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1 Woe to the rebellious children -- declares Yahweh -- who make plans which do not come from me and make alliances not inspired by me, and so add sin to sin!
Isa 1:2  Isa 29:15  Isa 65:2  Hos 4:10-12  Hos 7:13  Isa 30:9  Jer 5:23 

2 They are leaving for Egypt, without consulting me, to take refuge in Pharaoh's protection, to shelter in Egypt's shadow.
Isa 36:6  Jer 43:7  Num 27:21  1Kgs 22:7  2Kgs 17:4  Deut 28:68  Ezek 29:6-7 

3 Pharaoh's protection will be your shame, the shelter of Egypt's shadow your confounding.
Isa 20:5  Jer 17:5-6  Isa 30:5-7  Isa 36:6  Isa 45:16-17  Jer 37:5-10  Rom 5:5 

4 For his princes have gone to Zoan and his messengers have reached Hanes.
Isa 19:11  Jer 43:7  2Kgs 17:4  Ezek 30:14  Ezek 30:18  Hos 7:11-12  Hos 7:16 

5 Everyone has been disappointed by a people who cannot help, who bring neither aid nor profit, only disappointment and confusion.
Jer 2:36  Isa 30:7  Isa 20:5-6  Isa 30:16  Isa 31:1-3 

6 Proclamation about the beasts of the Negeb: Into the land of distress and of anguish, of lioness and roaring lion, of viper and flying dragon, they bear their riches on donkeys' backs, their treasures on camels' humps, to a nation that cannot help:
Deut 8:15  Isa 46:1-2  Jer 11:4  1Kgs 10:2  Deut 4:20  2Chr 9:1  2Chr 16:2 

7 Egypt, whose help is vain and futile; and so I call her 'Rahab -the-collapsed'.
Exod 14:13  Hos 5:13  Isa 2:22  Isa 7:4  Isa 28:12  Isa 30:15  Isa 31:1-5 

8 Now go, inscribe this on a tablet, write it on a scroll, so that it may serve for time to come for ever and for ever.
Hab 2:2  Isa 8:1  1Tim 4:1  2Pet 3:3  Deut 4:30  Deut 31:19  Deut 31:22 

9 This is a rebellious people, they are lying children, children who will not listen to Yahweh's Law.
Isa 30:1  Rev 21:8  2Chr 33:10  2Chr 36:15-16  Acts 7:51  Deut 31:27-29  Deut 32:20 

10 To the seers they say, 'See nothing!' To the prophets, 'Do not prophesy the truth to us; tell us flattering things; have illusory visions;
Amos 7:13  Amos 2:12  Jer 11:21  Rom 16:18  Ezek 13:7-10  Jer 23:17  Rev 11:7 

11 turn aside from the way, leave the path, rid us of the Holy One of Israel.'
Amos 7:13  Eph 4:18  Isa 29:21  Job 21:14  John 15:23-24  Rom 1:28  Rom 1:30 

12 So the Holy One of Israel says this, 'Since you have rejected this word and put your trust in fraud and disloyalty and rely on these,
Isa 5:24  1Thess 4:8  2Sam 12:9-10  Amos 2:4  Isa 5:7  Isa 28:15  Isa 30:1 

13 for you this guilt will prove to be a breach opening up, a bulge at the top of a wall which suddenly and all at once comes crashing down.
1Kgs 20:30  Isa 29:5  Ps 62:3  Ezek 13:10-15  Prov 29:1  1Thess 5:1-3  Job 36:18 

14 He will shatter it like an earthenware pot, ruthlessly knocking it to pieces, so that of the fragments not one shard can be found with which to take up fire from the hearth or scoop water from the storage-well.'
Ps 2:9  Jer 19:10-11  2Pet 2:4-5  Rev 2:27  Rom 11:21  Deut 29:20  Ezek 5:11 

15 For Lord Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, says this, 'Your salvation lay in conversion and tranquillity, your strength in serenity and trust and you would have none of it.
Isa 32:17  Isa 26:3-4  Luke 13:34  John 5:40  2Chr 16:8  Ps 125:1-2  1Chr 5:20 

16 "No," you said, "we shall flee on horses." And so flee you will! And again, "We shall ride on swift ones." And so your pursuers will be swift!
Isa 31:1  Isa 31:3  2Kgs 25:5  Amos 2:14-16  Amos 9:1  Deut 28:25  Deut 28:49 

17 A thousand will quake at the threat of one and when five threaten you will flee, until what is left of you will be like a flagstaff on a mountain top, like a signal on a hill.'
Deut 28:25  Deut 32:30  Lev 26:36  Josh 23:10  Lev 26:8  Prov 28:1  Isa 1:7-8 

