic 4:11-12  Zech 12:9  Isa 17:14  Ps 73:20  Rev 20:8-9  Zech 12:3-5 

8 It will be like the dream of a hungry man: he eats, then wakes up with an empty belly; or like the dream of a thirsty man: he drinks, then wakes up exhausted with a parched throat. So will it be with the horde of all the nations making war on Mount Zion.
Isa 44:12  2Chr 32:21  Isa 10:7-16  Ps 73:20 

9 Be stupefied and stunned, go blind, unseeing, drunk but not on wine, staggering but not through liquor.
Isa 51:21-22  Isa 19:14  Isa 33:13-14  Acts 13:40-41  Hab 1:5  Isa 1:2  Isa 22:12-13 

10 For Yahweh has infused you with a spirit of lethargy, he has closed your eyes (the prophets), he has veiled your heads (the seers).
Rom 11:8  Isa 44:18  2Thess 2:9-12  Isa 6:9-10  Ps 69:23  1Sam 9:9  Acts 28:26-27 

11 For to you every vision has become like the words of a sealed book. You give it to someone able to read and say, 'Read that.' He replies, 'I cannot, because it is sealed.'
Isa 8:16  Dan 12:4  Matt 13:11  Dan 12:9  Matt 11:25  Matt 16:17  Rev 5:1-9 

12 You then give the book to someone who cannot read, and say, 'Read that.' He replies, 'I cannot read.'
John 7:15-16  Hos 4:6  Isa 28:12-13  Isa 29:18  Jer 5:4 

13 The Lord then said: Because this people approaches me only in words, honours me only with lip-service while their hearts are far from me, and reverence for me, as far as they are concerned, is nothing but human commandment, a lesson memorised,
Ezek 33:31-33  Mark 7:2-13  Jer 12:2  Matt 15:2-9  Isa 58:2-3  Jer 3:10  Col 2:22 

14 very well, I shall have to go on astounding this people with prodigies and wonders: for the wisdom of its wise men is doomed, the understanding of any who understand will vanish.
Hab 1:5  Jer 49:7  Isa 6:9-10  Isa 28:21  John 9:29-34  1Cor 1:19-24  Jer 8:7-9 

15 Woe to those who burrow down to conceal their plans from Yahweh, who scheme in the dark and say, 'Who can see us? Who knows who we are?'
Ezek 8:12  Isa 30:1  Isa 28:15  Isa 47:10  Mal 2:17  Ps 10:11-13  1Cor 4:5 

16 How perverse you are! Is the potter no better than the clay? Something that was made, can it say of its maker, 'He did not make me'? Or a pot say of the potter, 'He does not know his job'?
Ps 94:8-9  Rom 9:19-21  Isa 64:8  Jer 18:1-10  Isa 45:9-11  Acts 17:6  Isa 24:1 

17 Is it not true that in a very short time the Lebanon will become productive ground, so productive you might take it for a forest?
Isa 32:15  Ezek 20:46-47  Hab 2:3  Hag 2:6  Heb 10:37  Hos 1:9-10  Hos 3:4 

18 That day the deaf will hear the words of the book and, delivered from shadow and darkness, the eyes of the blind will see.
Isa 35:5  Matt 11:5  Mark 7:37  Ps 119:18  Acts 26:18  Eph 1:17-19  Isa 32:3 

19 The lowly will find ever more joy in Yahweh and the poorest of people will delight in the Holy One of Israel;
Jas 2:5  Isa 61:1  Matt 11:29  Jas 1:9  Matt 5:5  Matt 11:5  Ps 25:9 

20 for the tyrant will be no more, the scoffer has vanished and all those on the look-out for evil have been destroyed:
Mic 2:1  Isa 13:3  Isa 28:14-22  Isa 29:5  Luke 16:14  Dan 7:7  Dan 7:19-25 

21 those who incriminate others by their words, those who lay traps for the arbitrator at the gate and groundlessly deprive the upright of fair judgement.
Amos 5:10-12  Acts 3:14  Amos 7:10-17  Ezek 13:19  Isa 32:7  Jas 5:6  Jer 18:18 

22 That is why Yahweh, God of the House of Jacob, Abraham's redeemer, says this, 'No longer shall Jacob be disappointed, no more shall his face grow pale,
Isa 51:2  Isa 45:17  Isa 54:4  1Pet 1:18-19  Ezek 37:24  Ezek 37:28  Ezek 39:25-48 

23 for when he sees his children, my creatures, home again with him, he will acknowledge my name as holy, he will acknowledge the Holy One of Jacob to be holy and will hold the God of Israel in awe.
Eph 2:10  Isa 8:13  Isa 19:25  Isa 5:16  Isa 45:11  Isa 60:21  Hos 3:5 

24 Erring spirits will learn to understand and murmurers accept instruction.'
Isa 28:7  Luke 15:17-19  1Cor 6:11  1Tim 1:13-15  Acts 2:37  Acts 6:7  Acts 9:19-20