18 But Yahweh is waiting to be gracious to you, the Exalted One, to take pity on you, for Yahweh is a God of fair judgement; blessed are all who hope in him.
2Pet 3:9  Prov 16:20  Lam 3:25-26  2Pet 3:15  Isa 8:17  Isa 33:5  Luke 15:20 

19 Yes, people of Zion living in Jerusalem, you will weep no more. He will be gracious to you when your cry for help rings out; as soon as he hears it, he will answer you.
Isa 65:24  Isa 58:9  Isa 60:20  Ps 50:15  Matt 7:7-11  Isa 25:8  Isa 61:1-3 

20 When the Lord has given you the bread of suffering and the water of distress, he who is your teacher will hide no longer, and you will see your teacher with your own eyes.
1Kgs 22:27  Ps 80:5  Acts 14:22  Ps 74:9  Amos 8:11-12  Ps 30:5  Ps 102:9 

21 Your ears will hear these words behind you, 'This is the way, keep to it,' whether you turn to right or left.
Ps 32:8  Prov 3:5-6  Isa 58:11  Isa 35:8-9  Jer 6:16  Isa 42:16  Josh 1:7 

22 You will hold unclean the silverplating of your idols and the goldplating of your images. You will throw them away like the polluted things they are, shouting after them, 'Good riddance!'
Isa 46:6  Judg 17:3-4  Hos 14:8  Isa 31:7  2Chr 31:1  2Chr 34:3-7  2Kgs 23:4-20 

23 He will send rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the bread that the ground provides will be rich and nourishing. That day, your cattle will graze in wide pastures.
Isa 32:20  1Tim 4:8  Ps 65:9-13  Ps 104:13-14  Zech 8:11-12  Amos 4:7-8  Ezek 36:25-26 

24 Oxen and donkeys that work the land will eat for fodder wild sorrel, spread by the shovel-load and fork-load.
Gen 45:6  1Cor 9:9-10  1Sam 8:12  Deut 21:4  Deut 25:4  Exod 34:21  Luke 3:17 

25 On every lofty mountain, on every high hill there will be streams and water-courses, on the day of the great slaughter when the strongholds fall.
Isa 35:6-7  Isa 43:19-20  2Cor 10:4  Ezek 17:22  Ezek 34:13  Ezek 34:26  Ezek 39:17-20 

26 Then moonlight will be bright as sunlight and sunlight itself be seven times brighter -- like the light of seven days in one -- on the day Yahweh dresses his people's wound and heals the scars of the blows they have received.
Deut 32:39  Isa 24:23  Isa 60:19-20  Job 5:18  Rev 21:23  Rev 22:5  Zech 14:7 

27 See, the name of Yahweh comes from afar, blazing his anger, heavy his threat. His lips are brimming over with fury, his tongue is like a devouring fire.
2Thess 2:8  Dan 7:9  Deut 32:22  Deut 33:2  Heb 12:29  Isa 9:5  Isa 10:5 

28 His breath is like a river in spate coming up to the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction, to harness the peoples in a bridle, that will lead them astray.
Isa 37:29  2Thess 2:8  Isa 8:8  Isa 11:4  2Kgs 19:28  Amos 9:9  1Kgs 22:20-22 

29 Your song will be like that on a festal night, and there will be joy in your hearts as when to the sound of the flute people make a pilgrimage to the mountain of Yahweh, the Rock of Israel.
Ps 42:4  Deut 32:4  Isa 2:3  Isa 26:4  1Chr 13:7-8  2Chr 20:27-28  Deut 16:6 

30 Yahweh will make his majestic voice ring out, he will show the weight of his arm in the heat of his anger, with a devouring fire, with thunderbolt, downpour and hailstones.
Ps 18:13-14  Isa 28:2  Isa 29:6  Josh 10:11  1Sam 7:10  2Thess 1:8  Exod 15:16 

31 Yes, at Yahweh's voice Assyria will be terrified, he will strike him with his rod;
Isa 9:4  Isa 10:5  Isa 11:4  Isa 10:12  Isa 10:15  Isa 10:24  Isa 30:30 

32 each time he goes by, will fall the punishing rod that Yahweh will lay on him, to the sound of tambourines and harps, in the battles which he will wage against him with uplifted hand.
Isa 11:15  Isa 2:19  Isa 19:16  1Sam 10:5  Ezek 32:10  Gen 31:27  Heb 12:26 

33 Yes, Topheth has been ready for a long time now, that too is ready for the king, deep and wide his pyre, fire and wood in plenty. Yahweh's breath, like a stream of brimstone, will set fire to it.
2Kgs 23:10  Gen 19:24  Jer 19:6  1Pet 1:8  Heb 13:8  Matt 4:22  Matt 25:41